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Tejjy is a leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) services provider in USA. We aim to provide you clash coordinated Revit model drawings, 2D to 3D conversion, shop drawings, BIM execution plans(BEP), and constructability reviews. We are your one-stop shop for your architecture, MEPF, and facility management needs with our scan-to-BIM and Revit modeling services.

Through our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) BIM integrated services, we bridge the gap between concept and execution while adhering to industry standards.

Our workforce is proficient in Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, and Navisworks. We enable clash-coordinated models with BIM automation and dimensioning, integrating various disciplines into a unified BIM data model (LOD 100–500).

As a BIM company in USA with over 2500 projects in our portfolio, strict adherence to national and international BIM standards such as AIA, NBIMS, FIU, GSA, and SCA, data integrity, and sustainability are our priorities.

bim services - Tejjy Inc

Tejjy has worked on some of the most prestigious projects, including the Archer Hotelthe DC Court Housethe Niagara Restoration, and Wegmans Supermarket to mention a few. 

Quality-assured BIM Modeling Services across the USA

MEPF Services

Comprehensive design solutions for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection building systems.

Structural BIM services 

Utilizing building information modeling for structural design and analysis.

Architectural BIM 

Integration of BIM building information modeling for architectural design and collaboration

4D Scheduling Simulation 

Incorporating time into BIM models for project scheduling and visualization.

5D BIM: Quantity Take-Offs

Adding cost estimation to BIM models for
accurate quantity take-offs.

Building Information Modeling Service

Shop Drawings Services

Shop drawings provided by our experienced and talented in-house team of qualified BIM engineers, BIM modelers, consultants, BIM contractors

Revit Family Creation

Revit Family creation services involve the creation of parametric building components, also known as families, using the Revit software.

Clash Detection & Report Generation 

BIM coordination services ensure various discipline documentation into a single coordinated model.

CAD-to-BIM Conversion 

Converting CAD drawings into BIM models for
enhanced project coordination.

3D Laser Scan to BIM 

Point cloud data into BIM model conversion for renovation or retrofit projects.

BIM Level of Development

Level of Development (LOD) specification allows professionals in the industry to clearly articulate how an element’s geometry and associated information has evolved throughout the entire process. It signifies the degree to which different members of the team can rely on information associated with an element.

LOD 100

Basic geometric representation, suitable for conceptual design or early-stage planning. Limited detail and accuracy.

LOD 200

Accurate geometric representation with details such as dimensions, materials, and connections. Suitable for design development and coordination.

LOD 300

Additional information, such as fabrication details and specific product data, Suitable for construction documentation and coordination.

LOD 400

Detailed representation with information such as exact dimensions, specifications, and construction sequencing. Suitable for fabrication and construction planning.

LOD 500

As-built documentation with precise measurements and information about installed components. Suitable for facility management and maintenance.

Benefits of 3D BIM Modeling Services

Benefits of 3D BIM Modeling Services

Visualization in Preconstruction: BIM design services can be used to plan and visualize the complete project during the preconstruction phase.

►Efficient Collaboration and Communication: The BIM 360 documentation and collaboration ecosystem benefits architects, engineers, and project managers for project coordination.

►Increased Efficiency: Building Information Modeling streamlines the design and construction process through its ability to detect clashes and resolve issues early on.

►Improved cost estimates and scheduling: BIM providers’ early inclusion of estimation and scheduling with 4D and 5D BIM leads to project completion on time and within the budget.

►Safety: A BIM service provider can improve construction safety by recognizing hazards before they become problems with 8D BIM.

►Adhering to BIM standards: With adherence to BIM standards, interoperability and CDE (Common Data Environment) come at the forefront, easing information exchange.

►Reduced construction waste: Intelligent dimension models generated from BIM workflow can help reduce the amount of waste generated during construction through precise documentation on BOMs and BOQs.

►Optimized facility management: As-built BIM models could be the base for dynamic digital twins that can only propel optimized management operations for your facilities and properties.

Areas where we have delivered numerous projects

Tejjy Inc., is a women owned minority certified facilitating services to Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry professionals like Architects, Designers, Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers, General Contractors & Construction Managers, Subcontractors, Product & Equipment Manufacturers, Furniture Designers, Fabricators, Facility Managers, etc.

Why Choose Tejjy Inc?

  • Tejjy Inc.’s experienced BIM engineering and design workforce is proficient at providing clash-free BIM 3D modeling services.
  • Revit and ArchiCAD BIM models of the required level of detail from LOD 100 to LOD 500 are provided to the clients based on the complexity of the structure.
  • We create and provide BIM objects or families to simplify your project execution workflow, saving you time and money on the pre-construction design stage.
  • We provide design with enhanced project scheduling (4D), detailed cost estimation and quantity takeoff (5D), facility and maintenance of a building (6D), sustainability (7D), and safety and health (8D).
  • Capitalizing on the latest AI trend, we utilize BIM automation technologies to optimize your business spend on residential, commercial, infrastructure, and industrial properties.

Do you have any BIM queries?

You can reach us at 202-465-4830 or via email at or send us a business query here.

Case Study: BIM Coordination & Clash Detection Services For Airport in Jamaica, NYC Project

Delta JFK Terminal 4 Interim Phase (2.5) is a project aiming to modernize and expand Delta Air Lines’ hub at JFK International Airport in Jamaica, New York.

The project has three independent coordination teams to align in parallel for the 3 different geographies of Headhouse, Concourse A and Concourse B.

The project leverages BIM technology for model creation at LOD 350 from design layouts and clash coordination amongst various trades, aiming to improve efficiency and minimize construction issues.


Each owner of a construction business is unlikely to be a technical specialist. Occasionally, they have difficulty reading and interpreting 2D drawings. In this scenario, a BIM-based presentation can assist in establishing trust throughout the bidding process.

Additionally, the BIM 3D modeling services enable owners to readily understand the technical features of the project and its requirements. It helps to win the bid, making the GCs stand apart.  

One of the frequently asked questions is the cost of the BIM design–build model. There is no fixed cost anyone can tell. The cost of Revit BIM services is highly variable and is influenced by factors such as the project’s size, complexity, nature, and service providers. Due to the aforementioned circumstances, quoting a specific figure for a 3D BIM model is impossible.

Despite BIM efficiency, there are a few obstacles to overcome when using architectural BIM services, including early costs, lack of awareness, and lack of in-house professional staff.

The integration of cost management with architectural BIM services provides a whole new dimension to the project’s BIM model. It is the fifth dimension of Building Information Modeling (5D BIM). Cost management aids the construction project by providing almost exact cost estimation and quantity take-off of the structure. Ultimately it aids in optimizing the overall cost of the construction project. 

Get project intelligence with our BIM services.

Through detailed integration of project data in our models, we enhance project effectiveness and margins, facilitating better visualization, clash coordination, construction sequencing, quantity take-off, and detailed drawings. Let us streamline your projects while you focus on what you do best.

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