Facility Asset Management with 6D BIM

Tejjy Inc. manages facilities asset management with 6D BIM. Building Information Modeling, allows managers to maintain facilities throughout the construction project life cycle. The technique enables AEC industries to track asset information like permit records, specifications, operation guides, etc. Using 6D BIM, architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, and other construction professionals get improved compliance and thoughtful asset life cycle management.

The sequential steps to asset management lifecycle would be -


How Facility Asset Management Caters to AEC Professionals?

  • Enhanced Space Management: BIM visualizes the entire building for facility managers to plan things and get the maximum benefits from accessible space.
  • Improved Operational Capabilities:It allows storing crucial data on a single model, enabling facility managers to swiftly run maintenance and administration operations.
  • Cost Efficacy: BIM supports cost-efficacy in building operations and maintenance, integrating sustainable practices and improving the financial anticipation process.
  • As-built Documentation:Whether it’s maintenance or renovation, BIM aids future planning through detailed as-built documentation.
  • Collaboration & Flexibility: BIM improves collaboration amongst various stakeholders, allowing them easy access to technical documentation.

How do BIM engineers work for facility asset management?

  • Organizing BIM files, drawings & PDFs through secure server directories 
  • Following the COBie process for facility asset management 
  • Changing existing deliverable standards from paper documents to open standards 
  • Eliminating wastage and enhancing profitability through a streamlined work process 

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Building Commissioning Services

BIM Usage for Asset Property Facility Management

  • Exporting data & executing zone management
  • Specifying family, types & exporting elements
  • Facility asset Management Plan
  • Prime Facility and Asset Management
  • Undertaking batch update & parameter mapping
  • Facility Asset Management Disney
  • Controlling data exported from Revit to spreadsheet

Why choose Tejjy Inc. facilities asset management?

  • Detailed information about facilities asset management – warranty, cost, etc. 
  • Contact record management for projects 
  • Data transfer from as-built modeling to spreadsheet 
  • Updated as-built model maintenance 
  • Clash coordination through information sharing 
  • Improved 4d scheduling through design analysis 
  • Operational cost reduction 
  • Space planning, predicting building performance 
  • Accurate budgeting for future maintenance


We promise to provide good returns on the management of assets in your facility