Harness Latest Technology for Construction Management

Do you want to implement BIM services in construction project? What is your formula to success? Do you think that the most significant promise lies in new technologies? Find the answers to all these questions from this blog. However, before delving deep into the latest technologies adopted by BIM modeling company and the key trends, let’s take a look at the Global Construction Statistics and the challenges faced by construction firm for being slow at technology implementation.

Global Construction Statistics – Longer Time with Budget Overrun

As per Oxford Economics’ Global 2030 forecast, the construction market is expected to grow over 4% annually, with a projection of 6% per year in the US, reaching US$1.5 trillion by 2020. BIM services in construction project take a longer time to complete, which exceeds their original budgets. According to the McKinsey Global Institute report, capital projects take about 20% longer to finish than the scheduled and run about 80% more over budget.

Challenge of Construction Firm – Slow to Implement Technology

What’s the reason for taking extended time than the planned construction program? Why is there a budget overrun? The problem is that the construction firms are often slow to implement technologies like BIM services that would help to redeem their growth. They fail to improve project portfolios and update delivery techniques. Consequently, the global firms leave over US$1 trillion on the table per year as per McKinsey.

Challenges for BIM services adoption include:

  • Dearth of Expertise:

 The biggest challenge met by construction sector for BIM services adoption is the dearth of extensive expertise. Many construction companies don’t have competent employees who could integrate BIM services and construction projects impeccably and so they find the technology hard to adopt.

  • Less attractive for small projects:

 BIM service providers have shown its grit in big projects by reducing operating and inventory costs. However, this can’t be said for smaller projects. The small projects are spontaneous and involve experience-driven decision making. Making mistakes is also smaller. This makes less attractive to hire BIM modeling company with operating costs and other efforts. Appointing experts and training the existing workforce entail substantial investments. So, the small and medium size construction companies envisage this as an expense instead of an investment as they are not likely to see the long-term benefits of implementing BIM services.


  • Opposition to change:

 Construction professionals have hired BIM modeling company for construction projects. However, implementing BIM services demand a change in the operation of construction company. Improved planning entails greater accountability for perfect execution. There is reduced chances of error and hence there is more pressure to perform. All these factors oppose to adopt BIM service providers. Companies prefer to operate conventionally, instead of investing in training existing workforce for BIM adoption.


  • Lack of collaboration amongst project stakeholders

 A significant advantage of working with BIM modeling company is obtaining an integrated workflow of all involved stakeholders. This entails a high level of collaboration from stakeholders. The challenge becomes larger with projects having multiple teams associated with specific responsibilities. Often, involved parties lack the will power to cooperate. As a result of which, conflicts crop up due to non-cooperation amongst stakeholders, making it difficult to execute the work.

Promise Lies in Technologies – Adopt the latest to Anticipate problem

Several construction firms and BIM service providers are adopting the most recent technologies, but at different speeds and level of sophistication. You need to understand and evaluate the technological maturity of your organization for taking the first step towards digital transformation.

Latest Technologies

  • Cloud – Project management in the cloud provides you instant access to project information from any device, helping you take action faster.
Harness Latest Technology to Manage Construction Project On-time & Budget
  • 3D Building Information Modeling – 3D BIM modeling company helps to construct a building as a computerized 3D model, where you can make changes and correct mistakes without any wastage of labor and materials.


  • Big Data Analytics – You can anticipate potential problems and make improved decisions through Big Data Analytics.
Harness Latest Technology to Manage Construction Project On-time & Budget

You may align the new technology tools with your existing process for budget management, cost reduction, and contract handling. However, technology should be flexible enough to work with your internal process.

Use of BIM in Construction Project

Successful BIM implementation by top BIM service providers demands a level of proficiency within the organization, demanding a change in the way of working of the organization.  The construction industry across the globe is adopting the change to get BIM power.

