3D Laser Scanning for Home Wood Suites Franchise by Hilton Hospitality NY project

3D Laser Scanning for Home Wood Suites Franchise by Hilton

Project Overview

Client Profile

Home Wood Suites Franchise by Hilton


312W 37th St., New York, NY 10018




PDF of Site Plans from the client


3D Laser Scanning, Point cloud data to CAD drawings and validating the new scanned coordinates with old PDF to CAD data.

Business Needs

The Homewood Suites by Hilton New York/Midtown Manhattan Times Square-South, NY has 298 large and small rooms along with a kitchen, restaurants, basement, d lobby. This widely popular Hotel with full occupancy around the year needed as-built drawings for the interior renovation, space extension.

To execute the renovation, they sought Tejjy for as-built documentation on the existing facility by validating it through laser scanning.  

  • CAD file conversion from the existing PDF drawings.  
  • Point cloud data for the property, i.e., rooms, office workspace in the basement, and reception lobby.  
  • CAD drawings from the respective point cloud data  
  • Then, a final check was validated between the site PDF from the client and the CAD drawings developed out of the scanned data.  
  • The Hilton home wood suite property has a renewal cycle of 15 years. Last, this property was renovated back in 2011.
  • Initiating the renovation process with outdated site drawings would have caused project delays and overruns.
  • Plus, the development of this hospitality property with constant flow of guests coming in, was costly and challenging at the same time.
  • Therefore, they wanted to establish a process that would validate the site conditions and measurements with the utmost accuracy and precision with minimal possible disruption to guests’ hospitality.  

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Our Solutions & Approach

Created clash free and coordinated MEPF models with accurate shop drawings for hospital project in Ireland.

  • Tejjy’s on-site laser scanning workforce used Leica’s BLK 360 for the reality capture job. The job was to record 40 hotel rooms, basement, kitchen, restaurants and lobby reception accurately. The usage of Leica BLK 360 on the project was based on the fact that it is very suitable for interior scanning requirements and is precise in recording data.  
  • By using Bluebeam software, PDF markups and measurements have been laid out on the PDF drawings given by the client of old site plans.  
  • Then a thorough conversion of PDF building drawings to CAD file format in Revit.  
  • Tejjy, another team simultaneously performed the 3D scan with Leica BLK 360.  
  • Tejjy was able to accurately record 40 out of 298 rooms, kitchens, workspace in basement, and reception lobby with the usage of Leica BLK 360.  
  • The point cloud is registered in Leica Cyclone Register 360. Empowering our team with precise accuracy from Cyclone 360 E57 files were created. This file was imported into respective CAD and BIM formats using Revit.  
  • Finally, orthographic as-builts such as plans, elevations, and sections are extracted for a comparative analysis between the CAD drawings converted from the PDF handed over by the client and the as-built CAD which Tejjy processed from the point cloud data.  
Business Impact
  • A comprehensive set of as-built drawings from our 3D scanning activities is now helping Hilton’s architectural consultants execute the renovation.  
  • A complete handover of point cloud data, CAD drawings, and BIM models to the client would streamline their efforts for any other space extension and renovation requirements in the near future. 
  • 99% first-time right deliverables and is ensuring smooth renovation coordination among stakeholders. 
Project Samples
2d to 3D for mep drawings
BIM for mep shop drawings
3D BIM Model with Wet Utilities

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