Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services facilitated by Tejjy Inc.?

Tejjy Inc. offers a range of services in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Our services include architectural design, engineering solutions, 3D laser scanning, construction management, and BIM/VDC technology integration.

How can I contact Tejjy Inc.

You can contact us through our website’s contact form, via email at info@tejjy.com, or by phone at 2024654830. We welcome inquiries and are happy to assist you.

How does Tejjy Inc. collaborate with clients on projects?

We prioritize open communication and collaboration. Our team works closely with clients to understand their goals, provide regular project updates, and incorporate feedback throughout the process. Please be free to ask us anything.

What role does technology play in Tejjy Inc.'s services?

Technology is integral to our services. We leverage advanced tools such as BIM VDC, augmented reality, and other cutting-edge technologies to enhance project visualization, coordination, and efficiency.

What are the costing parameters of Tejjy Inc.?

Cost and Material estimations are not fixed values. Material , labor, technical expertise are the parameters which are responsible during the construction project lifecycle. As these parameters vary depending on the area and dimensions of the project so will the cost estimation.

How do I ensure my information is secure with the company?

To ensure secure data environment NDA(non-disclosure agreement) is signed between the companies.

Does Tejjy Inc. has a physical office in USA?

Come Visit us at 1801 Research BLVD Suite 110, Rockville, Maryland. Our design team would be delighted to understand your requirements and deliver customized solution from planning, designing, engineering, and building to facility management. If you want us to reach you kindly let us know 

Which industry verticals do Tejjy Inc serve?

Tejjy Inc experienced team of designer, modeler, architect, engineers have successfully delivered projects for commercial, residential, educational, infrastructural, healthcare, institutional projects. For more information please visit our Project section.

Is Tejjy Inc. hiring?

We are always on the lookout for talented professionals to join our team. Check our Careers page on the website for current job openings and application details.

How to apply for a job ?

To apply for a job at Tejjy Inc., please visit our Careers page and follow the instructions provided for submitting your resume and application.

Which dimensions of BIM are required by my AEC project ?

Building Information Modeling refers to level of detailed information and data entered into 3D model using BIM software. These dimensions of building design comprises of various data related to time, costs, and sustainability. Best BIM companies in us and world facilitate all BIM dimensions with BIM LOD( level of detailing).

  • 3D BIM – The 3rd dimension model is all about geometry.
  • 4D BIM – The 4th Dimension encompasses time parameter. 4d bim with naviswork helps in scheduling and simulation.
  • 5D BIM – 5th Dimension of bim includes cost and material estimation, analysis and budget tracking. 5d modeling helps surveyors and estimator in estimation ,quantity take off.
  • 6D BIM – 6th Dimension of building information modeling is about self-sustainability and energy efficient design build services.
  • 7D BIM – 7th Dimension of BIM allows asset management along with facility management. BIM services support design build services after the completion of the construction project lifecycle.
  • 8D BIM – Risk Mitigation or safety management for effective accident prevention through building design.

What is Green BIM?

Building Information Modeling BIM in green building or “green BIM” is a process of facilitating architects, engineers and construction professionals to increase sustainability in the construction industry. The BIM Modeling technique helps all AEC professionals to integrate and analyze environmental issues in their design over the building lifecycle.

How BIM works for Architecture, Engineering, Construction Industry?

  • BIM modeling techniques improve collaboration with consistent information throughout construction project lifecycle.
  • 3D Visualization animation walkthrough during pre-construction stages incorporates architects, contractors, subcontractors, BIM engineers perspective. Clients can also envision the project before the beginning of construction.
  •  4D Scheduling facilitate online tracking of activities providing better risk mitigation.
  • 5D BIM Modeling techniques helps estimators and surveyors to estimate accurate cost estimation . Quantity take-offs enable material and labor measurement before construction project has started. BIM Model-Based 5D cost estimation and quantity takeoff updates itself with any change in design intent.
  • Better Project Coordination & MEP Clash Detection coordination can be achieved with BIM model.
  • Reduced Cost & Risk
  • Increased Productivity & Prefabrication / Modularization of Materials offsite
  • Lower Warranty Costs

Do BIM company Requires Logistic Planning?

  • Pick a first project to test the process on.
  • Invest in BIM software, hardware, staff & training.
  • Start using the software to develop designs for prototype project.
  • Unless working with a design firm using BIM, create a 3D model of the pilot project using a process referred to as a 2D conversion.
  • Seek BIM consulting services to get assistance on training and implementation.
  • Stay focused on your tangible goals.
  • Include senior management and end-uses in an effective way to gain buy-in & support.

What Strategy Should I Adopt for BIM Implementation?

Make a plan, keep it simple and be specific. Focus on tangible objects. Avoid implementing on multiple projects before you get a positive response of using BIM on one project. Don’t overvalue BIM or make promise that you can’t keep. If you are new to the market Tejjy Inc. provides BIM hiring and training of designers, modelers, architects, BIM professionals, contractors to assist your working capacity and boost your profitability.

How Much Would BIM company Cost?

The cost of using BIM company software is based on a user-based subscription model. The price of a Revit software application stands approximately at $173.19 per month for a 3-year subscription. Many Building Information Modeling software solutions need some kind of training for which you may have to bear the cost around $2,000 besides what you’re paying.

What is BIM Level 2?

Various levels of maturity are found in Building Information Modeling. Level 0 defines unmanaged Computer-Aided Design or CAD. 1 provides an account of managed Computer-Aided Design in 2D and 3D. Level 2 entails the creation of building information in a collaborative 3D setting using data, generated in distinct discipline models. BIM company Level 2 entails all project & asset information, documentation & data to be electronic, for supporting project delivery at the design and construction phases.

What is the Difference Between an Architect and a Contractor?

An architect blends artistic vision with practicality before creating a design. However, a contractor manages the construction of a building, designed by the architects. Contractors are needed to execute the vision in reality. They also appoint subcontractors and other construction workers for building the project.

Is Auto CAD a BIM?

No AutoCAD is not BIM. CAD i.e Computer-Aided Services is typically used for the industrial design of mechanical and electrical assemblies from airplanes to iPhones —  while BIM i.e. Building Information Modeling is used exclusively in the design and construction of commercial and residential buildings which has become the new industry standard.

What are customized Revit Families?

Customized Revit Family is the process of creating the building or mechanical component using the Revit software by Autodesk. This Revit Families creation is being created in the Revit library and helps in business objectives such as planning, design analysis, cost estimation, product selection, and many more.

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