Accurate As-Built Services Documentation of Existing Conditions in 2D and 3D

As Built Drawing and Drafting Services

Tejjy As-built services facilitate asbuilt survey, as built drawings, modeling and documentation of build area.  We precisely capture existing conditions of floor plans, elevations, roof plans, interior dimensions, and specifications of a structure after construction or renovation. Tejjy asbuilt professionals facilitate as built documentation, with accurate representation of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical site conditions.

Our team facilitates precision in deliverables by scanning and creating accurate measured drawings of existing conditions. For 18+years as an experienced asbuilt company in USA, we have faciliates architectural as built, MEP asbuilt, structural as built in CAD and BIM drawings (.dwg and .rvt versions), photo and video documentation.

Assured accuracy and reliability of measured drawings has enriched our portfolio and trust among stakeholders. Architects, MEP engineering firms, contractors, facility managers, and regulatory authorities choose us as Asbuilt company for their informed decisions. Our skilled 3D scanning experts, modelers have been delivering commercial, residential, industrial as built plans for risk mitigation and a support structure for facility management.

As Built Drawing and Drafting Services

Our As Built Drawing and Drafting Services

Get Architectural As Built, MEP As Built, Structural As Built Services For Residential, Commercial & Industrial buildings

  • RCP
  • Roof Plan
  • Site Plan
  • BOMA Plan
  • Landscape Survey
  • Building Sections

Architectural As-built

mep as-built documentation

MEP As-built

mep as-built documentation

Structural As-built

Tejjy As Built Services Process

At the initial consultation the type of as-built services and drafting is determined as per the client requirement. We involve all the stakeholders like project managers, engineers, architects, and facility managers in this to ensure clear communication of roles and responsibilities and to guarantee a perfect delivery of your asbuilt drawings.

We perform the as-built survey by gathering precise, existing on-site conditions. Our team uses the latest Leica laser scanners, RTC 360, to accurately capture object identities and measure drawings of site. Our process of efficient “3D laser scanning to BIM” ensures precise as-built data acquisition of build area. The data is thoroughly checked to ensure there are no errors in the as built documentation.

The point cloud data acquired from the as built survey, is converted into 2D drawings or 3D models for documentation. We focus on developing customized as-built digital documents as per your requirements by using specialized tools like Revit and ArchiCAD for effective LOD 500. This results in a structured, precise as-built measure drawing database. We also offer digital models with our digital twinning services for an immersive representation. 

In the final stage of our as-built survey, we review the as-built drawings and as-built documentation to ensure we deliver the precision we promise. Our drafting and modeling teams thoroughly scrutinize the as-built drawings for discrepancies. Along with this, we seek feedback from stakeholders to ensure they are in the loop of this process. Our team makes sure to align the documents with the project requirements. If any errors are identified, then they are promptly solved during our collaborative review process

As-built Modeling Services

Tejjy, Inc. provides as-built BIM modeling services for architectural, construction, and engineering projects. This involves scanning the built space with high-precision 3D laser scanners like Leica RTC 360 to create Building Information Modeling (BIM) documentation. The as-built BIM model is then drafted using software like Revit and ArchiCAD. Tejjy Inc. provides comprehensive as-built drawings for effective renovation and retrofitting of structures, aiding facility managers and engineers in conducting facility management and renovation.

As-Built Services

Why As Built Drawing Services Are Required?

As built survey and documentation is a key tool in the construction industry. Changes and revisions made in the course of construction are incorporated into this document. The causes for these discrepancies are diverse, but they must nonetheless be documented. Capturing these changes allows you to:

► Providing support as per property insurance needs.
► Ensuring that the renovation process is efficient and well-coordinated.
► Capturing deviations from construction documents of the existing designs.
► Upholding modifications in vendor design data during the construction phase.

Why Choose Our Accurate & Efficient As-Built Drawing Services?


Cost Efficiency

  • We are committed to delivering quick as-built solutions while respecting your budget constraints. 
  • Our dedication ensures that clients receive high-quality services without compromising affordability. 
  • Our focus on cost efficiency clearly states that Tejjy aims to streamline processes, leverage technology, and optimize resources to deliver results within a specified financial framework. 

Complete Ownership

  • We take pride in our in-house team of experts, who aim to revolutionize the process of as-built services by diligently providing precision, clarity, and time efficiency. 
  • With expertise in the latest technology and cutting-edge tools and software, we strive to provide the utmost accuracy in as-built documentation.  
  • Tejjy takes pride in optimizing the data-acquiring process which ensures that the project timeline is reduced, in turn saving your valuable time. 

Skilled Workforce

  • We boast an experienced and skilled workforce comprising designers, engineers, and architects.  
  • Our team is well-equipped to handle various tasks within the AEC industry. 
  • The workforce’s expertise ensures compliance with building codes and green certifications, indicating a commitment to sustainability and adherence to industry standards. 

Areas where we have delivered numerous projects

Tejjy Inc., is a women owned minority certified facilitating services to Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry professionals like Architects, Designers, Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers, General Contractors & Construction Managers, Subcontractors, Product & Equipment Manufacturers, Furniture Designers, Fabricators, Facility Managers, etc.

Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Educational Institute
Educational Institute
Historic Monuments
Historic Monuments
Hotels and Resorts
Hotels and Resorts
Residential Buildings
Residential Buildings
Train Stations & Airport
Train Stations & Airport

Case Studies

With over 17+ years in Architectural design, Tejjy has conducted architectural and construction scanning for dense point cloud data. We have specifically worked on heritage restoration, industrial digital twinning, renovation, and reverse engineering requirements by deploying the benefits of Leica’s laser scanners, such as RTC 360. Get a detailed look at our commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional laser scanning projects.


As-built drawings, sometimes called red-line drawings are updated sets of drawings that a contractor submits after the project is finished. They give a precise representation of the existing conditions.

The cost of as-built services is dependent on various factors, such as the technology stack deployed, the workforce utilized, the complexity and area of the project, and also the application.

Get a Detailed Construction Blueprintwith Our As-Built Services

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