Construction Documentation Services

Construction Documentation Services

Being not systematic in the construction procedure would result in coordination gaps between stakeholders throughout. This can be a big time and money toll on your project progression. So, to ensure collaboration in real-time, error-free construction documentation is inevitable. All you need is an experienced BIM partner to ensure the same. Tejjy Inc documents each and every detail of your construction process through a centralized and efficient drawing approach. Right from ideating with schematic design and design development to finalized construction drawings with MEP detailing, we cover all the necessities of construction documentation services.

Types of Documentation Offered

Conceptual Schematic Planning
Tuned to your vision, we help you ideate your vision into lucrative concepts and plan it precisely into physical drawings.
Architectural Documentation
After finalizing the scheme, we detail the project schedules specifying each technical aspect and construction specification.
Structural Documentation
Your design must be structurally feasible too. Our well-thought-of structural detail on your project will ease its execution.
MEP Documentation
Our MEP construction drawings coupled with clash detection can aid site engineers with the implementation and correction of MEP trades on site.
Scan to BIM Documentation
Our modern 3D laser scanning methodology is deployed to create a digital twin of existing site components.
Architectural Visualization

Tejjy’s process for Construction Documentation

  • Reviewing the current status of the project  

It starts with framing the client’s requirements. First, we probe into the current status of the project and map out the requisites to fulfill the developmental aspirations.

  • Project inspection  

Then we review and inspect the project site by capturing the essentials through our scan to BIM services and 3D laser scanning practices.  

  • Preparation of documents  

A specific niched team is allotted for architectural, structural, MEP, or the required documentation procedures.  

  • Documentation check  

The last job is, we centralize the management of documents created and rectify any errors and discrepancies to eliminate the scope of the slightest error.  

Why outsource construction documentation services from Tejjy Inc

  • End-to-end subject matter expertise  
  • 24/7 developmental support specific to your project needs  
  • A pool of experienced BIM professionals  
  • Real-time BIM 360 construction document management
  • Best of the facility management practices at competitive pricing  

With 16+ years and 2500+ projects, we specialize in optimizing construction documentation for your projects.

Connect with us and save time and money on your project with our error-free construction documentation services in quickest of the time.  

Do you have any

You can reach us at 202-465-4830 or via email at or send us a business query here.


Construction documentation services involve creating detailed sets of drawings and documents that serve as the blueprint for a construction project. They are crucial for conveying design intent, ensuring regulatory compliance, and guiding contractors in building structures accurately and efficiently.

Construction documentation encompasses a range of documents such as architectural plans, structural drawings, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) layouts, specifications, schedules, and project manuals. These documents provide comprehensive guidance for the construction process. 

Accurate and comprehensive documentation reduces the likelihood of errors and rework during construction. It streamlines communication among project stakeholders and helps contractors understand project requirements, ultimately leading to cost savings and timely project completion.

Technology, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), plays a significant role in construction documentation. BIM allows for the creation of intelligent, 3D models that integrate various aspects of a building project, enhancing coordination, visualization, and data sharing among project teams. This technology improves the accuracy and efficiency of construction documentation services. 

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