Guidelines to Washington DC Building Permit Process?

Are you navigating through the building permitting process in Washington DC? Do you consider it to be challenging and difficult? Obtaining a building permit in Washington DC can take around 5 months or more. For the last few years, various aspects like the thriving construction market, revised zoning code, and the implementation of Green building […]

How to Seek the Right Firm for Outsourcing BIM Resources?

Several companies outsource BIM management, working with Building Information Modeling experts for addressing in-house needs. However, that approach may not be apt for every firm. BIM resource sharing management is a complicated task, dealing with support and maintenance of system, successful deployment, training, and standards.  Management of BIM resource sharing demands a blending of skills […]

All You Need to Know About Hiring an Architect in the US

A right architect can help you transform your desires into reality, matching your budget. Get everything from the cost of architectural drawing plans, design fee schedules, hourly rate per square foot, percentage of construction cost & more from a competent architectural firm in the USA.

Why Should Interior Designers Use Revit BIM Software Application?

Do you work as an interior design professional? Are you aware of Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation? Well, you should stay updated to understand how your customers want to visualize their products in a virtual space. Nowadays, all construction professionals, along with manufacturers, dealers, architects, designers, and engineers, have started realizing the benefits of BIM […]

BIM Quantity Survey

The concept of Building Information Modeling is prevalent since the 1970s. The idea came into reality in the 1980s by computer applications like ‘Graphisoft’, ‘ArchiCAD’ and more. Nevertheless, BIM Services have become more popular in recent decades. BIM constitutes to be a data-rich model in virtual reality consisting of all details, data, as well as […]

Is BIM Supportive to the AEC Industry?

BIM represents a new paradigm within the AEC industry. Using Building Information Modeling technology, proficient engineers create an accurate virtual model of the building for operation and maintenance.

Is As-Built BIM Modeling Significant to the Construction Sector?

The collaboration of As-Built BIM Modeling & Construction Management software continues to improve data control, project lifecycle management, construction efficiency and productivity, enhancing profitability.

CAD Design & Drafting Revolutionizing the Architectural Sector

Do you want to revolutionize your architectural sector? Why don’t you opt for architectural CAD design and drafting services? Adopting a CAD drafting solution is an advantage for the AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) professionals to improve construction designing and presentation. The innovative technology can save you precious time during the initial design process by […]

Industries Operating Effectively with 3D Modeling Services

3D modeling has become a lifeline to certain industries opening up new prospects and driving forward innovation and ingenuity.. Connect with BIM experts at Tejjy Inc. for MEP, structural and architectural 3d to 6d modeling services and get the perfect way to execute your projects.