BIM Checklist

Quality Assurance (QA) is done after every BIM modeling project for each system and is used to eliminate errors. BIM QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) refers to the checking of the BIM model if various BIM standards have complied. The 3D BIM model is inspected for clashes, improper naming, and other inconsistencies. The output you get after BIM QA/QC process is a clean ready-to-use BIM model without any inconsistencies, with all systems coordinated. 

Why BIM QA/QC Checklist? 

The BIM QA/QC checklist is nothing more than a tool that will assist you in creating an organized process, helping you to maintain repetitious activities, fostering a good design habit within the project team, and assisting team members in memorizing task sequences in a Quality Assurance process, among other things. 

For your convenience, we have provided you with a simplified BIM QA/QC checklist that you can use to streamline your BIM QA/QC process. Depending on your project, the checklist may alter slightly from the sample below. Always remember not to passively follow someone else’s checklist, and to tailor your BIM QA/QC processes to the specifics of your project rather than the other way around. 

📌BIM Checklist :- QA/QC

BIM QA or QC Checklist

📌 General Check

  • Visual check of the model 
  • Placement of origin point 
  • Naming of Project, Site, and Building 
  • Naming of storeys of the building 
  • Mapping of IFC class for all objects in the model 
  • Tagging all objects, and correct use of LOD parameter 
  • Naming of rooms in the model 

📌 Space Check

  • Checking the area of space within the error range 
  • Checking each floor space area 
  • The space program’s space number and name are being verified 
  • Checking of space number unique identifier in BIM data 

📌 Design Check

  • Match architectural property lines with civil property lines 
  • Match architectural building dimensions with structural 
  • Definition of the specific types and required properties like object’s material 

📌 MEP Check

  • MEP plan matches the architectural and structural plan 
  • All equipment shown on the plans 
  • All equipment shown on the schedules 
  • MEP clash coordination 

📌 Construction Check

  • Clash coordination between different building objects like beams, columns, and beams 
  • Clash coordination between the same kind of building objects 

📌 Model Revision

  • Eliminate errors and clash issues 
  • Assure that all standards are followed 
  • Ensure enough geometric elements, the correct position, and functionality 
  • Confirm if the client’s requirements are met 
  • Delete unnecessary views and plans 
  • Delete unnecessary groups 
  • Verify work sets   
  • Purge file 
  • Audit file 

BIM Checklist :-  Download the PDF 

BIM QA/QC Process: How does Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) work?


1.General Check

The general definitions of the 3D BIM model are confirmed by the general quality check. The requirements include adequate accuracy and naming of components. 

2. Space Check

Space check criteria include reviewing space components, names, areas, and clashes between spaces in the BIM for the building’s space programming. 

3. Design Check

Design check criteria are related to the checking of BIM data quality generated in the architectural design process. 

4. MEP Check

The necessary model requirements for the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) are checked for clashes and if they are represented in drawings and schedules. 

5. Construction Check 

Construction check criteria are used to assess the structural quality of BIM data. Clash checking between construction objects like columns, beams, slabs, etc. is one of these requirements. 

6. Model Revision

When checking the quality of a 3D model, a checklist is used. Revit section views can be used to check for any deviations in the design. In this way, clash detection and coordination between trades are simplified and can be used to measure discrepancies and the 3D BIM model is revised accordingly. 

📌BIM QA/QC using Solibri Model Checker (SMC) Software

Solibri Model Checker (SMC) is software that assesses BIM models to check their quality and to find any defects. SMC simplifies and expedites the process of BIM QA/QC. Running a building’s 3D BIM model through SMC before construction helps in exposing hidden flaws and weaknesses in the design. SMC selects the components and verifies that the BIM model complies with the applicable building codes and organizational best practices. 

📌Benefits of BIM QA/QC

  • Design Model Validation: By ensuring that the 3D BIM model is perfect and can be referenced while construction makes the QA/QC analysis an easy task. 
  • Risk Mitigation: The future risk associated with a 3D BIM Model which is not quality verified including unforeseen design clashes can be fixed beforehand in the model. 
  • Cost Control: Accurate clash free 3D BIM models limit the wastage of materials and thus save the cost of materials. 
  • Saves Company Reputation: Errors in the BIM model can affect the company’s reputation. Doing QA/QC of the BIM model before providing it for construction is important. 

BIM quality control is crucial for ensuring the highest quality of a Building Information Modeling (BIM) project. To streamline the process, create a checklist outlining your BIM quality requirements, including ISO 19650 standards and acceptable levels.

Create a detailed BIM execution plan to meet these requirements. Ensure a diverse team of experts, including representatives from all disciplines and those with experience in BIM quality assurance, to assess BIM quality.

Establish a straightforward process for assessing BIM quality, including frequency, methods, and software selection. 

Software for BIM quality check

The manual approach to BIM quality checking would not be as effective as deploying a software solution. Your BIM implementation definitely does need BIM planning or quality check software. Let us explore some of the current options on the market. 

Using a BIM planning software tool like Plannerly

BIM planning software tool Plannerly

Plannerly is a cloud-based BIM software that could assist you in managing your projects and ensuring that your models meet all project specifications. Quality control is essential at Plannerly BIM, as it quickly guarantees that your models satisfy the required requirements. Plannerly is easy to use and offers a free trial, so you may try it before you buy it. 

Ideate with “Ideate BIMLink” for Quality Control

Ideate BIMLink for Quality Control

Ideate BIMLink is the ideal solution for organizing and cleansing your Revit BIM model data. With its extensive feature set that extends beyond simple data export and import, Ideate BIMLink provides a new outlook for BIM quality checking.

Every connection established in the Quality Control library folder is a request from a client to utilize Ideate BIMLink to assist with quality control procedures. 

A range of activities, like comparing the fire rating of the wall to the fire rating of the door and verifying the elevation height of every item, may be found in the Quality Control folder. 

BIM QA/QC using Solibri Model Checker (SMC) Software

Solibri Model Checker (SMC) Software

Solibri Model Checker (SMC) is software that assesses BIM models to check their quality and find any defects. SMC simplifies and expedites the process of BIM QA/QC. Running a building’s 3D BIM model through SMC before construction helps expose hidden flaws and weaknesses in the design. SMC selects the components and verifies that the BIM model complies with the applicable building codes and organizational best practices. 

Use BIM Automation to Automate Modeling and Design Activities


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is now inevitable in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Using BIM Modeling, it is possible to integrate Revit BIM models from a wide range of disciplines into a single data model. Examples of such disciplines include architecture, structural engineering, and MEP engineering.

By using a checklist for BIM Quality Assurance and Quality Control a clash free and coordinated BIM model can be created which can be used for the building construction process. Construction contractors employ the exact data provided by these models to create the structure, hence Quality Assurance is critical within the AEC business. Cost, scheduling, and even company reputation all be impacted by project errors. 

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