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Accurate As-Built Drawings in Washington DC, Baltimore MD, and VA, US

What are as built drawings?

As built drawings are submitted by contractors after the completion of a construction project, including all modifications made during the design build & construction phases. As built drawings produced from 3D BIM model help to sell new & refurbished projects, ensuring comprehensive information on-hand for the on-going building operation & maintenance.

When is as built drawings are required?

Construction professionals require As-built drawing during project remodeling, changes in leased space, historic preservation, asset management, emergency planning, and various other purposes. Tejjy Inc. creates CAD As-built drawings for residential as well as commercial projects.

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The process of as-built information modeling can be performed through a data acquisition method and building information modeling techniques like photogrammetry and lidar solutions. As-built documentation allows project stakeholders to streamline communication in various phases of the construction projects, reducing the extra cost of rework where the changes/modification by contractor/subcontractor is incorporated in BIM to produce As-Built drawings models. Nowadays, construction technologies are automating workflows and integrating collaborative work to enhance construction productivity. As a result of which, the project managers and surveyors get the chance to make precisely accurate decisions in a given time.

Adoption of apt construction management software solution, allows construction professionals to undertake real-time decision making. BIM implementation adds to the advantage by identifying and resolving conflicts. As-Built drawings assist construction clients to visualize the building, providing a virtual tour of every facet of the building with BIM Services, thus improving the productivity and sustainability of building within a given time frame. 

How are As-Built Drawings Models Created

We revise original design drawings for as-built drawing creation, reflecting changes in various fields. Our professionals bring design alterations through relocating components for coordination, rerouting distribution systems, and several other ways. With expertise in a wide array of Construction & Renovation projects, we customize as-built drawings to meet client specifications. We offer surveys, floor & evacuation plans and various other as-built drawing services as per client requirement.

Our Strategies of Recording As-Built Drawings | Record Drawings

We ensure accuracy following the guidelines:

  • Cross out words like‘equal to’& replace with specific information during construction
  • While adding details to drawings, we ensure the same scale as used in original drawings
  • Keep old details, instead draw score lines or “X” through them to make the changes clear
  • Provide details of changes in fabrication, installation, location, sizing, material, etc.
  • Give necessary information on contractor’s designed systems
  • Include elevations & grade modifications on pipe utility, earthwork, etc.
  • Record surprising obstructions on-site
  • Create complete as-built drawings, not merely a collection of pages containing changes
  • Ensure supplemental pages containing plan modification are sealed & signed by registrant author
  • Include changes arising out of the final inspection process.
  • Record Drawings uses red for deleted items, green for added items & blue for special information
  • Refer to specific actions instead of referencing change-order numbers or associated documents
  • Use a written explanation to describe changes, avoiding abbreviations & clear lettering
  • Add revision notes to affected section view, general notes, profiles & schedules
  • Maintain consistency while adding notes & using the same figure to denote changes
  • Add associated shop drawings necessary as an appendix to As-Built Drawings
  • Update the index sheet to show the latest drawing addition
  • Make specific notes on underground utilities, showing exact location, depth & materials
  • Stamp title sheet once finished with “Record Drawing As-Built,” including contractor’s details
  • Prepare a PDF of As-Built Drawings for emailing, posting to cloud storage, or copying to CD

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As-Built BIM Modeling Software

Using the blueprint , we let out redline drawings in the field along with other mark-ups. Our mark-up tools used by bim engineers and architects include highlighters, arrows,clouds & text comments, in a wide array of colors.

We also use a construction softwares help clients attach files & photos on construction drawings. This helps team members to see every information. Managing as-built documentation lies at the core of our construction management technique. Other applications used by us include PlanGrid, ArcGIS and FieldWire.

Why Choose Architectural As-Built Services Drawings from Tejjy Inc.?

  • Accurate Drawing Creation–Get an edge over your competitors with accurate architectural as-built drawing creation through a comprehensive markup tool, like photos, video, & notes.
  • Easy Operation–You can export exactly what is built with our architectural as-built service drawings. As a result, the operations & the maintenance team members know what is built.
  • Searchable Historical Record – You can reduce risk with the help of detailed records maintained by the as-built experts of Tejjy Inc. of what work was done, along with the transparency of who did what.

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