About Us

Tejjy Inc. creates sustainable, built environments. We enhance peoples’ lives and provide maximum value for construction clients. Using high-tech knowledge and digital technology, we deliver exclusive outcomes with cost and time efficacy.  

Since 2006, Tejjy Inc. is Women- Owned Minority Business Enterprise serving USA. We provide a full spectrum of Building Information Modeling (BIM) ServicesEngineering ServicesConstruction Management, Computer Aided Design & draf tand IT consulting solutions in a streamlined process to clients. Tejjy Inc. is the one-stop solution for all your needs, starting from new construction to renovation.  

Find the answers to your problems with Tejjy Inc.: 

  • Are you looking for Quality & Affordable Engineering Services? 
  • Are you ached up of outsourcing BIM work? 
  • Do you want to raise your bottom-line profit? 

Get in touch with Tejjy Inc and reinvent and remodel your construction structure, perfectly matching your workflow. We are one-stop Construction Solution provider in Construction Management, BIM, CAD problems in AEC(Architecture,Engineering, Construction )Industry. We’d love to hear from you. 

What We Do:

  • Construction Management – We believe in the power of innovative technologies to transform the act of executing business in AEC Industry. We provide construction management solutions for cutting edge cost-effective solutions from initiation to the final accomplishment of the project.The advanced techniques of Virtual Design and Construction like BIM, Drones, VR and Robotics, and Big Data enable a cost-effective solution to client’s requirement.

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) – We provide BIM services to the architects, engineers, contractors, and consultants. Our BIM implementation helps construction professionals assemble projects in a virtual environment, identifying potential problems before construction. We facilitate project coordination, risk mitigation, logistics planning, and cost optimization through BIM.  Building Information Modeling to allow the designer present the client with their perspective vision through 3D Visualization, Animation Walkthrough,Modeling. This digitized technique allows us to explore and work with cutting edge technologies through 3D,4D,5D,6D .

  • Engineering Services – Tejjy Inc team of expert engineers create real value for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Industry. We help our clients save cost, and avoid errors through our Engineering Services – be it BIM Engineering or CAD Drafting by resolving maximum discrepancies at pre-construction stage. We look at Engineering Solutions as tools to serve the client process and achieve targets with the flexibility to fit within the client workflow, adding value to projects.  

Call us +1 (202-465-4830)  or email us at info@tejjy.com to discuss your requirement. We would be happy to serve you with innovative construction solutions.