BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

BIM Consulting Services

BIM Consultancy From Design Drawing to Facility Management

BIM Consulting Companies in USA, Canada

BIM consultants provide collaborative approach for seamless project coordination. Building information Modeling process facilitates 3D modeling for impactful visualization and detailed analysis from design drawing to Facility Operation Management and Maintenance stage. Tejjy Inc. – one of the top BIM Consulting service providers in USA facilitates construction firms , contractors, engineering firms with on-site and off-site BIM Implementation throughout construction lifecycle.

Our BIM Consulting Services Includes:

Tejjy BIM Consultants have been assisting construction companies for quality assured CAD to BIM transformation. Apart from BIM Implementation our BIM consulting services facilitate BIM staffing and Training services. Tejjy BIM Staffing and Training services deal with unified data model and bim site logistics . The data extraction in Building design project supports architecture, engineering, construction sectors with quick turn around time and high quality detailed drawings.

Being one of the best 3D visualization and BIM outsourcing companies in USA, Tejjy BIM Model facilitates improved efficacy. For better client perspective understanding Tejjy VDC consultants adopts VR Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality AR, 3D Printing. The VDC coordinator adopts virtual design and construction techniques for improved design build services through bim automation. The accurate cad to BIM implementation supports accurate strategy management for even large scale complex projects.

Our experienced BIM consulting services team has worked on large scale structural engineering and construction projects for commercial, healthcare, airports, residential , roads, highways and bridges sector.

How Our BIM Consultant Work?

Building Information Modeling is a process of digitized architectural, engineering construction services. Adopting digitized building techniques with VDC has enabled 3D Modeling companies to deliver energy sufficient buildings along with firmer structures. 3D modeling involves collaboration of architectural, MEP and structural engineering deriving core importance on the role of BIM Coordinator.


Responsibility of BIM manager is to  facilitate a collaborative inter-disciplinary environment. The benefit of hiring BIM Consulting Companies is for strategy preparation with single object model reducing wastage of cost , material and time. Building Information Modeling  provides tactical assistance , staff,  clash coordination ,  3d visualization, data categorization with 4d scheduling , 5 D cost estimation / quantity take off.


  • Understanding client’s requirement and gathering information for strategy preparation.
  • Analyzing requirements  for project execution plan.
  • Project plan is defined with documents, workflow in Revit templates.
  • Staffing and Training with Building Execution Plan BEP on BIM software like Revit is facilitated . Further testing is performed .
  • After training, monitoring , reviewing coordinator implements the BEP.
  • 6D Building model implementation for facility management.

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    Why Outsource BIM Consulting Services ?


    Building Information Modeling services delivers client-centric approach with focus on long-term sustainable building designs. Tejjy BIM Outsourcing services facilitate Structural Modeling, MEP , Laser Scanning, As-built Services , Architectural Engineering Services.


    • Quality controlled component creation for building designs in BIM Implementation.
    • Established BIM strategy plans adhering to standards & guidelines with required Level of Detailing (LOD).
    • Outsourcing BIM to expert modelers reduces operational cost with risk mitigated environment.
    • Experienced modelers have better insight on Revit model development and creating Revit Families.
    • Accelerates technology implementation with in-house team for improved ROI and efficiency in construction lifecycle.

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