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Construction Management

How BIM 360 Document Management Helps Construction?

BIM virtual reality 360

Building from inaccurate drawings, incorrect models, and improper construction documents are a sure fire way to request for rework and delayed schedules. BIM 360 document management is a process through single, cloud-based platform which helps to organize, distribute and share files. Point cloud data provides an ideal base for successful construction project outcomes.

Implementing Autodesk BIM 360 document management software, construction teams are able to deal with blueprints, construction plans, 3D BIM models, as well as other project documents. BIM software application helps in streamlining construction document management processes, by consolidating all sheets and designs. Further, this helps in setting up standard templates and workflows for maximizing efficacy. You are able to save your precious time and money, through evading incompetent communication with colleagues and other stakeholders. In addition, models, drawings and other documents are collaborated in a single location, with BIM 360 Docs, ensuring all project stakeholders build up the most recent version.

Let’s check out how BIM 360 construction document management facilitates design build services?

  • Providing access to construction drawings and documents

With autodesk BIM 360 you can connect securely, publish and distribute construction drawings, as well as 3d models in a single, cloud platform. Whether you are in the office or on-site, you are able to get a complete access to your drawings and construction documents. Further, mobile access helps you to keep every stakeholder in sync throughout the project. By accessing drawings and documents, all project stakeholders ensure that they get the access to the information on whatever device they are working on. Strong search capabilities, offline synchronization with mobile devices and a single viewer for construction plans, models and photographs enable the entire project team to stay on the same page.

  • Controlling precise construction document

BIM 360 document management solution facilitates in eliminating the risks of managing the volume of project information by sharing standard construction project document control process. As a result of which, there is standardized approval workflow, control access to information, and maintenance of version history. It provides the path to the right information at the right time.

  • Centralizing document management

Keeping accurate information at one centralized location provides the key for avoiding mistakes, without wasting time and searching for answers. You are able to get almost everything required for your project like construction drawings, BIM models, Request for Information (RFI), photos, and markups in a single document management platform.

  • Managing construction documents

Another advantage of BIM 360 is managing 2D plans, 3D models, and other project documents in a single place. The advanced BIM software acts as a flexible document library providing special folders and extracting individual 2D documents from 3D project models. This denotes the fact that you are able to separate and organize complex resources, and quickly add databases to your folders.

  • Platform for design collaboration

Point to cloud data ing BIM 360, project administrators are able to invite team members to their projects from different location across the world. The project stakeholders work  on-site with iPad Go from offices to the job site with a phone or tablet, supporting flexible functioning of the entire workforce. Since, a construction project team consists of different professionals with different expertise, you are able to combine their knowledge for finding an apt solution. The diverse tools of BIM 360 Docs like remark addition in 3D models, comparison tool usage, change markup, and addition of hyperlinks help to improve project work processes. As a result, while inviting collaborators, you are able to create, view and assign project issues to an apt person. Similarly, you can easily navigate  through different documents,  naming files automatically.

  • Storage and communication

Through BIM 360 Docs, you are able to enjoy unlimited cloud storage. Your team gets the access to data through different devices such as the smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. Hence, everyone can check data at any time and at any place in the course of the project. Nevertheless, you are able to control and grant access to specific information. BIM 360 Docs also put an end to disorganized communication through e-mail, Dropbox or FTP. The architectural, engineering and construction project stakeholders always get the access to the latest versions of your project documentation. Saving data in one central place, helps you to maintain an overview of the project, avoiding all mistakes. Further, BIM 360 docs support more than 100 file formats, enabling saving of documents from different disciplines in the same place.

Optimize your construction process with BIM 360

It is evident that BIM 360 Document is a competently designed construction document management software for the construction industry. This software helps you complete your projects successfully from the conceptual stage to delivery. Implement BIM 360 Docs to improve your team communication and stay on track with your construction schedule easily. Collaborate with your entire team, from designer to the contractor, in one central location with BIM 360 Docs.

BIM 360 acts as a collection of different products that let your team collaborate smoothly on construction projects. The software provides you the tools for speeding upturn-around times, saving costs and reducing project risk. So, don’t waste your precious time on ineffective workflows and poor communication. Find out with the best BIM service provider in USA about what BIM 360 Docs mean for your complete project management.

Look no further and  seek the best BIM 360 construction document management services from Tejjy Inc. – one of the top BIM modeling companies in USA at 202-465-4830 or

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    Best BIM Strategy for Successful Construction Management
    Construction Management

    Best BIM Strategy for Successful Construction Management

    Best construction management companies aim to deliver on time quality assured services. But outbreak of covid-19 stirred every market. Earning profits became a  struggling situation as after effects of lockdown. But an undiscussed fact is that BIM Services for construction management did not face any setback. Is it really true? How BIM survived COVID effects? 

