shop drawing services for roof renovation purposes in multiple project

To present a building design to a client, various methods are used, such as creating sketches, modeling prototypes, or visual demonstrations. However, these visual representations are not enough to execute a building design.

To form and assemble a building or a facility within controlled constraints, shop drawings or technical drawings are required. These drawings provide information that helps manufacturers understand the end product’s appearance and function. 

For example, a structural engineer may need to create steel fabrication drawings for a steel construction requirement, while HVAC designers may use a floor plan to plan air movement and HVAC system installation.

Modern shop drawings are created using CAD software like AutoCAD or Revit, as hand-drawn technical drawings are less common. Shop drawings are inevitable for executing the whole building project, or even if it is just about the maintenance and renovation of one portion.

In this blog, we will talk about how Tejjy’s shop drawing services came in handy for roof renovation purposes in multiple projects.

Booker T. Washington Project

Located at 1111 Park Ave., Norfolk, VA 23504, the Booker T. Washington project aimed at the preparation of shop drawings for roof work. Challenges arose due to measurement discrepancies between design drawings and on-site execution.

To tackle this issue, we opted for Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, leveraging Revit software for comprehensive shop drawings. This implementation effectively mitigated measurement discrepancies, enhancing workforce efficiency by providing precise execution guidance. Read more 

Crossfield ES Roof Project Case Study


The Crossfield ES Roof project, situated at 2791 FOX MILL RD, HERNDON, VA 20171,required the preparation of shop drawings for roof work while adhering to industry standards. Challenges were encountered regarding the failure to meet these standards and timelines.

To address this, Tejjy implemented cloud collaboration, automated standard checking, and BIM technology. These solutions resulted in enhanced collaboration, efficiency gains, and improved compliance, ensuring smoother project progression.

Cool Springs and Pleasants Lane ES Project
Cool Springs and Pleasants Lane ES shop drawings Project

At 100 Pleasants Lane, Petersburg, Virginia, the Cool Springs & Pleasants Lane ES Project faced challenges due to a lack of structural information in the drawings.

In order to tackle these challenges, the we deployed a team of BIM and shop drawing experts to generate visual representations addressing the missing information. This approach ensured accurate and comprehensive shop drawings, facilitating smoother project execution.

Loudoun County ES Project

Loudoun County ES shop drawings Project

Located at 41135 COLLABORATION DRIVE ALDIE, VA 20105, the Loudoun County ES Project encountered confusion caused by multiple drawings for the same structure. The project resolved this issue by implementing a BIM 360 framework for effective coordination.

This framework streamlined communication and reduced inconsistencies, ensuring that all stakeholders had access to accurate and up-to-date information, thus enhancing project efficiency.

Randolph Elementary Shop Drawings Project

Randolph Elementary Shop Drawings Project

The Randolph Elementary Shop Drawings Project, situated at 1306 S. Quincy Street, Arlington, Virginia 22204, faced challenges when the roof design did not meet the client’s aesthetic intent.

To address this, we deployed our photorealistic rendering services to convey design iterations to the client. Once confirmed, shop drawings were prepared on Revit, aligning the design with the client’s vision and ensuring effective execution.

NBC Studios Project

NBC Studios Project Roof Shop Drawings Washington DC

The NBC Studios Project, located at 4001 Nebraska Ave., Washington, DC 20016, encountered inconsistency between specifications and drawings during the specification and drawing stages.

To rectify this issue, the project adopted a reverse engineering approach using laser scanning and BIM workflows. This allowed for precise documentation of existing site details, facilitated informed conversations between design and engineering teams, and ensured accurate project execution. 

Hastings Hall Project

Commercial roof shop drawings project

Inaccurate project details caused structural issues at Hastings Hall. Therefore, the project focused on developing detailed shop drawings and structural details to align all stakeholders. By ensuring everyone involved was on the same page, the project was able to mitigate structural issues early on, saving time and costs for the client. 

Tejjy’s accurate shop drawings has proven beneficial on a variety of roof rehabilitation projects. From successfully handling typical difficulties such as measurement errors, a lack of structural knowledge, and misalignment with customer expectations to employing sophisticated technology such as BIM, it has proved to be a cost saver for clients.

These case studies show how exact shop drawings and strong cooperation structures may improve project productivity, assure compliance with industry standards, and allow for seamless execution. To know more, visit our projects section.  

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