Case Study: Structural BIM Services | Parker Poe: Built to Endure with BIM

  • Case Study: Structural BIM Services | Parker Poe: Built to Endure with BIM

Client Summary

BIM Enhanced Structural Integrity for Parker Poe’s Commercial Building

Client Overview: Parker Poe

Parker Poe is a distinguished regional law firm in the USA with over 275 attorneys strategically positioned across eight offices. Serving clients from locations, Parker Poe has built a reputation for legal excellence and regional influence. 

Project Details:

  • Location: Dr. Charleston, South Carolina, USA 
  • Building Type: Commercial 
  • Area: 18,000 sq.ft 
  • Level of Development (LOD): 300 
  • Services Provided: Structural BIM Model, Rebar Detailing, Rebar Coordination, Clash Detection 
  • Year of Completion: 2021 

Project Scope and Achievements

  • Structural BIM Model: Tejjy Inc. undertook the creation of a comprehensive Structural Building Information Model (BIM) for Parker Poe’s new commercial building in Dr. Charleston, South Carolina. This model provided a detailed digital representation of the structure, facilitating precise planning and design. 
  • Rebar Detailing: Our team meticulously handled rebar detailing, ensuring that every reinforcement element was accurately represented in the model. This attention to detail played a crucial role in guaranteeing the structural integrity and compliance of the building. 
  • Rebar Coordination: Efficient rebar coordination was a key focus throughout the project. Tejjy’s experts ensured that the rebar components seamlessly integrated with the overall structural design, contributing to a streamlined construction process. 
  • Clash Detection: Implementing advanced clash detection methodologies, our team identified and resolved potential clashes between various building components. This proactive approach helped eliminate issues before they could impact the construction phase, saving both time and resources. 

Result of BIM Implementation

Tejjy Inc. played a significant role in improving the construction process for Parker Poe’s commercial building with Structural BIM Modeling, Rebar Detailing, Rebar Coordination, and Clash Detection services. We navigated the unique structural challenges of the project, ensuring smooth execution from design to completion.

The successful outcome in 2021 underscores Tejjy’s commitment to precision, collaboration, and client satisfaction. For inquiries about how our services can optimize your next project, please contact us at or call 202-465-4830. 


Parker Poe
Dr Charleston, South Carolina, USA
18,000 sq.ft
Structural BIM Model, Rebar Detailing, Rebar Coordination and Clash Detection
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