    How BIM Strategy Management helps AEC?

    There is no Murphy’s law in this. Fact is digital platform of BIM services is holding the reins.  New building designs of 3D BIM Modeling techniques through VDC Virtual Design & Construction, pre-fabrication & modularization, big data and AI ensures a sail through. Even with global risk management in construction. 

    Best BIM Strategy for Construction Management

    BIM modeling companies perform BIM maturity measure with 3D-8D BIM Services. The accurate BIM maturity measure is a necessity. If you know its great! else still you have 2 options. Either master through the tips listed below or outsource to BIM modeling companies.

    However, before delving deeper into BIM Modeling strategies, let’s weigh up how construction companies are responding to BIM adoption.

    BIM Construction Management Adoption in COVID

    In today’s scenario project management teams collaboratively work with point cloud data accessibility features. The collaborative framework allows data to be shared across various disciplines of architectural, structural & MEPFP trades, facilitating smarter construction.

    BIM consulting team ability of asset management and facility management too. BIM facility management maintenance phase was missing in traditional construction environments.

    Controlled cost, transparency, consistent data-handling , quality are ensured with Revit BIM Modeling techniques by residential and commercial construction companies. Benefit of 3D construction model is visualization, proficient communication, information re-usage as well as complexity management.

    Benefits of BIM in construction kills the myth BIM is for designing only. It delivers every concern but when planned and executed perfectly.

    revit steel detailing services

    BIM Services Map  for Construction Management:

    Before structuring building design self reliance is to be conducted. BIM maturity measure map will let us understand “what is the need?”. 

    1. Evaluating Existing Competences 

    You can achieve if you know your milestones. Before walking ahead resource management has to be done. Strategy management acts as a framework to assess the capability and maturity of building facilities. Through Revit BIM 3D Model Services, construction companies analyze and review their construction execution process. This helps them in-depth analysis and bring collaborative design models.

    2. Determining Long Term Goals

    Setting milestones and maintaining data consistency is the key to successful construction management. BIM services helps you. With BIM-MM (maturity measure) AEC BIM companies set metric and benchmarks for perfect execution. 

    Revit BIM modeling Services facilitates design collaboration amongst all stakeholders. BIM modelers, architects, structural engineers, MEP consultants collaboratively workspace brings BIM collaboration model. Progress indicators can be marked , tracked and measured by bim engineers .

    3. Support during Pre-construction & Design Stages

    Pre-construction planning involves time to resolve construction issues. All construction plans and architectural designs need to be checked, scrutinized before implementing. This is where BIM services helps in smooth operation, empowering the act of facilities management. Acting as a communication channels BIM design collaboration model resolves early clashes. 

    To handle clashes mechanical drawings, shop drawings, construction drawings are created in design phase. Design build firms in us pay special attention to shop drawings as it is the blueprint of building designs. Shop drawings , mechanical and electrical drawings benefit contractor with clear visualization and BIM content management. In structural engineering process for MEPFP services customized revit family creation can be a solution.

    BIM Clash coordination services helps to visualize site status information, changing impacts & supporting communication in situations of risks by notifying site staff. Estimators and surveyors adopt 5D BIM modeling for cost estimation.

    Silver lining to the cloud is material estimation in construction through quantity takeoff services. It even changes  automatically with any design change.

    4. Outlining BIM Process

    Devising a BIM execution plan, BIM service providers can assess changes, develop a strategic plan and make changes happen. 

    Thus, BIM companies identify steps for attaining goals, supporting hardware requirements for achieving desired consequences as well as through training resources for BIM adoption.

    This is a crucial phase. An important decision has to be taken. Whether all construction sections need to be created on site or to be outsourced. Prefabrication and modularization are techniques adopted if the portion needs to be outsourced. Benefit of prefabrication for BIM engineers is the cost efficiency. To avoid clashes pipe fittings comes with spool drawings where setting up of the prefabricated parts becomes a cakewalk for the MEPFP engineer.

    MEP engineers role is main in decision making for opting prefabrication and modularization.

    5. Execution & Monitoring

    The construction management is the real litmus test of planning . Real-time point cloud data environments manage consistency in data handling. Benefit of point cloud The information model is accessible to everyone.

    4D scheduling facilitates on-site and offsite tracking for risk mitigation. For commercial construction management projects 4D BIM with VR can be an awesome resort. Drones, virtual reality and augmented reality helps maintaining risk free construction in covid. BIM Engineering companies adopt 4D Scheduling in all structural engineering and architectural engineering projects.

    Based on rich information model 6D bim modeling helps to create energy efficient building environment. Detailed analysis and impact of decision can be evaluated throughout entire lifecycle with benefits of 6d bim.

