BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

BIM Structural Services

Structural Engineering Services in USA

Complex structural designs are created in a virtual environment using BIM software for structural engineers such as Autodesk Revit. Benefits of BIM in structural engineering include improved visualization, detection of future design, construction or operational difficulties, and the possibility to optimize the design and the upcoming construction process. These advantages pave the way for the optimal use of structural elements and materials in order to make the building safe, sustainable, and long-lasting. Competent residential structural engineers and commercial structural engineering firms use Revit steel detailing for performing the detailing of steel connections. Structural engineering consultants offer a variety of steel detailing services for stairs, girt, toe plates, treads, cages, etc. to facilitate the smooth integration of building components.


What We Do

We Offer the Following Structural Engineering Services

scan to bim

Structural BIM Model

shop drawing

Rebar Detailing

construction design

Structural Shop Drawing

as build drawings

Structural Revit Family

restaurant design

Steel Detailing

Kitchen Remodeling

Rebar Detailing

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Structural Engineering Design Process Workflow

Structural BIM Design: 

We use conceptual designing in Revit, Rhino, Dynamo, etc. for structural BIM modeling services. Rhino Architecture constitutes to be a free parametric modeling tool, supporting interoperability with the structural model in IFC format. Automatic calculation of the movement of the earth or automatic quantification of the earthworks is made possible by structural BIM design. Starting from the topographic to the shape of the diverse levels, structural design engineers can automatically determine the movement of the earth.

At this juncture, structural engineering consultants and BIM modelers import processes from CAD to automated BIM. The technique of CAD-BIM import works only if the topographic points in CAD have a 3D representation of the ground. Structural BIM modeling facilitates automated calculation between existing ground and adapted ground.

2. Structural BIM Analysis:

Another significant BIM structural engineering service is structural analysis. The BIM objects of the physical model and analytical model relate parametrically, associating all information in the template. The analytical model engrosses information to be conveyed to software structural calculation. The BIM bi-directional link between a platform and a structural analysis tool enables structural design engineers to test several structural solutions in the primary phases of the project in an automated way. A physical model usually represents the geometry of a structure, whereas the analytical model contains strains, deflections, reactions, and displacements. Structural engineering consultants split the calculations amongst gravity loads (including permanent loads, and temperature) and lateral loads (encompassing seismic loads and wind loads).

3. Structural Evaluation: 

Structural engineering consultants evaluate vertical and horizontal system loads, metallic systems, and reinforced concrete for specific structural elements. Automatic structural drawing creation and 3D modeling facilitate automatic extraction of structural quantities within budget. The 5D cost estimates or 5D quantity takeoffs are significant structural engineering services during the early phases of the construction. Accurate measurement of building materials through Building Information Modeling allows measuring more in less time with strict adherence to project deadlines.

4. Structural Phasing: 

Structural phasing is required as a part of the analytical process in infrastructural projects like bridges. Here, every phase of construction needs to be calculated and understood by the structural design engineers for getting the right stress and deflection. 4D construction phasing, scheduling, or simulation, related to project management is another practical BIM application in a construction project. Multidisciplinary coordination through 3D BIM modeling and clash detection match the compatibility of the structures.

5. Revit Steel Detailing:

Detailing structural steel is the most significant part of strong building structures. The design, structural analysis, structural steel details, and precise implementation of a construction project ensure that there are no cracks or deflections and that the building remains intact. The 3D modeling enables the team to build and submit an efficient and cost-effective project fabrication package. This method allows you to avoid difficult design concerns by utilizing 3D views and live schedules for steel inspection.

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Benefits Of Structural BIM Services

Enhanced BIM coordination 

It enhances coordination between BIM models of multiple disciplines, facilitating the identification and resolution of inter and intradisciplinary clashes.

Accurate structural analysis and design 

Improves structural quality by combining structural analysis and design to create better results.

Streamlined construction workflow 

Structural BIM enables optimized workflows by linking construction with details, 4D construction sequence as well as material quantities.

Collaborative work environment 

It enables the potential of using single shared information across all stakeholders engaged in a project by utilizing collaborative platforms such as BIM360.

International Standards we follow: 

NISD – National Institute of Steel Detailing
AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
RSIO – Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada

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Tejjy Inc. is one of the best structural engineering firms in USA that facilitates coordinated drawings for optimized residential and commercial structural engineering projects. BIM plays a vital role in a building’s life cycle, from the design stage of the project. Integrating BIM services, Tejjy Inc.’s structural consultants make informed design decisions, automating construction documentation and producing constructible designs.  Throughout the planning, design, and construction phase, structural bim designers, structural coordinators, and structural modelers accurately design and detail structural components of the building while collaborating with other trades.

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