Digital Twin for AEC

Digital twins are virtual replicas of objects in the real tangible world. For AEC, digital twins could be a game changer. Digital Twin for AEC is all about digitizing your construction facilities and then monitoring them in real time with a data-driven approach. With property and facility management through a digital twinning approach, revenue spending could be optimized through detailed health monitoring of your properties and facilities.

Our inclusions in digital twinning your facilities and properties


BIM-IoT operational data management


Facility and property coordination


Digital twin Updation

How does digital twin technology work?

  • Generation

Tejjy’s digital twinning process starts with laser scanning the facility/property. It aims to reality-capture accurate and precise conditions on-site.

  • Creation

The generated point cloud data is then prompted into a smart BIM model. After that, the smart BIM model is worked on to a digital twinning interface.

  • Monitoring

In addition to this, the digital twin is constantly being updated with real-time IoT data to better monitor the health of the structure.

Digital Twin

If you already decided to elevate your construction business with AR, or need an extensive consultation on the matter

Digital Twin in Building

How do BIM and IoT work in integration?

In simpler language, BIM is the tool for digital twin. One example is Autodesk’s Tandem: Tool to manage a building’s lifecycle within one dynamic, digital replica, actionable insights are always at your fingertips. However, these digital twin-modeling interfaces could be enhanced with parameters from BIM dimension modeling. Not only that but comprehensive data about each individual element from building systems would better decision-making based on digital twinning.


BIM is all about the generation of digital models for psychical spaces and digital twin digital replication of physical assets for optimized management. These BIM tools could power digital twins for a more data-driven approach.

Virtual modeling is generally for modeling and recording purposes while a digital twin is specifically deployed for simulation, tracking, and maintenance purposes.

  • Some of the applications for digital twin are –
  • Healthcare operational efficiency
  • Industrial Revolution 4. o
  • Smart property and facility management
  • Asset tracking in renovation needs
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