Home Renovation Checklist

A whole home renovation is necessary if your family’s needs have evolved through time and you want to update your house’s structure and design. It is possible to increase the value of your home by undergoing home renovations. When renovating a home, having a checklist handy will make the design and construction process go more smoothly.

What is Home Renovation?

Whole Home renovation is the process of renovating or creating additions to a residential building. The exteriors, interiors, and landscape of a home can all be renovated as part of a home makeover. Home renovation is carried out by the client for various reasons, including improving the look and functionality of the house, safety concerns, room additions, or maintenance.

Home renovation includes renovating various spaces of the house, including:

  1. Kitchen renovation
  2. Bedroom renovation
  3. Bathroom renovation
  4. Living room renovation
  5. Dining room renovation
  6. Utility room renovation

What are the fundamental measures that you should take when redesigning your entire home? What kinds of items have to be on your checklist when remodeling your house? Here are our top suggestions for organizing and planning your renovation.

Why Home Renovation Checklist is Important?

Home Renovation Checklist - Tejjy Inc

The home renovation checklist is nothing more than a tool that will assist you in creating an organized home renovation process, helping you to maintain repetitious activities, fostering a good design habit within the project team, and assisting team members in memorizing task sequences in a process, among other things.

We have provided you with a streamlined whole home renovation checklist for your convenience, which you can use to simplify your home remodeling workflow. The home renovation checklist may vary significantly from the sample below, depending on the scope of your job.

Always remember not to blindly copy another’s home renovation checklist and to adjust your home renovation workflow to the characteristics of your project, not the other way around.

When it comes to renovating your house, this checklist is your one-stop shop for all you need to know about the process.

🏠 Whole Home Remodeling Steps

The typical flow of a total house makeover is as follows, albeit it is by no means an exhaustive list. Although some of these processes might take place simultaneously, for the most part, the subsequent step cannot be finished until the preceding one is.

As you look to begin your whole home remodel, here’s the general order of operations:

Planning and Design

Whole Home renovation ServicesPlanning a home renovation is critical, and additional time and effort should be spent on planning to minimize errors and ensure a smooth construction process. Home renovation planning includes establishing your objectives for upgrading your home, as well as the expected expenditure. After that, a home renovation team comprised of architects, engineers, and contractors is chosen. Before beginning the renovation procedure, a permit should be obtained.

🤝 Set Your Goals

The client should create the goal for home renovation with the assistance of an experienced architect. Before budgeting and designing the project, the requirements for extra spaces in the home, as well as the type of design the client requires, should be planned.

💰Set Your Budget

Preparing the budget before the designing and construction of the building is important. Setting budget helps in finishing the work without any hassle. Budget allocation should be split for different process of building renovation and materials.

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🤝 Select your Home Renovation Design & Construction Team

A home renovation design and construction team should be set up which includes architects, MEP engineers, interior designers, and contractors. The design and construction team should be experienced and professional in creating accurate building design.

📑 Secure Permits

With the help of building permit expediting services, permit for home renovation should be acquired before the start of the building construction. Site plan, floor plans, sections, and elevations of the building is required for securing building permits.


Your house is prepared for home renovation after the planning process. An as built model is created by the scan to BIM process. This as built model is used for creating an innovative renovation BIM model of the house. Planned demolishment of the house’s walls and other built-in elements is outlined in the demolition plan.

📜 As Built Documentation

As built documentation of the home is prepared either by traditional manual methods or by preparing a Scan to BIM model by using 3D laser scanning technology. The as built 3D BIM model makes the renovation process easier and affordable with minimum wastage.

Use BIM Automation to Automate Modeling and Design Activities

🏘️ Home Renovation Design Drawings & Model Preparation

The architectural design drawings and 3D BIM models are prepared with the help of BIM architects and BIM engineers. Home renovation design drawings must contain a detailed plan, section, and elevation of the new renovation design along with 3D visualization of the space.

🏡 Demolition according to the Demolition Plan

To prepare the building for renovation the walls and other objects are demolished according to the demolition plan created by the architect. A demolition plan contains the steps to be followed by the demolition contractors for safe demolition.


Construction should begin after the plan has been prepared and the house has been demolished and prepared for renovation. The extent of the renovation is determined by the project’s size and scope. Some renovations may be basic, while others may be more extensive.

🏡 Changing the layout and adding walls depending upon the Renovation Plan

According to the renovation architecture plan, the layout of the house should be changed. After the demolition of the walls which are not required, new walls should be added according to the new home renovation plan.

🏚️ Renovating Roof and Attic

Various factors should be considered while renovating the roof and attic. Attic insulation is an important part of roof renovation. After renovation attic spaces can be used for various purposes including storage, bedroom, office space, etc.

🚪 Replacing Windows and Doors 🪟

Windows and doors should be replaced if required by the new design. There are various options in style and materials for windows and doors. The placement of windows is critical for ventilation and sunlight.

🔧 Adding MEP/HVAC Services 🧯

MEP services should be added according to the MEP shop drawings. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) services are an important part of building services. MEP services help in the smooth functioning of the home and better living conditions for the occupants.

⚒️ Adding Fixtures

Add fixtures that are useful, modern, and long lasting. Fixtures should be fixed according to the electrical plans, and plumping plans. Fixtures should also be selected according to the architectural and interior design palette of the home renovation.

🏠 Changing the Flooring

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The flooring should be changed according to the new architectural design. The flooring can be carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, or other surfaces. The flooring texture and quality should be decided depending upon the usage and the footfall.

🏠 Installing New Storages

New storage should be installed according to the architectural plan. The shop drawings for the storage should be prepared and fabricated. Storages are important in making a home look clean and minimalist without any clutters.

🏠 Painting Walls, Windows, and Doors🚪

Walls, windows, and doors should be painted with respect to the interior color palette according to the appropriate color and texture. The type of paint used also depends upon the functionality of the surface area.

🏠 Adding New Curtains or Blinds

New curtains and walls should be added which can enhance the look of the interiors. The curtains and blinds should complement the interior color palette.

🏠 Replacing any old or Damaged Furniture Items

Furniture is an important part of the look of the building. If damaged, the old furniture should be replaced. Otherwise, old furniture can be reused along with new furniture appropriate to the building’s architectural and BIM interior design.

🏚️ Landscaping

When the building is finished, interior and exterior landscaping can be done if necessary. Landscaping has an impact on the physical and emotional health of home occupants.

8 Surprising Benefits Of Renovating Your Home 🏠

  1. To make your home look more aesthetic.
  2. Improve the quality of living with a more comfortable, and functional house.
  3. Making your house energy efficient.
  4. To increase the resale value of your house.
  5. To fix the safety issues.
  6. Personalize your home according to your lifestyle.
  7. Enhance the usability of the house.
  8. Less maintenance in the future.

Your Whole Home Remodel Checklist 🏠

A home renovation checklist can help streamline the process. Numerous advantages and motivations exist for upgrading a home. However, it is a reality that a well-done home renovation can significantly improve a resident’s quality of life and mental well-being. We spend a significant amount of time in our homes, from sleeping to entertaining, relaxing, and eating, so investing in home renovations is a wise choice. Additionally, with so many individuals preferring to work from home after Covid-19, it is critical to have an efficient home that works for you.

🏠 Home Renovations and Whole House Remodeling in Maryland, Virginia & DC

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