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Design-Build solutions provide manifold advantages compared to other construction methodologies. The key benefits of BIM-enabled Design-Build solutions include fast project delivery, smooth construction workflow, improved construction solutions & Structural engineering service and enhanced communication among team members. Team of BIM experts interact with MEP design firms and Structural engineers for understanding their design intent to deliver value-added support at each stage of design from a schematic to the construction stage.

Key Benefits of BIM Enabled Design-Build Solutions

• Fast Project Delivery: BIM-enabled Design-Build solution provides fast delivery as design & construction occur concurrently and there’s just one phase instead of two.

• Smooth Construction Workflow: There is a smooth project workflow as the project team members can collaborate amongst themselves using a single 3D BIM Model. As a result of which, there are no conflicting recommendations from the contractors, architects, MEP design firms and the Structural engineering service. The MEP BIM Modeling services owns the entire responsibility for all construction and design elements. Owners can get all information about the project life cycle and thus can pave the way for a smooth construction workflow.

• Improved Construction Solutions & Value Engineering: In a design-build project, as ideas come to the table, the project team members work united to analyze in full transparency, so that owners are guaranteed of receiving the top materials, positioning, schedule, and design. This revolutionary technique makes it feasible for the construction project owners to perceive more opportunities and make value-added decisions.

• Enhanced Communication among Team Members: Delivering an effective Design-Build project necessitates open collaboration amongst all project stakeholders. A team-oriented method endorses high levels of communication and transparency, vital to the success of any project. This facilitates building owners to share their vision with the team, and align the interests of the project stakeholders. The team-oriented tactic also brings the collaborative effort necessary for evaluating the project objectives, evaluate schedules, and analyze the opportunities with the project evolutions.  With the help of BIM Design-Build solutions, all project team stakeholders stay on the same page as everybody works under one contract. Owners stay updated by a set contact from the Design-Builder. Hence, MEP BIM Modeling services, Design-Build is suitable for the complex projects, so that owners get improved quality, involving fewer claims and litigation-free builds.

• Cost Savings: Design-Build solutions also helps to reduce construction costs for the building owners. Building smart with Design-Build pays dividends, decreasing real and opportunity costs. Owing to the smooth nature of Design-Build project delivery with structural BIM Modeling, project owners can reduce the time spent on managing a construction.

BIM Services for Architects, Structural Engineers & MEP Design Firms Include:

Design Development & Coordination

3D BIM Modeling

Construction Documentation

Quantity Take-Off & Cost Estimation

Stages of BIM Design-Build Solutions for Architects, Structural Engineers & MEP Firms

• Schematic Design: Schematic design is the prime design scheme, which defines the overall project scope, including the relationship among various building systems. During this stage, you can get integrated ideas and concepts about what a proposed system should look like. At this stage, the structural BIM modeling services provides an overall idea of the area, height, volume & location for working on Project Phasing and Cost Estimation.

• Comprehensive Design: Detailed Design is a phase subsequent to the schematic design, where resolutions of the schematic design phase are executed in a detailed way in the Revit BIM model. At this phase, the AEC clients get drafted to-scale drawings, demonstrating how the project would appear once the construction is over. The model helps in creating traditional construction documents and shop drawings for the analysis of clash and cost.

• Construction Documentation: Construction documentation is the ultimate phase of the design evolution. During this stage, the models of various building systems are coordinated on a common data environment. This phase acts as the bridge between building design and the physical building form. The model includes elements which are appropriate in terms of size, location, shape, quantity and alignment with detailed information about fabrication and assembly.

Choosing the Right Design-Build firms

The strength of MEP BIM Modeling services enabled Design-Build lies inits single-source accountability to all project stakeholders. To further explore the Design-Build solutions with Structural engineering service and navigate the process of Design-Build services, consult the BIM Modeling Experts of Tejjy 202-465-4830 or

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