7 Phases of the Architectural Design Process 

Best architecture firms are involved with the planning and design of buildings and the management of construction. An architect is an extremely proficient and licensed professional providing competent services to clients. They deliver architectural services for building design and pay heed to the building aesthetics and ensure that the building designs match as per the zoning, construction codes, as well as safety needs. Many commercial architecture firms also assist clients in negotiating contracts and verifying building designs. 

What are Architectural Services for Building Design?    

Architectural services for building design involve consistent, but distinct endeavors for the planning and design of an architectural project and management of construction contracts in support of the clients. Several urban centers, educational institutions, industrial buildings, and infrastructural facilities are designed by the BIM architectural firms in USA. The importance of architectural design process helps building owners to have quality assured buildings constructed with the help of accurate architectural design drawings. 

Architectural Design Phases 

1. Pre Design Phase 

In the first of the design phases in architectural process, often known as the programming phase/pre design phase, the building’s owner and architect communicate to determine the building’s requirements. The architect’s job is to get to know the client’s vision for the project. The architect will investigate zoning and code requirements as well as the current state of the site after hearing the owner’s vision for the project. By the end of this first stage, the architect should produce a preliminary document detailing the building spaces and determining the approximate square foot area of each space. 

2.  Schematic Design Phase 

At the stage of schematic design, clients get in touch with architects to outline the basic requirements of the building. Top architectural firms provide various other pre-design services like master planning of existing construction. They provide design ideas to clients and encourage feedback from them to prepare the schematic design. Rough sketches are drawn by the architects to visualize construction and ensure that the building needs are clearly understood before the production of construction documents. During this building design process phase, the best architecture firms enable clients to make informed decisions since project inception. Top BIM architectural service providers also support clients in identifying opportunities, saving costs, and adding value to their construction projects. 

3. Design Development Phase 

The third stage of architectural services involves the stage of design development. Just once, a schematic design is selected by the client, the rough sketch is shaped into a working set of plans and elevations. The architectural drawings provide a complete sense of the final building, giving a rough cost estimation. Using design development drawings, the commercial, and residential architecture firms help contractors get a clear picture of what the building will look like prior to the preparation of final contract documents. The chance of review makes a big difference in assisting clients comprehend the quality, size, and project cost before the completion of the contract documents, so that essential modification could be made to the drawings before construction. 

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4. Construction Documentation Phase 

In the stage of construction documentation, architectural plans, elevations, and other building drawings are developed for producing a set of construction drawings/shop drawings. Commercial architecture firms work with clients for choosing apt building materials and finishes, ensuring a high-quality final building. Top BIM architects coordinate with design consultants, including structural, civil, and mechanical engineers to produce accurate construction drawings. This provides a legal definition of what the contractor will construct along with bidding and contract documents. A comprehensive construction document assists in minimizing unexpected problems and cost overruns at the time of construction. 

5. Building Permit Phase 

After construction documentation, the architect is required to hand in the building permit drawings as part of a more comprehensive application for the permit. The permit submittals are analyzed by the city or county officials to see whether or not they adhere to zoning rules, building codes, and other requirements. The procedure of obtaining permits might be one of the most time consuming aspects of building a structure; nonetheless, it serves to safeguard architects, builders, and property owners against potentially hazardous construction errors. 

6. Bidding or Contract Negotiation Phase 

Usually, the companies providing top architectural services act as an agent of the owner or the client and solicit bids from contractors. They advise clients in choosing a contract and once it is signed, the project is defined. Residential architecture firms also help clients evaluate the submitted bids for making a true comparison, to get the best value and quality during construction. 

7. Contract Administration Phase 

The architectural services also serve as an agent of the client during construction to ensure that the contractors and subcontractors are faithfully creating the drawings and other specifications. It is unusual for unverified contractors to overlook drawings or cut corners for enhancing their profits. In general, an architect’s fee is predetermined, and hence he or she is able to act independently and guide clients in the matter of a contract administrator. Best architecture firms provide significant professional services during contract administration like detailed drawing creation and resolving conflicts amongst drawings. They also approve modifications to plans, mediate changes to contracts, negotiate disputes between the contractor and client and recommend solutions to problems. 


The architectural design process helps property owners to collaborate with architects to create the residential or commercial building projects of their dreams. BIM implemented process of architectural design makes scheduling, and budgeting of the building construction easier.