    6. Construction Phase Support

    There’s no denial of the fact that BIM is a model and a working method. Building Model enables close cooperation amongst AEC project participants. At project closeout stage, accurate as built drawings are created with BIM . As built drawings assists in future renovation , remodeling or restoration process.

    BIM facility management supports commercial construction companies for asset management and long phase maintenance. Benefit of 7D BIM modeling is asset and facility management from design stage till you demolish your structure. 7D streamlines the process for contractors and subcontractors with easy repair and maintenance option.

    Final Word:

    A simple rule of winning is what you concentrate on is  what you get. Similar is with BIM planning. Following step-by step BIM map you will definitely rule the strategy management of BIM for construction. If still there is a doubt hire top BIM consulting companies. Experienced BIM modeling companies in US including Tejjy Inc. deliver affordable construction services.

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      BIM Modeling Service Providers | bim and urban engineering
      BIM Service

      BIM in Urban Engineering – Market Dynamics, Restraint, Opportunity & Challenges

      BIM Modeling Service Providers

      Building Information Modeling(BIM) is a real-world model to facilitate urban engineers and civil engineers in identifying potential problems at the pre-construction stage. The technique of BIM Modeling Service Providers establishes as a collaborative process empowered by the creation and exchange of applicable digital information throughout the built asset. 3D BIM Modeling companies facilitate the civil engineers to enhance outcomes with the ability to investigate multiple scenarios, providing data-driven assurance.

      Currently, Building Information Modeling market is anticipated to grow from USD 4.5 billion in 2020 to USD 8.8 billion in 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 14.5%.The significant factors driving the growth of the BIM market consist of increased urbanization along with the development of the infrastructure projects, provided by BIM for the AEC sector. Further, an enhanced government mandate for BIM implementation is accelerating the growth of the BIM market.

      Pre & Post-COVID 19 BIM in Urban Engineering:

      • Pre-COVID-19 Situation for the BIM Market:

      The BIM market has seen a demand in the pre-COVID-19 set-up. Through the growth of the population and economies, the demand for housing and infrastructure development is expected to fuel the growth of the international construction business. This creates a robust demand for BIM to plan, design, and supervise building projects competently. As a result of which, the 3D model-based BIM methodology is gaining power amongst the architectural, urban engineering & construction professionals in delivering construction projects and making them successful.

      Currently, the growing trends of innovative technologies have led to the growing adoption of pioneering methods in the operational standards of the construction industry. Building Information Modeling constitutes to be one such tactic of providing benefits like 3D BIM visualization, collaboration, management of design build solution and construction planning, clash detection amongst various disciplines and construction cost reduction. Even if the factors contribute to the growth of the BIM market, it will not reach its earlier projection, i.e. anticipated to reach 9.5 billion in 2025, at a CAGR of 12.7% from 2020 to 2025.

      • Post-COVID-19 Situation for BIM Market:

      COVID-19 pandemic in December 2019 has ensued the quick spread of the disease in virtually 100 countries across the world. The World Health Organization has acknowledged it to be a public health emergency and COVID-19 is anticipated to bring a negative impact on the overall BIM market. According to the report of the Associated General Contractors of America, a minimum of 45% contractors is undergoing delays and disruptions owing to the outbreak. The holdups are caused by the scarcities of materials, quantities, and building equipment. In addition to this, dearth of skilled labor and construction safety equipment are amongst a few of the key aspects upsetting the global construction sector. Moreover, a few building projects are being stopped or delayed due to asymptomatic staffs as there would be temporary shutdown if any employee is tested COVID-19 positive. Since the Architectural, Engineering & Construction professionals are the biggest end users of the BIM software applications, used frequently in the building projects, a postponement or withdrawal of these projects would have a hostile impact on the whole BIM market. The market is expected to improve progressively in the subsequent 2 years and is estimated to reach 8.8 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 14.5% from 2020 to 2025.

      BIM Market Dynamics:

      • Driver of BIM Growth: Rapid Urbanization & Upsurge in Infrastructure Projects:

      As per the United Nations, the world’s inhabitants will rise to 8.1 billion in 2025 and reach around 10 billion by 2050. To address a huge population, it is vital for the AEC BIM industry to deliver smart solutions in BIM urban engineering for developing future infrastructure. The growth of the populaces and markets hastened the prerequisite for housing and infrastructure to fuel the advancement of the global construction industry.With an increase in construction, there will be a greater requisite for competent techniques of operation. BIM Modeling Service providers architects, engineers, and construction professionals the expertise to plan, design, and manage building projects professionally. Consequently, 3D model-based methodology of BIM is gaining popularity, producing a global framework to the AEC professionals to advance in a proper direction with a rule-book to work with BIM.