  • Improved Collaboration with BIM Modeling– Digital 3D BIM modeling company allows sharing and collaboration that is not possible by the paper drawing set. Using cloud based tools like BIM 360, collaboration takes place across all disciplines within the project. Stakeholders share 3d model and coordinate planning, ensuring design insight of all. Drawings and models are reviewed on-site and on mobile devices , enabling access to updated project information.
  • Clash Coordination – Competent BIM service providers facilitate the contractors, sub-contractors and traders to detect architectural, structural and MEP clashes at the pre-construction stage. Whether it’s electrical conduit clashes with steel beam or inadequate clearance in the doorways, you can get automated clash detection through Autodesk BIM 360 Glue. Avoiding clashes eliminate the chances of rework and plan it right before  building on-site.
  • 3d Visualization– Using 3D BIM visualization, BIM modeling company helps the entire project to be planned and visualized at the pre-construction stage. The clients are able to experience what the space will look like and could make changes before the onset of the construction process. A greater overview from the beginning reduces expensive and time-consuming modifications towards the later stage.
  • 4D Scheduling – BIM 4d scheduling or construction simulation by one of the best BIM service providers helps to save money and time by reducing the time of project cycles and removing construction schedule setbacks. Construction schedules are planned accurately, helping projects to be completed on-time or early.
  • 5d Cost Estimation/BOQ/Quantity Takeoff – Several AEC firms, including estimators in the planning stage opt for BIM service providers to get effective construction cost estimation, resulting in the growth of model-based cost estimation, called 5D BIM. Autodesk’s Revit and BIM 360 Docs software applications, automate the time-consuming task of quantification and cost application. This helps to focus on higher value factors, like detecting construction assemblies and risks.
  • 6d facilities management– BIM service providers use the information provided in the BIM model to facilitate building operation after construction is over. Using BIM software, an accurate digital record of building information helps facilities management and renovators for facility lifecycle. Using Autodesk’s BIM 360 Ops, contractors are able to transform the handover process of the building by connecting BIM data during design & construction to building operations.

 Prefabrication & Modularization – BIM data are used by BIM service providers to instantly produce drawings or databases for manufacturing purposes, allowing increased use of prefabrication and modular. Through designing, detailing and building off-site in a controlled environment, waste gets reduced, enhancing efficacy, and decreasing labor and material costs.

Key Trends – Cost Reduction, Increasing Efficiency through Improved Collaboration

You should be aware of the changes in the technological landscape for your future success and should be ready to adopt a digitized, mobile data-driven future. Check out the key trends that will revolutionize the construction industry over the next few years.

  • Digitally Connected World– Today, almost everybody carries a smartphone with an internet connection. As per 2013 Dodge Data & Analytics Study of information mobility, the contractors benefited most from mobile devices in terms of improved communication, collaboration and the accessibility of essential project documents stored in the cloud from their job site.
  • 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) – BIM modeling company boosts project success by deploying 3D models to your project design and plans, which acts as a central repository of information. As per the 2015 Dodge Data & Analytics of over 300 BIM users, 70% stated fewer RFIs, 54% specified reduced material wastage, 51% mentioned quick project delivery, 48% identified decreasing costs, and 25% reported less on-site injuries from BIM adoption. You will lag if you ignore BIM. Compulsory BIM use of BIM service providers is growing in the US. Federal agencies like the General Services Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and others now require BIM services. Worldwide, BIM usage is likely to grow at an annual rate of 21% through 2022, reaching almost US$12 billion by 2022.
  • Big Data Analytics – You must standardize data collection for evaluating project performance, predicting outcomes, and increasing output. Several organizations are gaining from large data sets. Standardizing portfolios of projects drives operational excellence, decreasing process cycle, and mail response time through visibility and insights. A single platform can enable the contractor to keep projects moving. Added advantages include workforce mobility, faster subcontractor and supply chain, quick performance study, and a substantially reduced risk profile. Implement big data, which has the potential to reveal your cost, productivity, and safety gains.

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