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Top BIM Architectural and Engineering, Construction Management Service Provider in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD , Virginia in USA

We deliver client centric construction management, BIM Architectural and Engineering services. Cost-effective environment sustainable services are offered utilizing latest techniques. Virtual Reality, Big Data, Drone, GEO BIM, Building Information Modeling 3D , 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D , 8D BIM dimensions are adopted for improvised design management. Being an affordable constructiton service provider in USA, Tejjy Inc.  caters for Project Managers, Contractors, designers, MEP engineers and consultant’s requirements.

AEC Industry Professionals Facilitated by Us Include

Architects Structural Engineers
MEP (Mechanical, Engineering & Plumbing)Engineers, Design Firms & Contractors
Federal sectors
Contractors – General Contractors (GC), Mechanical, Drywall, Fire protection, Concrete
Home Builders and Home Owners
Consultants Project Managers

Why Choose Our Construction Management, BIM,  Architectural & Engineering Services in DC, Baltimore, MD, and VA in USA

  • We are a multi-disciplinary engineering and construction management company that has over 14 years of experience in serving the AEC industry.
  • Trusted to deliver by Federal, States, and Fortune 500 Companies.
  • 1250+ satisfied clients throughout North America
  • Accomplished mission-critical Projects, overcoming challenges with time and cost-efficacy.
  • Collaborate with the latest technologies – Drone, 3D Printer, Virtual Reality, and GEOBIM for optimized solutions.

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