Benefits of MEP Shop Drawings

Advantages of MEP Shop Drawings

MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) components constitute the stepping stone to successful construction and MEP shop drawings facilitate in designing building components accurately. Here, we would discuss the Importance of Shop drawings in construction.

MEP shop drawings are a combination of architectural, structural and civil shop drawings that are drafted to facilitate a construction project. They make the fabrication, manufacturing, installation, assembly, and maintenance of a building’s mechanical, electrical, and sanitation components easier.

Irrespective of whether it’s a commercial, residential or infrastructural project, MEP components are significant in every construction project. In other words, building MEP drawings form the backbone of construction.

Without the right mechanical shop drawings, buildings won’t get proper heating and ventilation, air conditioning, and stable escalators.

MEP Services Market in 2021

As per industry study in 2021, the MEP market is anticipated to grow at a Compound Growth Rate of 16% between 2020 – 2024. In North America, it is projected to stand at about 37.39 billion USD.

The industry segments benefiting most from MEP BIM coordination drawings include governmental, residential and commercial and mixed-use.  BIM MEP service drawings are constantly benefiting consultants and contractors throughout the design-build stage.

What Are the MEP/HVAC Shop Drawings?

Importance of MEP Shop Drawings

MEP shop drawings are created in a Building Information Model, by integrating mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and Fire protection shop drawings of a project, after clash detection and coordination. MEP shop drawings support fabrication, installation, assembly as well as maintenance of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components within a building.

BIM modelers create MEP shop drawings for adding solidarity to architectural construction documentation. Building contractors and BIM engineers refer to these drawing sets for obtaining accurate specifications and detecting design errors, before the beginning of the construction process, thus saving time, money, as well as labor costs.

Each building with an exclusive MEP drawing set is derived through a careful evaluation of the building design documents.

The Role of MEP in Building Construction Explained

A MEP engineer helps ensure that the performance and cost of a construction or renovation project are maximized. MEP firms analyze and evaluate individual building systems within the context of the entire project.

Mechanical Shop Drawing

Mechanical shop drawings determine HVAC (Heating, Ventilation& Air Conditioning) systems and their locations.

The HVAC shop drawings also form a part of the mechanical shop drawings, representing specifications for installing and fabricating ducts, customized piping, and other air-handling units. These drawings represent transportation systems like lifts, escalators, infrastructural as well as industrial components.

Electrical Shop Drawings

The electrical systems within a building encompasses power supply, distribution, access, control and security systems, information and communication as well as interior and exterior lighting. Sometimes, there is an overlapping of electrical and mechanical components.

Through comprehensive electrical shop drawings, building contractors evaluate accurate electrical layouts for smooth installation.

Plumbing Shop Drawings

Comprehensive plumbing shop drawings represent plumbing elements inside a building, such as piping, drainage system, garbage disposals, etc. These specify fluid as well as an air transport for heating & cooling, potable & non-potable water supply, fuel gas piping, as well as waste removal.

High-quality BIM MEP drawings ensure consistency within the component dimensions and retain the ability to address potential flaws.

Benefits of Shop Drawings in Construction

Importance and Benefits of Shop Drawings

Accurate Building Design Representation & Assembly

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing shop drawings have created the outline of final product assembly, with dimensions, accessories, cable and piping connections. Owing to this, comprehensive engineering assembly drawings are created from the BIM model,  enabling the fabricators as well as the building contractors to obtain a clear picture of what is to be constructed.

Further, if the project wants to use the same component several times, then the same MEP shop drawing is referred for instructions on manufacturing.

Use BIM Automation to Automate Modeling and Design Activities

Built in Documentation for Quick Reference

 If HVAC pipelines get damaged, building contractors can instantly refer to their mechanical drawings and specify the exact location for starting repairing work. Hence, it’s clear that BIM shop drawings are able to resolve problems, arising during construction workflow.

Licensing authorities also use MEP shop drawing to make an effective plan and grant permits and licenses for a new construction project. Even in cases where a delivered component is damaged or gets missing, a contractor reverts to the original drawing set and place an order for a substitute.

Accurate Cost Estimation

AEC clients want to get an accurate cost estimation, so that the project costs do not exceed the estimated budget. A drastic increase in the cost is often feared by construction professionals. Hence, it’s crucial to keep a separate tab on costs in the manufacturing business – especially for the MEP components. 5D BIM helps to determine the cost of the building components, types of material, as well as subsequent assembly and installation.

This prevents waste and overstocking. In case, your MEP building design is not accurate, you could place orders with BIM Modeling and avoid wasting time, during manufacturing, reassembling, and re-installation.

Product Standardization

 MEP shop drawings help to standardize your building process, ensuring that the products match industry standards. This enhances your chance of seeking licenses and building permits. If you’re not sure about the standards to be followed, you could ask BIM engineers for designing MEP drawings, conforming to the AEC industry standards.

Ease Accessibility and Training

Modern BIM technology has provided a lot of freedom to its users, enabling smooth collaboration amongst project stakeholders. Cloud collaboration through MEP shop drawings helps to share your MEP sets with all AEC project stakeholders in your organization.

Such a setup facilitates practical training for students and other people, who want to be a part of the AEC industry.

Brand Building and Promotion

An accurate BIM shop drawing speaks for itself, enhancing brand value. If you add the logo of your organization to your documents, you can add value to your business. So, it’s evident that good drawings lead to great construction, and great construction leads to your brand building!

Why Choose Our Shop Drawing Services?

Architects and fabricators are able to communicate more clearly when using it. A seamless fabrication process is ensured by providing the dimensions and materials of the building. It also provides details about the standards for safety, quality, and service. Customized drawings for every client are the cornerstone of our business. Engaging in active discussions with them enables us to establish a clear picture of their requirements and to develop a systematic plan and set clear deadlines for deliverables.

So, what do you think? Do you want to get shop drawings for MEP services?  Appoint a reliable shop drawing service provider in USA like Tejjy Inc & bring a versatile experience to your next project.