High Resolution 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D Laser Scanning Services for Residential building for renovation and facility mngement.

Trusted by industries across USA , Tejjy 3D Laser Scanning Company facilitates reality capture for an approx precision of 4-6mm measurement in construction laser scanning. On-site 3D scanning professionals gather point cloud data of existing conditions for renovation, surveying, facility management as per client requirement. The high precision 3D laser scanning solution includes laser scanning to as built documentation, construction progress monitoring, structural analysis, architecture, mep, facade infrastructure scan.

Tejjy 3D measuring services has facilitated general contractors, architects, asset managers, designer, MEP engineers, Facility owners, historical preservationist, sub-contractors, structural engineers and developers for over 150+ million square feet and happily continuing.

Our 3D laser scanning services for commercial, renovation facility management to heritage preservation Tejjy team efforts have marked presence as 3D LiDAR scanning company in USA. Our scanning professionals are well skilled with latest 3D scanners like leica RT 360 and other models for precise measuring services. We assure customized laser scan to BIM/CAD services adopting Naviswork, Revit, BIM 360. Tejjy mapping and modeling team delivers point cloud data, 2D CAD drawings, 3D models, product modeling, floor flatness analysis, structural steel analysis for

  • Land mapping and surveying
  • Renovation and refurbishment
  • Pre-slab and MEP documentation
  • Construction verification
  • Historical Preservation
  • As built Construction services
  • Asset management and maintenance
  • City information modeling
Tejjy 3D Residential scanning in USA

What We Do

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As-Built Survey, Drawings, Documentation

As Built survey documentation in desired format with required floor plans, elevations, sections, 3D model.

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Architectural Laser Scanning Services

3D scan to point cloud generation of scanned architecture with details of wall, ceiling, floor, and architectural elements with required LOD

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Historical Laser Scanning Services 

Precise representation of the physical space to understand layout and design space of the building in 2D Drawings or 3D model.

High Quality 3D Laser Scanning Services
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Point Cloud Services

Conversion of point cloud data into BIM CAD for visualization enhancement and better collaboration for renovation, facility management and new construction.

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Clash Detection

Scanned data integration into BIM model integrates MEP, structural and other discipline information for clash coordinated environment.

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Digital Twin

Digital Twin Virtual representation of physical asset with detailed point cloud data of existing structure..

Construction 3D Laser Scanning Process

3d laser scanning planning

Tejjy 3d laser scanning of commercial and residential process starts with detailed planning after consulting the client and understanding the project scope. The planning is about detailing equipment and on-site scanning professional deployment. The Leica laser scanners is selected wiith the compatiblity to project requirements. A particular laser scanner cannot be utilized in all kinds of reality capture. The same is the case with the workforce performing the scan.

3d laser scanning services on site

The building is scanned using LiDAR technology for facilitating 3D laser scanning services. Reality capture of accurate point cloud data is performed keeping the requirements at core focus. Tejjy 3D scan team has experience of capturing existing conditions for MEPF, architecture, artifacts, commercial spaces. The point data is registered in Cyclone 360 for precise deliverables.

Scan to BIM CAD Modeling

The scanned point cloud data is converted into 2D drawings, 3D BIM model, Mesh or Revit as per client requirements.

Scan2BIM: Autodesk Revit point cloud data to digital model for customized 3d laser scanning services is utilized. After registration and data clean up stage modelers trace over the point cloud data to create accurate representations of walls, floors, ceilings, and MEPF, architectural and structural elements.

Scan To CAD: Point cloud data is converted using CAD software. Under 3D laser scanning services for CAD detailed floor plans, elevations, sections, and other architectural, MEPFP, construction drawings. Tejjy cad drafters manually trace over the point cloud data to create accurate 2D representations of the scanned environment. Design annotations are added for better clarity

QA QC for surveillance

We adhere to a rigorous quality assurance procedure that involves examining all deliverables to ensure that clients receive accurate data. The final as-built model is delivered, which is to be used for renovation, remodeling, facility management, and digital twinning. Remember, laser scanning and point cloud-to-model conversion are the first steps in your AEC operations.

Tejjy 3D Laser Scanning | LiDAR Scanning Services Sectors

Women owned minority certified 3D laser scanning company in USA facilitating Architects, Designers, Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers, General Contractors & Construction Managers, Subcontractors, Product & Equipment Manufacturers, Fabricators, Facility Managers, etc.

Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Educational Institute
Educational Institute
Historic Monuments
Historic Monuments
Hotels and Resorts
Hotels and Resorts
Residential Buildings
Residential Buildings
Train Stations & Airport
Train Stations & Airport

Fast Turnaround with our 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling Experts

3D Laser Scanned
Scan to BIM/CAD Services
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3D Laser LiDAR Scanning Case Studies

Residential 3D Laser Scanning of Condo on Street Northwest Washington DC.

With over 17+ years in 3D digitizing services, Tejjy has delivered architectural, construction scanning for dense point cloud processing into 2D, 3D, As-built, digital twin. Our scan experts have experience on heritage restoration, industrial scan, oil & gas plant, manufacturing, digital twinning, renovation, and real estate requirements. Adopting the benefits of Leica’s laser scanners, such as RTC 360 laser scan to CAD BIM is facilitated. To know about Tejjy as an experienced 3D laser scanning company in USA check our commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional laser scanning projects.

Our 3D laser scanning projects

Point Cloud Data, 2D CAD Drawings, 3D BIM Model, Floor Fatness Analysis, As Built, Digital Twin, PDF to CAD,3D Mesh, Construction Documentation

3D Laser Scanning Deliverables

  • To plan, manage and carry out 3D laser scanning survey projects
  • Co-ordinate multiple scans to get a true point cloud data and scan registration.
  • Sample processing and analysis
  • Alignment and composite scans from different viewpoints to form complete point cloud.
  • Validated point cloud measurement files on storage.
  • Assessment of data to streamline existing workflows.
  • Leica Cyclone for scan acquisition and post processing (to maintain point cloud synchrony and validity).
  • Review the proposed plan for data validation and constructability.
  • Verify reality capture data with project requirements and drawings for constructability.
Data registration in Cyclone 360 for Hotel in New York City.

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