Permit Expediting Services

Our DC Permit Expediting Services Include

Building designs without permitting issues is ensured with Tejjy construction permit expeditors. So, no longer stress hire hire experienced permit advisors for full permit project management process. Tejjy expediting services ensure permits at faster pace for building projects. We deal in all residential, commercial, hospitality, federal design build projects from new construction, remodeling, renovation process. 

Our construction building permit management services concentrate on permitting issues, submittal process, local building codes as we have insight knowledge about buildings permit expediter process.  For faster, accurate permit management services Consult experienced Tejjy Inc. permit expediting services in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland , Virginia in USA.  


Why do we need construction permits?

Building projects are approvals by city or county to perform construction. This authorization for construction , ensure compliance of building zone codes for safety of building, workers and environment. 

What are the benefits of hiring a permit expediter for building projects?  

Tejjy Permit Advisors have insight knowledge of building departments, handling permitting issues, submittal process, local building and zoning codes. So, hiring permit expediting company makes your construction project management a diligent, faster and efficient process. 

What does a permit expediter do?

Building permit expediters are facilitators or permit experts having extensive knowledge about jurisdication, laws of building departments, submittal process, zoning codes. 

What are postcard permit? When do I need postcard permit?

DCRA issues online permits for some small construction with a  limited scope of work. DC postcard permits  are issued for electrical general , electrical heavy-up, gas fitting, mechanical and plumbing building construction

Consult DC Permit Expediter

    Reason to Outsource Construction Permitting Process 

    Tejjy building permit expediters advise architects , engineers and owners for ensured permit approvals. Our construction expediters play an instrumental role in revision of design drawings, blueprints, architectural reviews in accordance to zoning codes of county, DCRA. Eventhough online DCRA building permits paperwork and time becomes constraint. So, consult experienced  construction permit experts for 

    On-time Delivery – Working with permit expediting company enables easy review process during redesigning. We assure time-efficient permit expeditor services for residential, commercial project remodeling/renovation approvals.

    Seamless Paper Work– Our permit expediting professionals streamline paperwork for more accurate and time and cost-efficient results. Whether you are a homeowner, retailer, or owner, our experts handle all submittals and paperwork by coordinating among cities, other jurisdictions, and local government bodies (DDOT, DC Water, DOEE).

    Cost Saving – DC permit expeditor are well-versed with DCRA building permits process, codes and environmental issues and many more. Architect designing with collaboration of permit expediter enables faster and balanced execution in compliance to customer and building codes. Tejjy Inc. permit experts have insight knowledge about DCRA Permit Fees, Postcard Permit, and project criteria about jurisdiction and thus avoid delays in project approval.


    Outsource Architectural drawings, MEPAs built services, renovation , remodeling of residential or construction project, removing stop-work order from DCRA and other regulatory agencies in DC Metropolitan area for precise construction management .