Historical Laser Scanning Services

Historical 3D Laser Scanning Services

Tejjy is a leading 3D laser scanning and modeling service provider in Art and Design, delivering accuracy with the highest quality of as-built data. Our expert in-house 3D scanning team promises meticulous high-resolution capture with a precision of 4-6mm measurement.

We precisely gather point cloud data of heritage buildings, and archeological sites, historic documents using the advanced Leica RTC 360 scanner. Trusted by architects, museum curators, and restoration experts across the USA, Tejjy continues to deliver excellence in digital preservation of cultural heritage documentation, buildings.

Historical 3D Laser Scanning Services

What is Historical Laser Scanning?

What is historical 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning for Historical monuments is a process that crafts highly detailed and accurate digital replicas of heritage monuments, like a museum, heritage university buildings, or historical sculpture, etc. Scanning for restoration is a non-intrusive process which captures on-site data using advanced Leica 3D scanners and convert the as-built data from scan to BIM (Building Infromation and Modeling.)

Maintaining the integrity of the historical monument is a vital factor in archeology as any disturbance can potentially harm valuable historical artifacts. Hence, during processes like forensic documentation and restoration process, the discreet nature of historical 3D scanning services allows efficient as-built data acquisition without disturbing the integrity of the heritage monument.

Historical Heritage 3D Scanning services are used for:

  • Digital Archiving and Digital Preservation

  • Restoration, Preservation and Damage Assessment of historical buildings.

  • Building and preserving a historical digital replica. 

  • Urban Planning and Development.

  • Research and analysis.

  • Virtual Heritage Tours of museums, heritage buildings, Product

Case Study of 3D Scanning for Art and Design

The Parkland 17 Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has planned on a public memorial to honor the 17 lives that were taken too soon in the Parkland high school shooting.

Buildings are obviously majestic, but they are barely a collection of brick and mortar. It’s the design that makes them lively. And sometimes, the design cause is much bigger than the project size you are addressing. There are instances when the design idea itself goes much bigger than all the big structures in your skyline, and below is one such project that we (Tejjy Inc.) have done. 

Benefits of laser scanning in Art and Design

Historical laser scanning services play an important role in documenting as-built data and architectural surveying. 3D scanning for archeology enables accurate cultural heritage documentation of historical artifacts and excavation sites, which helps in research without physical interference.

what are the benefits of historical 3d laser scanning services

  • It provides accurate data of existing reality capture with 4-6 mm precision of the historical sites in case of restoration projects.
  • Due to its discreet process, historical laser scanning, documents the site without touching the architectural components that are fragile and significant.
  • The design and restoration process can be done by referring to the accurately done high-resolution capture instead of going on site, which saves time and avoids inconvenience.
  • Laser scanning is the safest way to measure and document a heritage which is on the verge of a structural integrity failure.

How do we work?

In the initial discussion, we make sure that the scope of the project is defined clearly, to avoid future conflicts.  We determine and note down all the aspects of the historical site that need to be captured, beforehand. We recommend that all the stakeholders be involved in this decision.

We carry out the 3D scanning process by carefully capturing and collecting data from various vantage points. We use the advanced Leica scanner and Leica Cyclone 360 to capture precise on-site raw point cloud data. 

As-built existing conditions measurements and process

The 3D point cloud data acquired from the site is then processed by removing noise and filtering out unwanted data points to create a clean, accurate 3D model. Our team uses advanced software like ArchiCAD and Revit for an effective LOD 500, ensuring that the data acquired is precisely transformed into a 2D drawing and a 3D digital twin of the historical monument.

as built drawing process

In this stage, we analyze the digital replica made from the on-site data captured to extract vital information like measurements, structural analysis, etc. The analysis also includes a review of all the aspects that are included in the process of 3D Laser Scanning of historical monuments. Stakeholders are involved to keep them informed of how the process is conducted.  Our team ensures that the goals envisioned at the start of this process are delivered efficiently. 

Why choose our efficient Archaeological, Historical Doccumentation laser scanning services?

  • Our in-house workforce is skilled and experienced in carrying out successful laser scanning operations, irrespective of the scale of the project.  
  • Tejjy boasts a team of dedicated professionals committed to accurate data acquisition and heritage documentation and ensures that your historical renovation and restoration needs are met.  
  • We take pride in using the latest advancements like Leica laser scanner, RTC 360 with an equally proficient workforce working the site.  
  • Our non-invasive and advanced process of on-site work ensures that the integrity of the historical sculpture is preserved, and the safety of our team is not compromised.  
  • With our experts and advanced tools by our side we provide you with efficiently gathered on-site data precisely and fast, reducing the project timelines and in turn the project cost. 
  • We offer customized solutions according to the needs and conditions of the historical monument, ensuring you get the best value for your specific requirements.  

Client Testimonials

I had met Singh for a commercial cost estimate and he was very professional and honest. He brought innovative ideas to the space that I didn't think of. I truly appreciated his input. He gave detailed description to the next steps too.
Ashley K
Ashley K
This was our first tender with Tejjy, and we are pleased with the final result. The team was always very prompt with their replies. Tejjy helped us visualize the project during the Tendering stage for the construction process. Tejjy understood what we required from them and had a good knowledge of the construction workflow. We look forward to working with Tejjy in the future.
Sophia W
Sophia W

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