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MEP Plans in Construction

MEP – A brief introduction

You’ve probably seen mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) plans if you’ve been in the building automation industry for any period of time. These Plans are the blueprints that describe how a building should be constructed. The MEP plans contain a lot of information that will be useful to you as a controls professional.

MEP is the abbreviation of Mechanical Electrical And Plumbing. MEP is necessary for various constructional coordination. MEP includes electrical design and drafting, mechanical designing and drafting, plumbing designing and drafting. The various software’s used for drawing is AutoCAD and Revit MEP. 

In our previous post, we discussed topics like the benefits of MEP shop drawings that you should know. Standardizing your building process with MEP shop drawings ensures that the products meet industry standards.

People also ask questions like –

What is MEP in construction?

What is an MEP drawing?

What is included in MEP drawings?

What is the role of MEP in construction?

MEP (Mechanical,  Electrical, and Plumbing) plans are a common part of the building automation sector. If you have delved into the domain of building automation for quite some time, you should be aware of the fact that mechanical and electrical plans are the fundamental details of your construction process.

As communication is a vital part of living, similarly MEP plans are essential for creating the building structure. The MEP shop drawings serve as a blueprint for carving out the details of how a building should be constructed. MEP engineers take a lot of information from the MEP plans. Mechanical and electrical plans illustrate how the HVAC and electrical systems of the buildings are laid out, considering the main purpose of Building Automation System (BAS) control. Utilizing the MEP Shop Drawings Services for construction projects turns out be beneficial for the structures.

What Is the Purpose of MEP Shop Drawings?

MEP engineers work with 3D shop drawings for the coordination of MEP services. MEP coordinated shop drawings comprise of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, piping, as well as other duct-work layout drawings. Top MEP BIM modeling companies in the USA provide HVAC shop drawings services along with electrical and plumbing drawings for AEC professionals.

The 3D BIM model helps to produce accurate shop drawing work at home or in the office. Irrespective of the location, MEP BIM modeling services facilitate engineers to get improved fabrication, installation of MEP components, scheduling of trades, and various other actions about construction. MEP Drawings created from the MEP model ensure that the building contractors get the right information for accurate structural installation.

✔️Coordinated drawings enable data extraction and manipulation of various services and enhance the accuracy of the building design development process.

✔️The MEP drawings improve the quality and productivity of construction through off-site fabrication and improved plans.

✔️Potential clashes among the various services get identified before fabrication and installation on the construction site.

✔️As a result, the building project can be viewed as a whole instead of a separate drawing.

MEP drawings provide construction cost-saving (Approximately 30%) along with the improvement in the building delivery schedules to over 40%.

🧯Different Types of HVAC Drawings

what does mep mean in construction

Using mechanical electrical plans produced through BIM, construction professionals deliver HVAC drawings through schedules, floor plans, details, and HVAC duct shop drawings.

Types of HVAC drawings that we offer are – 

✅Mechanical Schedules

Mechanical schedules are a treasure to the construction professionals working with Building Automation Systems. Through HVAC schedules, engineers get to know about the size of the box, the CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) measurement of airflow volume, the expected rise of the air temperature as well as the drop of the water temperature.

A good mechanical schedule helps you understand the performance of the installed parts, how the systems are designed and whether they aren’t operating properly or not.

Use BIM Automation to Automate Modeling and Design Activities

✅3D Floor Plans

3D floor plans of a building constitute to be self-explanatory layouts of a floor. MEP floor plans focus on the supply, exhaust, and sensor locations along with isolation dampers for effective shut-off and isolation of tiers in a hazardous containment exhaust system. A competent floor plan produced from the BIM model helps you to stay ahead of the curve.

✅Detail Drawings

A detailed building drawing helps you to pay attention to the mechanical details of a building. To take instance, the drawings show how the manufacturers provide the dampers and are controlled by the building contractors.

Construction project stakeholders get to know about various details like What would happen if the embedded controls get disconnected? Should you connect controls in parallel to the manufacturers?

✅Duct Shop Drawings

HVAC shop drawings with all technical information are produced with the help of various BIM software applications such as Revit, AutoCAD, etc. The mechanical drawing also acts as efficient construction documentation for finding out any flaws at a later stage.

In case an HVAC duct pipe is found to be very small after construction site delivery, the MEP designers could use the drawings for detecting the exact cause of the defect.

Having the construction documentation facilitates the designers to resolve the problems and determine the steps for correcting the errors. Further, the MEP documentation is often organized for seeking approvals from qualified engineers while submitting plans to building authorities. HVAC Shop drawings also help to define the exact cost of the materials and the measurement of the materials during the production process.

Our HVAC Duct Shop Drawings include –

  • HVAC Duct Layout
  • Material Specifications of the Ducts
  • Duct & Pipe Sizes
  • HVAC Coordination Details
  • Details of Air Handling Units
  • Duct Levels & Sections

The Role of MEP in Building Construction Explained

Coordinated MEP shop drawings are a great support to various design-build projects in several areas. These drawings include –

✔️Electrical technical drawings

✔️Underground & above-ceiling coordination

✔️Composite drawings

✔️Coordinated shop drawings

✔️Sheet metal detailing’s

✔️Pipe fabrication

✔️HVAC & Ductwork drawings

✔️Plumbing drawings

✔️Mechanical piping detailing

✔️Mechanical & HVAC detailed drawings

✔️Equipment placement

So, this is just an overview of MEP drawings and how these drawings are competently supporting the construction workflow.

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