Pre-Construction Planning

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Tejjy Inc. Being the leading construction management firm in commercial and residential sector delivers the construction enveloped in safety, quality, cost and time efficacy. Pre-construction planning gives firm foundation to the success of construction project. BIM construction management software like Autodesk 360 facilitate integrated Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) maintaining quality standards along with cost and time efficacy. Tejjy Inc. pre-construction design planning team in MD, DC, VA and Baltimore in USA facilitates buildings and energy simulations on several design variants during design support stages. 


Pre-Construction Planning in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD and Virginia

Tejjy Inc. Pre-Construction Planning Services in USA:

  • Detailed Planning and Specification reviews.
  • Phased Budget Estimate and Value Engineering analysis
  •  Pre-construction sequencing, logistic and sheduling
  • Bidding and Negotiation Management
  • Construction Document Management
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance

Benefits of  Pre-construction planning Design Management Solution

  • Instant Feedback at Design Stage 

Actual BIM-integrated LCA allows the designer to get immediate feedback on carbon, energy, etc. at vital stages of the design process. 

  • Sustainability Decision at an Early Stage of Design 

A value-added approach for BIM-integrated LCA adoption at an early design stage helps in making sustainability decisions. 

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Benefits of Time Management in Design Phase :

  • Improved Scheduling for achieving milestones.
  • Defined Structure for Program Schedule and streamlining work.
  • Better collaboration with adoption of BIM visualization software leading to accurate pre-project visualization.
  • Real time Tracking 
  • With proper staffing, early clash detection budget can be maintained. 
  • Refining Duration of Remaining Phase 

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