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Tejjy Inc. has a team of skilled experts with insight knowledge to efficiently carve your dream with adoption of latest technology in construction industry. We provide complete Construction Management, Architectural and Engineering Services, Project Management, BIM Services, Permit Expediting for all AEC project stakeholders. We are experienced to deliver services to Federal , State, Local governments alongwith the commercial and residential industry. We have accomplished several mission-critical projects, exhibiting expertise by overcoming challenges and bringing imagination into a reality along with time and cost-efficacy. We endeavor to deliver a client-oriented quality solution collaborating with latest technologies like Drone, 3D ,4D, 5D , 6D , Virtual Reality, GEOBIM to offer optimum solutions to a construction project in USA.  

Key Service Offerings: 

For further queries or information kindly call us at 202-465-4830 or mail us at info@tejjy.com.