Architecture Building Design for Government Facilities

The Government Architecture Buildings contain a diverse range of structures around USA that are owned or leased by various levels of government, including the federal, state, local, and tribal governments. Being one of the top architectural and engineering service providers for modern government buildings in USA, Tejjy Inc. provides collaborative support with architectural 3D visualization, 3D BIM modeling, as-built modeling, design development, and coordination amongst various other services. It is crucial for a community’s cultural and political identity to be represented by their government buildings. The design of your government buildings can impact the surrounding community.

We Provide the Government Facilities Services:-

Health Services & Emergency Center
Courthouses & Civic Center
Child care & · Senior Citizens center's &
Post Office & Public Works
Health Services
Schools, Library & Museums

Our Vision in Designing Government Facilities

User centric design: To design and promote a user-centric design which create solutions for problems and opportunities by focusing on the needs, contexts, behaviours, and emotions of the people that the government will serve.

Building communities: To create collaborative community spaces with our government architecture building design.

Efficiency: To create buildings that are efficient and that can create efficiency in the work environment of those using these government facilities.


Let us help you create functional and efficient government facilities that meet your needs. Contact us now to get started.
Health care Project

Our Architectural & Engineering Services for Government Facilities Includes:

  • Building design and development for new construction and renovations.
  • Facility building analysis and evaluation of existing conditions.
  • Preparation of building drawings for building measurement.
  • Cost estimation as per zoning ordinance and land use plans.
  • Energy efficiency assessment and feasibility study with cost estimation.
  • Space planning with 3D floor plans and site planning with sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, etc.
  • Construction administration assistance with general contractors and construction managers.
  • Public agency coordination and management.
  • Revit BIM 3D model creation with architectural, structural, and MEPF coordination.

Why Outsource Architecture Building Design and Construction Services for Government Facilities to Tejjy Inc?

Tejjy’s innovative government architecture building services helps you in: 

  • Collaborative 3D modeling of building structure, identifying potential conflicts. 
  • Efficient project coordination through accurate laser scan to BIM modeling. 
  • A seamless platform for sharing work, tracking multiple changes through 3D BIM. 
  • 360-degree visualization of building structure with 3D walkthrough and rendering. 
  • Safe data and construction planning through 4D scheduling for schools, hospitals, infrastructure facilities, healthcare, public transport, etc. 
  • Accurate project cost estimation through 5D BIM, facilitating real-time extraction. 

Do you have any

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Our Government Facilities Projects

MEP Modeling Services-Court
H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse
Hospital Project - Shop drawings
Bolivian Corner Chicken Bakery
Metro Station Project
Hillwood High School
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