Case Study: BIM Modeling for Carpentry & Ceiling Coordination Airport

  • Case Study: BIM Modeling for Carpentry & Ceiling Coordination Airport
  • Case Study: BIM Modeling for Carpentry & Ceiling Coordination Airport
  • Case Study: BIM Modeling for Carpentry & Ceiling Coordination Airport
  • Case Study: BIM Modeling for Carpentry & Ceiling Coordination Airport

Client Summary

Delta JFK Terminal 4 Interim Phase (2.5) – BIM for Carpentry and Ceiling Coordination 

Project Overview: 

Delta JFK Terminal 4 Interim Phase (2.5) is a project aiming to modernize and expand Delta Air Lines’ hub at JFK International Airport in Jamaica, New York. The project has three independent coordination teams to align in parallel for the 3 different geographies of Headhouse, Concourse A and Concourse B.

The project leverages BIM technology for design, coordination, and clash detection, aiming to improve efficiency and minimize construction issues. Building Information Modeling is implemented by Tejjy Inc.

The BIM work scope for the project includes the Carpentry and Ceiling (Drywall & Ceiling) trade, model creation at LOD 350 from design layouts and clash coordination amongst various trades. 

Trades Involved in the Project:

  • Plumbing 
  • Fire protection 
  • Mechanical Air 
  • Mechanical Wet 
  • Electric Fit out 
  • BMS System 
  • Telecom FO 
  • Fire Alarm 
  • Carpentry/ceilings 
  • Electrical AV 
  • Miscellaneous Metals 

BIM Scope of Work

  • Create LOD 350 BIM Carpentry (Drywall & Ceiling) 
  • Models from design layout 
  • Coordination with other trades to avoid clashes 

Stakeholder Involved: Cordco, HH (General Contractor) 

Airport Project Challenges Faced by Tejjy Inc: 

  • Aggressive Project Schedule: The project schedule for Phase I of this project is extremely aggressive. 
  • Coordinating complex MEP systems: Integrating various trades (Plumbing, Fire Protection, Mechanical Air/Wet, Electrical Fit-out, etc.) within a functioning airport terminal requires meticulous planning and clash detection. 
  • Maintaining project schedule: BIM facilitates clash detection and resolution early in the design phase, saving time and avoiding costly rework during construction. 
  • Ensuring data accuracy and accessibility: It is essential to ensure that everyone works with the latest and accurate information. 

BIM Solutions undertaken by Tejjy Inc. to resolve the above Challenges

  • BIM Mitigates Aggressive Scheduling: Tejjy completed the coordination using Procore, Navisworks Manage 2020, Glue and Revizto. All coordination is performed using the software application that is directly compatible with AutoCAD 2018. All 3D models are in the correct coordination system, including the elevation datum.  Revit – the native BIM software, is also used for superior 3D modeling and better long-term compatibility, fulfilling the requirement. 
  • LOD 350 BIM Modeling: Creating detailed 3D models of carpentry and ceiling elements with specific dimensions, materials, and finishes allows for accurate clash detection and spatial coordination. 
  • Clash Detection and Coordination: Utilizing software like Navisworks Manage enables proactive identification and resolution of potential clashes between various building elements before construction begins. 
  • Communication and Collaboration: A centralized platform like BIM 360 Glue helped to streamline collaboration among stakeholders. Further, BIM Track facilitated communication amongst stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle, keeping everyone informed and aligned.  

Software Used by Tejjy Inc

  • Autodesk Revit for Modeling 
  • Autodesk Navisworks Manage for Clash Coordination 
  • BIM Track 
  • Autodesk BIM 360 Glue 

Key Benefits of BIM Implementation for the Airport Project

  • Reduced rework & project delay: Clash detection through BIM at preconstruction stage saved time and cost at the time of construction. 
  • Streamlined collaboration: Using BIM 360 Glue, Tejjy team streamlined communication amongst AEC stakeholders. 
  • Improved decision-making: Tejjy’s BIM solution provides a comprehensive project view for informed choices. 

This demonstrates the efficiency of BIM in the project. By implementing LOD 350 BIM modeling, clash detection, and collaborative tools, the project team can ensure efficient coordination, minimize risks, and achieve a successful outcome. 


Delta JFK Terminal 4 Interim Phase (2.5)
Jamaica, New York 11430
2,471,198 sq. ft.
21 Dec, 2023
BIM, Models from design layout , Clash Coordination
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