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A Commercial Architectural in DC Design Solution including  industrial architectural design firm, site surveys, building designs and plan, model, architectural drawings for commercial projects specific to business requirement. Our engineers enrich features for generating new businesses by providing futuristic designs. Being experienced architectural firm in DC our design development solution facilitate commercial endeavors including hospitality, healthcare, retail, offices, schools, colleges, commercials, and civic bodies.

Benefits of Commercial Architectural Services

Tejjy Inc. has over 14 years of experience serving the specific needs of commercial architectural projects in Washington DC, Virginia VA, Maryland MD, and Baltimore areas and has created the right space for achieving business goals. Through our design expertise, we have created impressive and exciting places so that businesses can achieve success. Our proficiency in the field of architectural engineering services in the USA for more than a decade helps us to address the practical and technical requirements along with the commercial branding of the construction projects.

  • Reduced risk with improved safety.
  • Reduced change orders due to the automation and collaborative work environment.
  • Schedule optimization for best commercial architectural services in DC.
  • Improved design quality through BIM 3D visualization , 3D Rendering and walkthrough.
  • Efficient handover as through collaborative environment detailed design analysis checks feasibility and early clashes.

Hire a Commercial Architectural Engineering Firm, , Architect ,Project manager, General Contractor


Our Commercial Architectural Design Services & Philosophy in DC, VA, MD & Baltimore

  • Our Philosophy for Commercial Architectural Design

Tejjy Inc. strongly believes in the early application of expertise to commercial architectural firm projects. Since businesses are constantly seeking potential places for building projects in the US and are evaluating existing properties for new construction or renovation, the construction professionals in the USA can benefit from the planning, code evaluation, and practical expertise that our architects bring to the table.

  • Our Architectural Design Services

We have specializations in the Evaluation of Existing Facilities to define the advantages and disadvantages inherent in a property, be it related to code compliance, accessibility, development or constructional expediency. AEC professionals can get the most advantages from our expertise by involving our professionals in construction projects at an initial stage. As a result of this,we can help you choose the best property for your requirements, preferably before you purchase something with complications attached to it.


Architecture Commercial Building Design Services

We provide commercial building design services as well as architecture building design for creating innovative construction. Our professionals implement the latest equipment & progressive technologies to ensure service completion promptly with speed and accuracy. The architects and building designers at Tejjy Inc. have expertise in the building infrastructure created specifically for the client business, following the guidelines delineated by the Building Code of the USA, American Standards & requirements of the Local Authority.

Our architectural commercial building design process includes:

  • Initial Research
  • Selecting a Designer 
  • Analysis of the Construction Site 
  • Fee Proposal & Design Contract
  • Final Stage Design Creation 
  • Council Approval, Planning & Construction Certification

Commercial Architectural Rendering Services

Tejjy Inc. is a proficient architectural rendering company delivering 3d architectural rendering services in the USA. We create cutting-edge commercial architectural rendering services for clients, where they can customize and visualize their ideas for 3D exterior buildings. Our rendering experts visualize space with 3D BIM technology before it is constructed, revolutionizing real-estate segments. Our commercial architectural rendering service facilitates construction marketing at the pre-construction stage, making it a valuable asset to the realtors and developers for winning project bids. Our 3D rendering solutions provide clients a vision into the project before the onset of the actual construction. Whether you are seeking virtual reality tours, fly-through, or photorealistic digital representation of your real-estate, our commercial architectural solutions cater to property sales and rent.

Why Choose Tejjy Inc. as Commercial Architectural Firm Development Service Provider in DC, Baltimore, MD & VA in the USA?

  1. Simple, Affordable, Unique & Customized Deliverables

Working with Tejjy Inc.’s Commercial Architectural in DC, Architectural Design is simple and affordable for your commercial architectural & engineering projects in terms of cost and quality. Consequently, you can focus on your business to develop a project supporting your company’s activity and image needs. We clearly state the scope, extent and anticipated schedule of the services at our proposals and define costs as per those activities. This leads to finite architectural services based on the production of actual deliverables on your timeline, rather than the never-ending application of time and resources to projects. We make the projects unique and customized as per your requirements, schedule, and budget.

2.Team Approach

Our architects and engineers know the meticulous operational needs of the commercial architecture firm development business requirements of clients and so can easily understand the requirements. The team at Tejjy Inc. is always ready to collaborate with the clients and stakeholders that you like to involve in your project process. We firmly believe in architectural improvement involving inputs from various directions and work accordingly to create enhanced buildings for our clients, by accommodating the needs of relevant user groups.

3. Project Cost Estimation & Control

Our experts at Tejjy Inc. helps you to manage the cost of your construction projects from the very beginning through analyzing programming needs and checking the space you need and measuring that against potential cost.We review the anticipated cost of the work with the project progress at every step of the process with detailed information to avoid cost surprises upsetting work at a later stage. If our clients have specific contractors for working with us, we invite them to get involved at the initial stage in the design process and thus benefiting the project from a practical standpoint.

4. Clear & Concise Graphic & Documentation

In several cases, municipal bodies and lending institutions want detailed information about a commercial architectural project in the USA with its size, cost and other facets that can bring an impact on the community. The experts at Tejjy Inc. excel in providing clear & concise graphic and written information, describing a project to all interested parties. Our commercial architecture firm documentation helps to build an agreement regarding the relevance and cost-efficacy of the projects. We always communicate to our clients for providing substantial design information answering all the questions of the project stakeholders and the concerns of the financial organizations as per project requirements.

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