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Home Addition & Remodeling Contractors Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

Are you considering adding a room to house , remodeling your existing space or build a new? Look no further! Tejjy Inc.’s dedicated team of home addition contractors help in custom built homes.

Whether you need to have addition extension remodeling Tejjy contractor facilitate architectural design process from drawing to implementation with permit approvals.  Architects, engineers, home addition contractors, design team work closely with customers to understand design objectives before plan creation. As the design progresses from the conceptual stage to the construction stage, licensed home addition architects and engineers provide value-added support for customized addition extension services. Technology integrated home addition services in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore ensure better visualization through 3D models.

Our work vision for 2D to 3D facilitate better interior designing, landscape, smart homes, better space utilization.  Adhering to building zoning laws, sustainable building designs with latest architecture techniques are curated by our experienced contractors for home addition. Permit approvals are managed by our permit expediters who are well-versed in DCRA’s building and zoning rules.

Home Addition Services

Our Home Addition & Remodeling Services

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    What Home Addition Plans You Have?

    House Addition

    Kitchen Remodel

    Bathroom Remodel


    Basement/ Garage

    Adding a New Storey

    Plan Cost Effective Custom Built Home Addition Extension Remodel

    • Family Room Addition
    • Master Room Addition
    • Sunroom Addition
    • Home Office
    • Basement /Garage Addition
    • Second Story & Porch Extension
    • Walk-In Closet Addition
    • Bed Room & Master Suite Addition
    • Media Room & Man Cave Addition
    • Game Room Addition & Children’s Playroom Addition
    Architectural Floor Plan Services

    Why Tejjy Inc. for Home Addition Services?

    Architectural Project

    Home addition services refer to the process of expanding or adding onto an existing home. This can include building an addition to the home, such as a second story or a room extension, or finishing an unfinished space, such as a basement or attic. Home addition services typically involve working with architects, contractors, and other professionals to design and construct the addition according to local building codes and regulations. The cost of home addition services can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

    Tejjy’s innovative home addition services helps you in:

    • Accentuating aesthetics of building structure.
    • Increasing the value and quality of your space.
    • Clash free construction scheduling of home addition.
    • Optimized cost of home addition with 5D BIM cost estimation.
    • Reduced expenses and operational risk management.


    An addition is just a design or construction addition to an existing facility or property, while a renovation is a total revamp of the design and engineering of the intended place.

    The best way to plan your home makeover is to list down your budget constraints and aspirations somewhere. Then, subsequently, reach out to a suitable home remodeler who could ensure your needs are within your budget.

    This is totally dependent on your property’s or facility’s condition. A renovation approach could help you save on your investment in your property. However, building from scratch would be lucrative on a design basis, but it could cost more.

    The first step in remodeling is to document your existing facility or property precisely.

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