BIM Infrastructure Planning

BIM Infrastructure Planning in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD and VirginiaTejjy Inc. controls and guide the current and future needs of clients through BIM Infrastructure Planning in USA. Our project managers adopt BIM for sustainablity and asset management.  Infrastructure planning software facilitates a  detailed plan for future expansion, considering the budgets of the hardware and software applications. 

BIM in healthcare infrastructure planning, design and construction has been landmark. Outsource BIM implementation with Tejjy Inc. for ensured customized human resources solution and knowledge management . 

Benefits of BIM Logistic Planning and Management


  • Improved clarity to project stakeholders 
  • Data fidelity across project life-cycle 
  • A critical foundation for business agility 

Outsource BIM  for better Asset Management:

  • We conduct audits for IT infrastructure planning for implementation and discuss with management heads on future development.  
  • It make budgets for your hardware and software requirements.  
  • We work on a detailed recommendation for future implementation.  
  • BIM adoption allows design analysis and documentation in construction process.
  • Better project planning and coordination with streamlined workflow.

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BIM pre-construction planning and management in MD, DC, VA and Baltimore.

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