Laser Scan/ Point Cloud Data/ Scan To BIM

Benefits of using SCAN to BIM services

  1. The services are highly beneficial to create as-built 3D BIM models for existing buildings renovation or retrofitting.
  2. After creating the as-built BIM models, we upgrade the 3d models according to the contractors and facility managers or architect’s requirement in a virtual environment.  Consequently, the design of the building before and after renovation get easily distinguished.
  3. Modeling using point cloud to bim services data helps the architecture to make decisions regarding wanted or unwanted components and structures of the building.
  4. Scan to BIM helps create a clash simulation analysis for MEP services at an early stage of feasibility inspection while adding new services.

The designers of Tejjy Inc, can help you with all types of buildings ranging from commercial construction like hospitals, schools, and airports to residential. We can replicate the sophisticated carvings, domes, archways of Historical buildings and structures and provide LOD 500 point cloud services for them.

Striving with excellence Tejjy Inc. can successfully merge your objective with technology by ensuring top quality, cost-effective, and complete Point Cloud services.

Our Deliverables from Point Cloud to BIM services

  • 3D BIM Model Creation for Renovation & Extension – We generate 3D Models using BIM, as per point cloud scan to BIM data for improving transparency and streamlining communication. BIM helps quick decision making during the As-Built Phase.
  • As-Built Drawing Preparation – We prepare As-Built drawings for Plan, Elevation & Section Sheet. As-Built serves as a comprehensive reference tool for future project planning, like extension and renovation from point cloud data.
  • Construction Scheduling – We use 4D BIM for construction scheduling of renovation and extension work. Point Cloud or 3D laser scan to BIM Modeling survey facilitates the renovation of old buildings to create interest among architects.
  • Facility Management – We facilitate project stakeholders to organize electronic submittals from point cloud scan data during the renovation and extension of projects through facility management. Our professionals manage complete contact records of the project for required fields.

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