BIM Infrastructure Planning

We control and guide the current and future needs of clients through Infrastructure Planning. Our professionals conduct an audit for an existing IT infrastructure and make a detailed plan for future expansion, considering the budgets of the hardware and software applications. 

Our BIM implementation ensures customized human resources solution and knowledge management for each office location.

Benefits of BIM Infrastructure Planning

  • Improved clarity to project stakeholders
  • Data fidelity across project life-cycle
  • A critical foundation for business agility

How do we work? 

  • We conduct audits for IT infrastructure planning for BIM implementation and discuss with management heads on future development.  
  • We make budgets for your hardware and software requirements.  
  • We work on a detailed recommendation for future implementation.  

Call us at 202-465-4830 or email us at to discuss your BIM infrastructure planning.  We would love to offer customized solution as per requirement.