BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

MEP Shop Drawing

Coordinated Drawings

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Structural Steel

MEP consultants ensure  client-centric HVAC MEP engineering services . Shop Drawing software like Autodesk customized Revit families, FabMEP ensure 3D visualization. Our MEP detailing team and engineers have profound experience with Coordination Drawings.

Accurate M & E Drawings and HVAC drawings include all installation specifications with pre-fabricated components. Well coordinated design drawings facilitates integration of architectural, structural, and HVAC services with accuracy. Tejjy Inc. adopt BIM tools for facilitating independent Pipe Spool Shop Drawings, Plumbing Drawings, Electrical Drawings .

Customized Revit MEP Shop Drawing family creation cater to every requirement of the project involving Hospitality, Government, Residential, School, Commercial sectors.

Being experienced BIM companies in USA, Tejjy Inc has experienced in-house team of MEP engineers, Revit MEP BIM modelers to facilitate Construction drawings, Shop drawings , Architectural as-built drawings. Our drawings are achieved using careful assessment under strict quality standards followed by experienced drafters.

What are MEP Drawings?

MEP Shop Drawings are  contractor or manufacturers detailed design drawings version. These design drawings includes fabrication and installation specifications for precise design build services. MEP Shop Drawings are clash resolved , well coordinated , has detailed fabrication installation specifications for  prefabrication and modularization. As top BIM Modeling companies our team of MEP engineers derive 3d rendering model with BIM LOD 300.  This  ensures MEP drawings used as accurate architectural construction documents.

Experienced team of AutoCAD designers deal precisely with all kinds of MEP CAD conversion. Our construction documents hold deviations from original construction drawings. Tejjy coordination shop drawings hold physical dimensions, material specifications for fabrication and erection.

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    Design drawings are used by MEP engineers, architects, construction contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and subcontractors for coordination and installation in MEP services such as piping, fire protection, and sheet metal duct.

    Our Shop Drawing Services Includes:

    • MEP/HVAC Shop Drawing Services
    • Assembly Drawings
    • Coordination Drawings
    • Isometric Drawings
    • Mechanical Drawings
    • Ductwork Layout Drawing
    • Electrical Drawings
    • MEP 3D Modeling
    • Plumbing Drawings
    • MEP CAD Conversion
    • Fabrication Drawing
    • HVAC Duct Shop Drawings
    • Patent Drawings
    • Parametric Modeling Services
    • As-Built Drawings
    • Facade Drawings
    • Structural Steel Shop Drawing
    • RCC Rebar Detailing Service
    • Structural Erection Drawing
    • Reinforced Drawing
    • General Arrangement
      (GA) Drawing
    Tejjy | Revit Family Creation Services in USA

    Structural Steel Shop Drawing Services :

    Accurate Steel Drawings or fabrication drawings are for prefabricated components.

    Detailed building drawing includes excavation drawing, column layout, plinth layout, lintel beam layout, slab layout, roof beam, and shuttering beam layout. Top structural shop drawings service provider, facilitates steel fabricators, contractors, design firms, engineers with cost-effective detailed Steel Shop Drawings. Steel detailers and structural engineers are supported in the fabrication process with structural shop drawings through structural steel detailing. We have profound experience in commercial and residential structural steel detailing services.

    Structural Steel Drawing

    Our Expertise In

    Commercial Buildings
    Commercial Buildings
    Educational Institute
    Educational Institute
    Historic Monuments
    Historic Monuments
    Hotels & Resorts
    Hotels & Resorts
    Residential Buildings
    Residential Buildings
    Train Stations & Airport
    Train Stations & Airport

    Benefits of Shop Drawings


    Clear Design Information:

    Steel Fabrication Drawings holds the detailed information of how the product will be assembled along with dimensions , weight , joints and connections information. The clarity of documents with 3D details gives fabricator a vision to produce exact output at the construction site.



    The actual drawings act as a referral document incase of any flaw. With any discrepancies while building , contractor can refer MEP drawings to detect the error. Actual drawing dimension acts as a supportive document while seeking an approval to build.


    Accurate Cost Estimation

    Scheduling and Costing are the important factors in construction. Through detailed design drawings accurate material estimation could be assessed. This ensure the precise scheduling of required resources leading to accurate costing.


    Clash Detection At Preconstruction Stage

    Shop Drawings use software like Revit to view the building information in 3D. Revit shop drawings enable early clashes and irregularities in construction. Visualization walkthrough can be performed from any angle corner envisioning clear interiors, exteriors. Early clash detection delivers accurate construction site with accurate building cost.

    Connect with our Allied Services


    BIM Modeling

    Tejjy Inc offers BIM Modeling services for Architectural, Structural, MEP, Facade engineering. Our services include 3d visualization, 4D BIM, Quantity TakeOff, Clash Coordination models, Green Building Environment, Fabrication/Modularization with detailed design drawings .


    Architectural & Engineering

    We here innovatively create and remodel structures. Facilitating latest interior, landscaping, floor design Tejjy designs residential, commercial building designs. Adopting BIM we execute shop drawings, as built drawings and models.


    Construction Management

    We facilitate from estimation, bidding, construction documentation to entire construction life cycle management. Adopting 3d visualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality , Drone Risk management along with cost time effectiveness takes the primal focus.


    Facilities Operation Management

    As a Design Build Firm from Design, operate and execute we maintain the structure too. Our services include engineering diagnostics, MEP support, asset management with 7D BIM. Improving the ROI with efficiency is the target of our team.

    Our Projects

    Consult Best BIM Modeling service providers at 202-465-4830 or email us at

    Shop Drawings vs As-Built Drawings:

    As-built is revised design drawings created after the completion of the construction process. As-built drawings are referred to for the renovation, remodeling, or refurbishment process. construction documents are original before the creation and as-built drawings are generated after the completion of the process from the red-lined draft known as record drawings. For knowledge on detailed fabrication drawings Read Pipe Spool Drawings

    Benefits of Hiring Us:
    • Quality Assured Services with client centric solution.
    • In-house team of Qualified MEP engineers, BIM consultants, architects, contractors.
    • MEP Fabrication Drawings adhering to international standards and hold all detailed assembly information eliminating clashes.

    When do I need MEP Drawings?

    Mechanical Drawings:

    Mechanical drawing services are used for air conditioning and heating, venting, and air conditioning. HVAC drawings include the entire specifications and locations.

    Electrical Drawings: 

    Through detailed drawings, contractors can analyze electrical and mechanical drawing services. These include power supply and distribution, access and security system, interior and exterior lighting. Electrical drawings represent the locations of placing electrical switches, wiring path, load shedding information.

    Plumbing Drawings:

    MEP drawings of plumbing includes a piping system for sanitary, water supply system, fixtures. Pipe spool drawings or Fabrication drawings from BIM are created to manage the proper on-site installation. The spool is a section of the piping system. These assembly drawings of pipes and components are delivered in prefabrication to on-site. Spool drawings guide in assembling the fixture demonstrating the physical sequence of equipment and connections.

    What are Construction Drawings ?

    Construction drawings are a graphical representation of the construction process. It includes architectural drawings, mechanical, electrical drawings, HVAC drawings, steel shop drawings, and other design drawing.

    Construction Drawings VS Shop Drawings

    Construction design drawing services are used in reference to buildings or structures whereas shop drawings refer to particular components of buildings.