3D Laser Scanning For Interior Daycare Facility

3D BIM Models of Daycare Facility store

Project Overview

Client Profile

Daycare Facility


1782 Columbia Rd. NW, Washington, DC 20009




Matterport Pro3 for interior scanning


2D Drawings

Business Needs
  • Accurately scan the inside of the daycare center.  
  • Generate exact 2D drawings for remodeling or documentation.
  • Collecting comprehensive scans of interior spaces.  
  • Creating realistic 2D models based on scans to reflect current facility conditions.

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Our Solutions & Approach

Created clash free and coordinated MEPF models with accurate shop drawings for hospital project in Ireland.

Tejjy deployed its on-site laser scanning and scan-to-BIM workforce for the following work: 

  • Using Matterport Pro3 scanner for comprehensive interior scans.  
  • Using Revit to construct 3D models based on scanned data.  
  • Producing realistic 2D drawings from Revit models.  
  • Ensuring designs include all important information for remodeling or paperwork. 
Business Impact
  • Detailed documentation of the childcare facility’s interior helps plan and execute future repairs or improvements.  
  • Streamlined remodeling process by supplying precise as-built drawings to reduce mistakes and inconsistencies throughout construction.  
  • Provided detailed documentation upfront to avoid on-site overruns and delays.
Project Samples
3D scanning for interior Daycare Facility
On-site laser scanning of interior Daycare Facility
3D BIM Models of Daycare Facility store
3D BIM Models of Daycare Facility store

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