Benefit of BIM services for construction manager

It is important to understand the work of a competent BIM manager. Professional design firms & construction sub-contractors can use BIM software applications only if it can be managed efficiently. If Building Information Modeling is used properly, projects can be executed properly with minimized error. However, if it is not managed in the right manner, the project team members will be stuck in a nightmare of monotonous tasks,  repetitive work, and redundant effort. This will subsequently result in missed deadlines, documentation errors, and dissatisfied clients.



Let’s explore the role of a Competent BIM Manager:


Activities in BIM Domain:


  • Manages technical teams & provides necessary project support
  • Assists construction project directors on technical delivery
  • Develops & manages BIM standards, protocols & templates
  • Consults with IT teams, systems administrators, clients & contractors
  • Provides BIM training to the junior members of the team


Comprehensive Understanding of BIM:


  • Treats BIM model as a realistic depiction of the building
  • Leverages BIM models as a collaborative tool among the modelers, and the receivers of the model output
  • Recognizes BIM models to be a creation of a team of people, and not as an individual task


Team Configuration for Leveraging BIM


  • Ensures that none works in a silo
  • Sets the team roles as per responsibility and not as per tasks
  • Enforces people to take project ownership, making them responsible for complete work (for instance a person accountable for modeling walls also has to take the responsibility for wall tagging, details & schedules)


Realistic Approach to BIM Workforce


  • Customizes work practices to the abilities of the people working
    (Should not make someone responsible for facades if they struggle with simple tasks of wall creation)
  • Shouldn’t let designers use specific architectural software if it makes their task of designing, less effective
    (Getting designers to provide hand-drawn sketches to the modeling experts is usually more effective than getting the designers to model properly)
  • Never think that training is merely the solution


Flexible Working Methodology


  • Retains a flexible workflow for accommodating unusual condition & innovative work practices
  • Never enforce a “universal standards”, which is imperfect, as it is hard to forecast every possible permutation of what needs to be created on every project
  • Supports various work practices based on the intricacy of the project and the ability of the staff working on it



Use BIM Automation to Automate Modeling and Design Activities

Involvement in Real BIM Projects


  • Maintains an intimate knowledge of how the BIM office operates through active project engagement
  • Engages in setting up of every project in the office
  • Audits projects periodically
  • Steps in whenever required to assist others but not work full time on a single project


Capability to Question Specific Requests instead of Reacting


  • Evaluates a request against the real-world consequence, it is trying to achieve
  • Delivers a workflow & work methodology based solution& not just technical solutions
  • Gauges how long a request takes to provide the result
  • Suggests alternatives for obtaining the same consequence


Proactivity with BIM


  • Uses new BIM software functionality for augmenting problem-solving & service delivery methodologies
  • Provides courageous advice, but accepts that their views may not always be implemented
  • Listens to other project team members who may provide improved ideas
  • Involves themselves in industry-wide BIM concerns

Unfortunately, all AEC firms don’t understand the need to hire a competent BIM manager, nor do they understand the benefits that a competent BIM manager can bring. Often a graduate who has used BIM software in his course is bestowed the responsibility of a BIM manager. It’s no doubt that these people can become good BIM managers in due course of time with experience. However, if they don’t have any understanding of the profession they will not be able to work in the core BIM areas. All AEC professionals need to understand the fact that the benefits of BIM don’t occur by themselves. Just like any other process, Building Information Modeling should be rightly managed and implemented. It is only then that the project stakeholders can reap the benefits of BIM.

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