5D Cost Estimation

Cost-Effective 4D/5D BIM Cost Estimation in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, and VA

Avoid Construction failures!

Hire for precision-based 4D/5D BIM Cost Estimation calculation for your Construction Management Project. Our 5D Building Information Modeling Experts add value to your project.

BIM Experts of Tejjy Inc. deliver 5D BIM solutions in construction cost estimation to assist engineers, architects, contractors, builders, or construction companies in the preconstruction process. Our BIM Engineers make Conceptual Modeling & Cost Planning through 5D solutions by linking cost data to support cost planning and generate estimates. The accuracy and precision in calculating construction cost estimates are reflected in Material Take-off or Quantity Take-off by integrating 5D and Building Information Modeling techniques.

4D/5D/6D BIM Cost-Estimation fuelling the growth of the Construction Industry?

Our experts provide 3d Model, QTO, Cost Estimation, Tendering, and Scheduling.

Predict your Project Lifecycle Cost with our 4D/5D/6D BIM Services in Washington DC, MD, Baltimore, VA.

5D Cost Estimation Services

Cutting Edge of Tejjy Inc 4D and 5D Cost Estimation

  • Precision bound accuracy in our 5D BIM Construction solutions help Cost Managers to add value to the construction projects.
  • Escalated standards of value engineering.
  • Cloud technology enables contractors and project managers for better coordination with multi-platform access.
  • Accurate estimate aids support to contractor, sub-contractor, and architects.
  • Automated Quantity Take-offs with any design update or design changes in construction documentation, schedules, take-offs, counts, and measurements task performed by estimator.
  • We create an information model, adding scheduled data through BIM for AEC professionals to different components, and generate an accurate program for construction projects.

Need to Integrate BIM Cost Estimates in Construction

Adoption of BIM visualizing techniques through Revit, Naviswork, BDS, Archicad, Tekla, and many more assists engineers and architects with cost and time scheduled BIM solutions. Construction cost estimators integrate with BIM at any level of detail LOD(100,200,300,400,500) to predict accurate material cost estimates for value engineering.

BIM Cost Managers of Tejjy Inc. can quickly determine the quantity of a specific element, applying rates for reaching an overall cost for a package. We combine the package cost for building an overall depiction of a project cost.

Discuss your BIM requirements with Tejjy Inc. BIM team for 5D BIM Cost Estimate in DC Metropolitan Area, Baltimore, MD, and VA.

Benefits of BIM Quantity Take-Off Services from Tejjy Inc

  • Accurate cost estimate of the components from the BIM model
  • Quick determination of the quantity, saving time
  • Automatic notification while incorporating changes in the information model

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