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Scan to Bim Services - tejjy

Accurate As-Built With Point Cloud Scan To BIM Modeling

Tejjy’s scan-to-BIM process deploys start-of-the-art laser scanners like Leica’s RTC 360 and BLKFLY to capture precise data on-site with intelligence. Then, with our BIM automation strategies, we tend to use scan-to-BIM automation tools to save a good amount of time for model generation. Our digital capturing process aims to optimize manual tracing and stitching efforts to give us one of the fastest turnaround times when it comes to your as-built and renovation needs.

Scan to Bim Services - tejjy

Our Scan-to-BIM modeling is experienced in producing information-rich intelligent 3D models

Design validation and planning
Design validation and planning
Interference checks for coordination
Interference checks for coordination
Demolition or addition of MEP or construction elements
Demolition or addition of MEP or construction elements
Documentation of existing building conditions
Documentation of existing building conditions

Scan-to-BIM offerings

Point Cloud to Mesh

Tejjy’s point cloud-to-mesh process involves acquiring point cloud data, preprocessing to remove noise, and applying mesh generation algorithms. And refining the mesh with surface reconstruction. We utilize tools like MeshLab and PCL to facilitate this conversion, tailored to data and application requirements.

  • Point cloud registration and refining the point cloud data
  • Point cloud to mesh conversion
  • Ensuring the application of mesh models
Mesh to CAD

Our process of converting a mesh to CAD involves importing it into CAD software, cleaning up errors, performing surface reconstruction, and adjusting geometry. The final CAD model is exported in formats like STEP or IGES, with a quality check for design specifications.

  • The acquired mesh data is being checked
  • Deployed on the mesh-to-CAD conversion workflow
  • And finally, the CAD model is analyzed for usage
Scan to CAD

Scan-to-CAD is all about the direct conversion of point cloud data to CAD formats. Our process involves data acquisition and conversion, noise reduction, model processing, and refinement. The approach to scan-to-CAD could be divided into two parts: Manual tracing and automated conversion through tools

  • Deploying the acquired point cloud data for conversion
  • Utilizing the direct scan-to-CAD conversion process
  • Further, introspecting the stitched and traced model
scan-to-BIM process

Tejjy’s scan-to-BIM process starts with obtaining a 3D scan. Then, convert it into a detailed point cloud and apply noise reduction and mesh generation techniques. Further, classifying building elements, assigning parameters, generating a detailed model, integrating additional information, and exporting the final model in standard formats. Nowadays with AI around, we do deploy scan-to-BIM automation tools for prompt point cloud to BIM model conversion.

  • Obtaining the point cloud data from scanning activities
  • Using a scan-to-BIM suitable conversion process, such as automated conversion or manual tracing
  • Improvising the 3D model for applications
quality assurance and quality control

The final model QA/QC (quality assurance/quality control) in 3D modeling involves verifying and maintaining the accuracy, completeness, and compliance of models with specified standards. This process includes detecting errors and implementing corrective actions to ensure that the final 3D models meet established criteria and adhere to industry regulations.

  • Implementing the stages of checks after model generation
  • General checks on model inconsistencies
  • Ensuring a design check and coordinated feedback with various stakeholders

We Provide point cloud modeling complying with Quality and Accuracy

Design and coordination modeling using mesh and point cloud data. When it comes to design coordination for restoration, refurbishment, and house addition, our Scan-to-BIM service is an essential component that our clients require.

Furthermore, smart building maintenance, surveillance, and facility management are made possible by the precise BIM models for architectural, structural, and MEP trades from LOD 100 to 500.

Tejjy’s massive investment in the highest Caliber laser scanning technology stack and scan-to-BIM automation aligns with its aim of sustainable and intelligent AEC. Making informed decisions about AEC that reduce costs and improve the environment is greatly aided by obtaining precise and accurate on-site facility data.

quality assurance in 3D modeling

Turn Point Clouds into Actionable Insights: Experience the Most Accurate As-Built BIM Modeling

The scan-to-BIM process involves converting point cloud data from laser scanning into a 3D BIM model.

