As Built Drawing Modeling & Documentation Services

We Document Existing Conditions into 2D and 3D

AsBuilt is the reality capture documentation of a building design with existing conditions. Tejjy As Built Professionals adopt latest laser scanning, BIM and CAD software for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential asbuilt services in USA for survey, plan, draft & drawing, model. Our high-precision camera and technology scan to deliver CAD DWG file, Revit RVT file, PDF and JPG photo files. Whether you are considering a renovation, or maintenance of commercial or real estate property, our extensive as built survey, drawing, modeling documentation will provide valuable insight into the property. Our asbuiltprofessionals highlight design opportunities or constraints associated with architecture, structure, electrical, mechanical, and site conditions.

Tejjy has been successfully facilitating Architects, Contractors, Real Estate Companies, Design Build Companies, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Facility Managers, Structural Engineering Companies, Construction Companies , MEP Engineer and Fabricator as an AsBuilt Company in USA for 17 years. Tejjy Inc, one of the best architectural and engineering company in USA, delivers high quality as built Architectural Drawings and as built BIM models for commercial, real estate, and residential projects.

As-Built Services

Tejjy As Built Services Across USA

Consult For High Quality Measured Drawings For Existing Conditions

Industrial As-Built Services

Mixed-Use Manufacturing, Storage & Ware House, Airports, Substations, Metro, Oil Refinery, WasteWater Treatment Plants

Commercial As-Built Services

High Rise Buildings, Educational Institutions, Shopping Centre, Healthcare, Religious Places, Restaurants, Resorts

Residential As-Built Services

Renovation, Remodeling of Condo, Single Unit homes, Single family, Multi-family, Town Houses, Low-rise Buildings

Heritage Preservation

Museum, Government Buildings, High Rise Buildings, Educational Institutions, Commerical Residential Infrastructural Buildings

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As Built BIM Modeling Services

An as built BIM model depicts a building in the state in which it is completed. As built survey and documentation are created after the construction of a structure is finished. The as built BIM model of the building is created by first scanning the built space by high precision 3D laser scanners to provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) documentation. A variety of as built BIM modeling software such as Revit is used to draft and model the as built BIM model. 


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As-Built Services

As-Built Drafting Services

Tejjy Inc. offers the finest and most accurate as-built drafting services for architectural, construction, and engineering projects. We cater to the clients of the AEC sector with comprehensive as-built drawings for effective renovation and retrofitting work of the structures. As-built drafting helps to depict accurate positions of the components of the structure in their as-is condition, to which the facility managers and engineers can refer while conducting FM and renovation:

  • Acquire precise data through the laser scanning process.
  • Import the point cloud data into the software for processing.
  • The processed data is used to derive CAD drawings or Revit BIM models of the built asset, known as built drawings, and as built models.

Benefit of As Built Drawing and Modeling Services

As built survey and documentation is a key tool in the construction industry. Changes and revisions made in the course of construction are incorporated into this document. The causes for these discrepancies are diverse, but they must nonetheless be documented. Capturing these changes allows you to: 

Ensuring that the renovation process is efficient and well-coordinated. 

Capturing deviations from construction documents of the existing designs. 

Upholding modifications in vendor design data during the construction phase. 

Supporting property insurance needs. 

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BIM Services
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3D Laser Scanning
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Structural Services
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