3D Laser Scanning For Police Station Redevelopment Project Maryland

Maryland Point Cloud Scanning For Police Station

Project Overview

Client Profile

Montgomery County, MD (Government)


Building Area

1451 Seven Locks Rd, Rockville, MD 20854.

107,713 sq. ft


Public Infrastructure/ Government Facility




Precise Point Cloud Data Conversion to BIM Model, Architectural and MEPF Detailing (Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans, Sections, Elevations), Clash Coordination.

Business Needs

The Police station redevelopment project at 1451 Seven Locks Rd, was a three-story facility including a basement. The existing facility consisted of small mechanical rooms, isolation rooms for COVID-19 patients and medical supply storages.

This redevelopment of the police station involved conversion of existing facilities into a modernized and functional space suitable for police operations, including provisions for COVID-19 safety measures.

Tejjy produced project documentation of the existing site conditions, utilizing 3D laser scanners to undertake this renovation project. 

  • 3D scanning for the interior spaces. 
  • Point cloud data of the entire property i.e. mechanical rooms, isolation rooms, etc 
  • Conversion of Point cloud data to BIM Model. 
  • Architectural and MEPF Detailing (Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans, Sections, Elevations) in the model. 
  • Clash detection drawings  
  • The site had small mechanical rooms which required a meticulous scanning technique to produce a reality capture of on-site conditions.  
  • Innovative scanning methods and equipment adjustments were necessary to ensure a comprehensive data capture. 
  • The complex three-storey structure including a basement required thorough scanning and modelling efforts to represent all architectural and MEPF components.  
  • Precise coordination among multidisciplinary teams was essential to produce the deliverables given the facility’s diverse spatial layout and functionality requirements. 
  • As the building typology was being converted from COVID-19 facility to a police station, it required different spatial distribution with regulatory compliances without compromising the operational efficiency.

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Our Solutions & Approach

Created clash free and coordinated MEPF models with accurate shop drawings for hospital project in Ireland.

Tejjy’s expert led team of 3D scanning technicians and BIM experts executed precise point cloud data and BIM model with all the details that were required by the client.

They ensured that the high-quality and accurate deliverables were produced within the given timeline. 

  •  Tejjy’s 3D scanning specialists determine and assess client needs and inputs given. 
  • Our on-site laser scanning team used a state–of- the art Leica RTC 360 scanner for accurate reality capture of the facility. 
  • Team Tejjy implemented advanced laser scanning techniques tailored to address challenges posed by small mechanical rooms, like utilizing handheld scanners and robotic total stations for reality capture of intricate details. 
  • Tejjy was able to collect precise point cloud data of the police station successfully, which was then converted into a comprehensive BIM model by using Autodesk Revit software, with detailed documentation including floor plans, ceiling plans, sections and elevations for Architectural and MEPF detailing for the facility. 
  • Finally, our expert workforce utilized Navisworks Manage for comprehensive clash coordination. This enabled an early detection and resolution of conflicts between architectural and MEPF elements.  
Business Impact
  • A precise gathering of as-built point cloud data and the handover of high-quality first-time right deliverables ensured that the project deadlines were met.
  • Team Tejjy provided precise construction documentation encompassing Architectural and MEPF detailing, now used by the Montgomery County Police station for the redevelopment.
  • With our advanced scanning equipment and robust clash coordination, Tejjy ensures the efficient renovation of the police station into a functional facility tailored to meet evolving law enforcement needs.
Project Samples
Precise Point Cloud Data Conversion to BIM Model
Precise Point Cloud Data Conversion to BIM Model
Scan to BIM For Government Building in Maryland
BIM Model Police Station Redevelopment

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