The process involves:

  • Data registration
  • Point cloud processing
  • Mesh generation
  • Modeling in BIM software
  • Model cleanup and refinement
  • BIM model development
  • Parameterization
  • Exporting to other formats

Quality assurance and documentation

The process involves using laser scanning equipment, combining multiple scans, cleaning and processing the data, importing the mesh into BIM software, assigning BIM parameters and attributes, exporting to CAD formats, performing quality assurance, creating 2D drawings, schedules, and other documentation, and integrating the model into the overall project workflow. Skilled professionals with expertise in laser scanning and BIM are typically involved in this process to ensure accuracy and efficiency. We then upgrade an information-rich BIM 3D Model for clash-free integration amongst architectural, structural, and MEPF services by capitalizing on BIM automation trends.

Benefits of Scan to BIM Services

The benefits of Scan to BIM services include:

  • Improved accuracy and quality with reduced errors
  • Streamlined design operations with easy model orthographic drawing generation
  • Better planning between new design elements and existing designs with the cloud database
  • Risk management through remote sensing capability
Scan to BIM Services

Areas where we have delivered numerous projects

Tejjy is women owned minority certified company facilitating services to Architects,  Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers, General Contractors & Construction Managers, Subcontractors, Product & Equipment Manufacturers, Furniture Designers, Fabricators, Facility Managers, etc.

Why Choose Us for Scan to BIM Modeling Services?

Improved Building Design:

  • Better decision-making through precise site recordings during building design development

Construction Phase Support:

  • Easy identification of discrepancies between as-built model & as-designed BIM model
  • Accurate digital representation of building drawings for coordination
  • Detailed quality analysis/quality control of all the building components

Enhanced Facility Management:

  • Accurate construction documentation with scan to BIM for facility planning & maintenance
  • Periodic laser scanning feeds digital twins with the latest facility conditions

Transform the Scanned/Convert Point Cloud to 3D BIM Modeling

Convert your scan images, 2D layouts, and plans to 3D Models for enhanced workflow and smoother and faster construction.

Case Studies

Scan to BIM Modeling Services

With over 17+ years in Architectural design, Tejjy has conducted architectural and construction scanning for dense point cloud data. We have specifically worked on heritage restoration, industrial digital twinning, renovation, and reverse engineering requirements by deploying the benefits of Leica’s laser scanners, such as RTC 360. Get a detailed look at our commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional laser scanning projects.


  • As-built model creation for refurbishment & renovation with laser scan to BIM services. 
  • Conversion of laser scan raw data to 3D BIM model for running construction simulation & drawing creation. 
  • High quality, affordable laser scan to BIM modeling for architectural, structural & MEP services. 
  • Extracting information from 3d scan to BIM Revit Model for cost analysis, matching design standards. 
  • Helps in the documentation of design and services of a building into as built 3D BIM model, and as built drawing. 

Level of Documentation for clients: 

  1. 3D Floor Plans – Level 1 
  2. Exterior Elevation and Roof Plans – Level 2 
  3. Building Sections – Level 3 
  4. Site Layout Plan – Level 4 

Heritage buildings contain complex details which make their digitization using traditional methods inaccurate, and time consuming. 3D laser scanning helps to create accurate Scan to BIM models with accurate details. Historic Building Information Modeling (HBIM) methodology helps in creating accurate as built 3D BIM models, and as built drawings of a historical building. 

Scan to BIM software used for point cloud deciphering is Autodesk Recap. As built BIM model is created using Revit software.

Scan to BIM cost depends upon the complexity and the area of the project. Please contact our team to discuss your Scan to BIM project, and to get a quote. 

Visualize Project Better With Accurate 3D models from Scan to BIM

We capture detailed information about an element through laser scanning to facilitate accurate modeling coordination, and quantity take-offs for existing and new structures. Let us know your scan to BIM modeling services requirements.

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