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What is As Built Modeling?

As built modeling refers to the exact representation of an existing building or structure in 3D. As per expectation, the actual constructed area with dimensions needs to be reflected in as-built documents. But the problem arises when drawings donot existing conditions.

match this can also be referred to as the LOD 500 BIM model. Built models help in documentation, renovation, remodeling, and facility management. Nowadays, as-built models could be used to make digital twins for facility management by implementing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital twins are the as-built model, which not only looks but also behaves like a building. This helps in detecting issues in the building before they occur. However, that was not the usual scenario before these technologies.

Earlier, the AEC workforce was predominantly deploying manual efforts for the as-built processes.  And it was causing multiple problems, which are listed below: 

How 3D Scan to Revit Services can Solve As built Modeling Challenges?

♻️ Challenge: Present as -built drawings donot match the existing conditions.

Solution: Unexpected problems and significant delays result from inaccurate drawings. Millimeter accurate documentation of any building’s current state is guaranteed by the best 3D laser scanning services. BIM modeling tools like Autodesk Revit is used to do design changes in the building, which result in accurate fabrication and installation. 

♻️ Challenge: 2D as built drawings are difficult for laymen to comprehend.

Solution: 3D scan to Revit create digital 3D visualizations that are easy to understand for any non technical person. Visualization in 3D is easy to edit for renovation and remodeling using the BIM software Autodesk Revit. 

♻️ Challenge: Creating As-Built drawings is time consuming surveying task

Solution: Depending on the complexity and scale of the project, a 3D laser scan might take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete. Due to the latest scanner’s ability to capture 2 million points per second, the scanning process can now be completed in as little as 30 seconds without color and in as little as 90 seconds with color. 

3D scanning can be carried out as part of a project’s risk management in order to gain visibility into every aspect of the building operations and make certain that every component is built to the required standards.  

♻️ Challenge: Every time there is a building renovation or remodeling, new manual measurements have to be made on-site.

Solution: 3D scans produce virtual models that enable millimeter-accurate measurements for buildings, including in locations that are inaccessible, difficult to reach, or hazardous. These digital measurements might be utilized to test out new ideas for design, modify existing designs, or plan out essential tasks for a project. With the help of Revit BIM, these design tasks can be made easier. 

♻️ Challenge: Planning demolition or equipment retrofit is difficult with 2D as built drawings.

Solution: The use of 3D laser scanning makes it possible to plan outdated or damaged building equipment. Additionally, it aids in the detection of clashes and the management and oversight of project risks. In order to avoid unnecessary and expensive delays and downtime, the movement of each component as well as its final placement can be planned in a 3D model that has already been developed. 

♻️ Challenge: Fabricated equipment does not fit as designed, costing time and money.

Solution: Clash detection, coordination, and design can be carried out in three dimensions if the building has been accurately scanned by 3D laser scanning. When the designs are ready to be fabricated, the fabrication process can be confirmed using BIM models and shop drawings to be certain that the equipment is delivered in the correct configuration. 

♻️ Challenge: Lots of as built drawings are required for facility management

Solution: 3D Scan to Revit replaces the need for several drawings, creating a comprehensive 3D model on a digital platform. This 3D BIM model is accurate, and editable and can be used for renovation and remodeling. Facility managers can easily use a single comprehensive model for maintenance and operations. 


3D Scan to Revit services creates as built models with 1 mm accuracy. Compared to more conventional ways of surveying, it aids in the creation of flawless LOD 500 as built models.  

Rapid and precise 3D laser scanning provides valuable project insight and risk management, facilitating on-time and on-budget project completion. The knowledge and insight gained through 3D scanning allow architects, engineers, BIM managers, general contractors, and construction managers to address issues and make key decisions before they cost time and money, whether it’s a new construction, renovation, or remodeling project. 

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