BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

Wegman – Carlyle Crossing

  • Wegman – Carlyle Crossing

Context and Objectives 

  •  To create 3D BIM models of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection in Autodesk Revit prior for the site coordination and construction inline. 
  • Shop drawing creation. 
  • Penetration drawing. 
  • Quantity extraction generated from the approved material submittals. 
  • Level of Detail – 400 


  •  Shop drawings for permit. 
  • HVAC, Piping, Electrical and fire protection design. 
  • Coordination drawings (LOD 400) 
  • MEPF coordination 
  • Clash Detection 
  • Family creation and parametric attributes  
  • Project standardisation  

Project Information

Category: Commercial

Location: VA, USA

Area: 98,888 sq.ft

Value: Commercial

Completed date: 2021

Services: Services:- MEPF Modelling, coordination and shop drawings from design layout