3D Laser Scanning for Retail Renovation - 11433 Georgia Avenue, MD

3D Laser Scanning for Retail Renovation georgia avenue

Project Overview

Client Profile

Store project (Commercial)


11433 Georgia Ave, Wheaton, Maryland


Commercial Property



Scan existing buildings, create as-built drawings, MEP design, and drawing

Building Area

995 sq. Ft

Business Needs

The store on 11433 Georgia Avenue, was a one-storey facility. The client wanted to revamp the existing facility into a better, functional space. The scope of work for this project consisted of a series of essential tasks to facilitate the successful revamp of the store.

Tejjy employed advanced 3D laser scanning technology to meticulously capture the on-site conditions. We produced precise as-built drawings of the existing site conditions. To optimize the store’s efficiency and function, Tejjy delivered MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) design catering to the specific needs of the revamped store facility.  

  • 3D scanning of the existing building  
  • Point cloud data of the scanned property  
  • Conversion of the collected point cloud data into drawings  
  • Detailed MEP design of the renovated facility 
  • The store project focused on enhancing the visual appearance and functionality of the facility through a revamp.  
  • The primary challenge addressed in this project was to achieve a comprehensive transformation while managing budget limitations.   
  • Ensuring that these digital drawings were precise and accurate was crucial for making the right design choices and avoiding mistakes during the construction process.   
  • Integrating MEP design with architectural plansHVAC systems, electrical setups and plumbing upgrades into the new layout demanded close coordination and adherence to the rules.  
  • Proactively managing costs throughout, the process of providing the deliverables was critical.  

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Our Solutions & Approach

Created clash free and coordinated MEPF models with accurate shop drawings for hospital project in Ireland.

Tejjy’s expert team of proficient 3D scanning technicians and MEP experts adopted a spearheaded approach in the store revamp project. They leveraged advanced technology and collaborative tools to achieve the desired results.  

  • Team Tejjy utilized the advanced BLK360 scanner to capture detailed as-built measurements for 3d scanning for interior and exterior of the building.   
  • Tejjy’s next step was to transform the precisely captured point cloud data into a detailed model using Autodesk Revit. This was a crucial process of converting raw scan data into a Revit model as it served as a centralized platform for collaborating and integrating MEP components seamlessly with the design.  
  • Our innovative problem-solving strategies extended beyond technology adoption; we efficiently managed the project budget constraints by using cost-effective solutions.   
  • Our expert workforce successfully executed the tasks enhancing the operational efficiency of and customer experience, showcasing Tejjy’s commitment to delivering impactful solutions.  
Business Impact
  • By using the BLK360 scanner for reality capture, Tejjy enhanced efficiency in precise data collection, as it provided precise measurements of the entire facility reducing manual errors.  
  • Team Tejjy provided detailed Revit models, which served as a digital representation of as-built conditions facilitating precise spatial analysis.  
  • With the integration of BIM by our BIM experts, Tejjy saved the client’s investment in design changes and project execution through centralized work communication.  
Project Samples
Laser scanning of existing buildings for store renovation
Tejjy provided detailed Revit 3d models
3D BIM Models of Facility store

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