Professional Remodeling Services in Virginia, Baltimore MD, Washington DC

Are you tired of living or working in an outdated building? Do you require additional living space for your family? Do you want to increase the productivity of your old office space? Do you want to attract customers to your retail store? Our experienced team of architects, engineers, and BIM modelers at Tejjy Inc. analyzes and responds to the requirements of renovation and remodeling of residential and commercial construction projects in USA. Improvised renovation and remodeling schemes with minimalistic errors are provided with 3D BIM modeling services for residential and commercial buildings in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore, and other states across USA.
Architectural Floor Plan Services

Our Renovation & Remodeling Contractors Facilitate Residential and Commercial Projects

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Benefits of Renovation & Remodeling Services

  • Increased Property Value by merging our requirements with latest trends.
  • Enhanced functionality by creating open-concept layout.
  • Improved energy efficiency with reduced carbon footprints using sustainable materials.
  • Personalization and customization pre-approvals of designs, colors and layout through 3D Visualization , Virtual Design Construction technology.
  • Optimal usage of spaces with resizing dimensions or room, basement, sunroom , loft additions

Why Outsource Residential & Commercial Remodeling Services to Tejjy Inc?

  • Obtaining blueprints of an existing building for architectural remodeling and renovation of residential and commercial buildings. 
  • Design development for communicating ideas coherently amongst stakeholders. 
  • Accurate site plan with 3D floor plans, cross-sections, elevation, and section drawings 
  • Landscape and finishing drawings to depict external building aesthetics 
  • Industry-best expert architects, engineers, contractors, and BIM modelers who can create highly accurate and detailed residential and commercial renovation and remodeling designs. 
  • Being the best renovation and remodeling company in Baltimore MD adopting BIM services, Tejjy Inc.’s prime motto is client satisfaction. 

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