2D & 3D Floor Plan Design Services

High-quality Architectural Floor Plan Services - 2D, 3D Floor Plan Drawings and Floor Plan Rendering, USA

2D plan services reflect floor plan layout, showing the relationships between rooms, furniture, and other features. A detailed interactive floor plan  with realistic view of space through 3D visualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality can be experienced by Tejjy 3D floor plans. A detailed, accurate floor plan drawings for architects, engineers , interior designer for  visualization and design planning by leading architectural and engineering company in USA.

Our comprehensive drafting services also include technical drawings and plans for various industries, including architecture and construction for commercial, real estate, industrial, healthcare, residential projects. .

Architectural Floor Plan Services

What We Do

2D Floor Plan Services

2D Floor Plan

Detailed 2D floor plan drawings are simple for clients to understand.  Tejjy 2D plans have measurements, dimensions, and layout for designing and planning process.

3D floor plan services

3D Floor Plan

3D models and visualizations of floor plan present a realistic view. 3D modeling and rendering allows better customization and design decisions. Virtual Design and Construction elevates the precision with efficacy.

2d to 3d Floor Plan conversion

2D to 3D Floor Plan Conversion

Floor plan designs rendered in 3D appear more realistic than 2D drawings. Existing 2D floor drawings can be converted into a  detailed 3D view of a floor plan layout for residential , commercial , industrial sector.

Residential Floor Plan

Residential Floor Plans

House Landscaping, Small House 3D Floor Plan, 3D Residential Cut Section, Commercial 2D 3D floor Plan, Industrial Floor Plan layout.

Commercial Floor Plan

Commercial Floor Plans

Office Floor Plan, Hospital Floor Plan, Airport Floor Plan, Hotel Floor Plan, Shopping Floor Plan  & Parking  Slots Floor Plan

Floor Plan Rendering - tejjy

Floor Plan Rendering

AutoCAD, SketchUp, or Revit software are used to rendered photorealistic images of detailed 2D and 3D models of the building’s floor plan in 2D and 3D with furniture layouts, and textures.

Benefits And Utilities Of Floor Plan Drawing Rendering Services

🔖 Realistic visualization with 3D for better design layout. Deck and garden are also covered in the layout.

🔖 Virtual design and construction vision create client centric environment

🔖 Comprehending spatial relations with 3D BIM,  eliminates design errors.

🔖 Our 3D Floor plan rendering includes walls, doors, flooring details, paint colors, furniture and decoration.

🔖2D CAD to 3D floor plan drawing conversions for Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical services of               residential commercial industrial projects.

🔖 Animation walkthrough and 3D rendering aids interior designing process.

🔖 3D floor plan layouts of drawings are visually engaging marketing and sales environment for real estate.

2d to 3d floor plan

Why Choose Tejjy Inc. for 2D Floor Plan and 3D Floor Plan Services?

    • Has been successfully delivering commercial, industrial residential building spaces.
    • Experienced architectural engineering firm facilitating design drawing, MEP services, structural engineering, 3D Modeling , VDC under one roof.
    • Skilled team of architect, engineers, designers, contractors to customize clients individual requirement’s.
    • Locate issues and concerns in 3D view reducing rework and time over utilization.
    • 3D floor plan is a 3-dimensional view of 2D floor plan. Bringing a better vision for homebuilders, remodeler and interior designer.

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    1. Selecting an Area: We determine the area to be drawn. In case a building already exists in DC, our engineers at Tejjy Inc. decide how much of a room, floor, or an entire building is required to draw. On the other hand, if a building does not exist, we brainstorm designs based on the size and shape of the location to be built.
    2. Taking Measurements: If a building exists in DC, we measure the walls, doors, and relevant furniture to make an accurate floor plan. If the layout gets created for a completely new area, we ensure that the total area gets fitted in where it is to be constructed. We inspect the buildings built in similar areas in DC for using it as an estimate for the floor plan.
    3. Drawing Walls: We add walls for every room of the building, drawing them to scale.
    4. Adding Architectural Facets: We add architectural features to space by including the unvarying stuff, such as the doors and windows, refrigerator, dryer and other significant appliances placed in a specific location.
    5. Adding Furniture: We add furniture if it is required in the floor plan.
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