BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy describes how Tejjy Inc. uses and protects information of any person visiting or using our website. We are committed to ensure that your privacy is protected on our site. We modify the policy by updating this page. So, we request you to check the page from time to time to ensure that you are satisfied with our changes.Our policy describes our way of collecting information, purpose, data sharing, third party services, cookies, user rights, security, enquiries & complaints and amendments.

  1. Collection of Data

  • Personal Information

Personal Information we collect include the name, identification number, contact details, demographic information, preferences and payment details of a transaction.

  • Service Data

While providing the services to users, we process the Personal Data of the users they have uploaded or submitted to our services. Usually, we collect data regarding the website usage, like computer-related information (type of browser used, Internet Protocol address, last URL visited, and the date and time of day of your login).

We send a “cookie” or “pixel tag” to your computer, containing an identification number that is unique to the computer you are using. You may refuse cookies in your browser. However, in such a case, some of our website features may not function properly or may not be available.

We use this information to improve the experience of using the website, to tailor our website to visitors, to understand how our website is used, to investigate and verify proper conduct at the website, and also to monitor the security and integrity of our site. Please read the “Cookies” Section to find out more about how we use cookies and similar technologies.

  1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Data

Our company may collect, store, access and use personal information to enable users utilize the features of the website and provide better user experience.

  1. Sharing of Data with Third Parties

We do not disclose users’ information to third parties for their independent marketing purposes without the users’ consent. We do not publish, sell, trade or transfer data to third parties, except required by law, or for pursuing a court order or regulatory authority, or for enforcing the rights of the Company.

  1. Third Party Services

Our third-party service providers  collect and use information to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide us. We have confidential agreements with them.

  1. Cookies

  • A “cookie” is an alpha-numeric identifier, exclusive to your browser. The cookie will identify your browser when you visit our website so that we may customize your visit.
  • We also use “Pixel tags”. It is a technology similar to cookies placed on a website or within the body of an email for the purpose of tracking activity on websites, or when emails are opened or accessed, and is used in combination with cookies.  Our website uses cookies and pixel tags to improve the use of our website.
  • While using our website for the first time, you will be asked to confirm whether you agree to the use of our cookies and similar technologies as per the Policy, and if you assent we will store on your computer.
  • We use cookies that let us detect when a user has logged into the website. The cookie is essential to use and navigate the website. Without cookies, you would not be able to view our website and somebasic functions would not work.
  • We also use cookies to detect a user’s geographical location, mostly using the IP address. In some cases, this cookie can redirect the user to our website from the related subsidiary website in the country where they appear to be connected.
  • We also use cookies to store information about your browsing session so that we can provide live support chat. The cookies let you continue a chat for viewing different pages on the website, or for coming back to the website later.
  • We use some cookies that may be essential to facilitate our website, to improve the safety and security of our website, authenticate account users, balance traffic on our website and remember information that you submitted on forms while requesting services on our website.
  • We also use cookies to gain a better understanding of your interests and requirements, for example to remember your language and website preferences, show you when you are logged into our system and allow you to remain logged-in for a period of time, provide support services, and remember your login information. Cookies also allow you to access your private accounts on our website, and sign into many portals with the use of only one login.
  1. User’s Rights

  • Right of access: If you ask us, we will confirm whether we are processing your Personal Data and, if so, provide you a copy of that Personal Data (along with certain other details).
  • Right to alteration: If your Personal Data is wrong or incomplete, you are entitled to rectify or complete it. If we have shared your Personal Data with others, we inform them about rectification.
  • Right to erase: You may ask us to delete or remove your Personal Data and we do so in some circumstances, such as where we no longer need it. If we have shared your data with others, we tell them to erase whenever it’s possible.
  • Right to object: You may request us any time to stop processing your personal information.
  1. Security

To protect your personal information, we take precautions and conform to best practices of the industry to ensure it is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed.

  1. Enquiries and Complaints

We consider all enquiries and complaints on time, without charging fees to the enquirer or the complainant.

  1. Amendments to Privacy Policy

The company may modify or update Privacy Policy. While we make best efforts to notify users of any such modification, it’s the users’ responsibility to read and understand the Policy as prevalent from time to time.

  1. Copyright infringement

Under section 106 of the Copyright Act (Title 17 of the United States Code) Copyright Infringement the act of exercising, without permission or legal authority, one or more of the exclusive rights granted to the copyright owner. Tejjy Infringement Policy covers our architectural works, blueprints, BIM models, technical design documents, renderings, elevations, and even constructed buildings themselves. Downloading or uploading any of Tejjy’s copyrighted work without our permission would lead to Copyright infringement.