      BIM Restraint:

      • Elevated Initial Cost of Investment:

      Even though there are great advantages  and cost savings from BIM, the initial establishment cost is a bit high. To take an instance, the price of Autodesk Revit hovers around USD 3,500–4,500. Despite the cost of the software application, the charge of training and services are also quite high. So, the high initial cost related to BIM would detain market growth.

      Further, BIM software application gets endorsed by several vendors by providing it for free or at a low rate to students for the sake of learning. Beside the cost, BIM software applications need a longer duration of training. Irrespective of the restraints, BIM software divulges incredible productivity, which, in turn, supports a construction firm to increase the efficacy rate to 30%. BIM too aids in mitigating design catastrophes during construction, consequently saving time and resources.

      BIM Opportunity:

      • Growing Emphasis Introducing Novel Standards like ISO 1965 in BIM Market:

      The International Organization for Standardization issued the BIM standards in January 2019. The newfangled standards constitute to be the “Concepts & Principles” and “Delivery Phase of the Assets” of ISO 19650 for the organization and digitization of information regarding buildings and civil engineering appliances, including BIM. The novel standards, as per the ISO is expected to provide the essential context for facilitating structural designers, MEP BIM services firm, urban engineers, architects and contractors from diverse countries to work together. All AEC project stakeholders can collaborate competently throughout the phases of construction project operations, stimulating extensive BIM practice. ISO 19650 is established as per the British standard BS 1192 as well as the public standard PAS 1192-1, helping users to reduce costs by 22%. ISO also has the plan to develop and release further standards, for handling the operational phase of assets and dealing with BIM safety, digital design build milieus, and asset management.

      After the release of the ISO standards, numerous countries are making the use of BIM mandatory. All such standards are mainly used in commercial as well as infrastructure projects. Nevertheless, the standards are projected to be used extensively for numerous applications, like building, infrastructure, and industrial, throughout the period of prognosis. Many authorities have already authorized the use of BIM to some extent. Starting from 2019, it has turned out to be mandatory for the architects in Abu Dhabi and the UAE to use Building Information Modeling for all key projects. United Kingdom, in a bid to accomplish improved efficacies in the public project maintenance, rolled out a Level 2 BIM mandate in 2016. All the construction project stakeholders, including urban engineers, architects, material vendors and MEP BIM Modeling Service Providers are required to communicate through common file formats like the Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) or Industry Foundation Class (IFC).

      Building Information Modeling Challenge:

      • Low Digitization in Construction Industry:

      A low digitization in construction sector compared to the other industries ensues to be a challenge. Through streamlining construction processes with BIM Modeling companies, about 20% efficiency can be attained in a short time with greater quality, and reduced costs. Often, it is witnessed that large construction projects take an extended time to finish and go beyond the budget. This leads to lower commercial returns for the contractors. In addition, lower digitization hinders productivity as the construction industry has been sluggish in adopting the BIM process and technology modernization. To take an example, project scheduling and coordination between office & on-site are often accomplished on paper. Performance management in the construction management sector is insufficient, and supply-chain practices are still naive. The construction industry has not yet incorporated new digital technologies that need forthright investment, albeit the long-term reimbursements are substantial. Research & Development outlay in the construction industry runs behind the schedule of other industries. The construction business is lagging virtually 15 to 20 years from diverse industries like automotive Information & Communications Technology.

      Tejjy Inc. is a Construction Management, Architectural, Urban Engineering, Permit Expedition & BIM Services Company in USA serving various areas like Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Baltimore, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Richmond, Connecticut and Philadelphia. Consult the competent BIM Modelers of the BIM Modeling Service Providers in USA for comprehensive MEP BIM services in urban engineering & construction project management requirements at 202-465-4830 or

      BIM Building Information Service Providers near me
      BIM Service

      Perspective of AEC Industry on BIM (Building Information Modeling)

      what is BIM building Information modeling |

      What Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is a term describing the future of construction, architecture and engineering. Earlier, the technique was especially meant for the architects using the software application. The AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) professionals, adopt Revit BIM services to create 3D BIM Model of the buildings. BIM also helps in easy sharing of consistent information during the entire construction project lifecycle amongst project stakeholders including the owners, contractors, structural engineers, and MEP design firms. BIM tools and techniques form a significant tool in the construction process.

      Fundamentals of BIM Building Information Modeling:

      Building Information Modeling is a digitized technique of representing the infrastructural facilities like the buildings, roads, and utilities across the project lifecycle. The procedure helps in creating and managing digital representations of the physical as well as functional characteristics of places. BIM indicates the process of creating Revit BIM services, showing how certain building materials will support the construction overtime. The 3D models are operated to see how they fit before materials are ordered.

      Users are able to identify how a building will behave with respect to time making BIM an option for 4D rendering. Being a digitized model, there is more visual clarity instead of paper design plans. The BIM objective of this is to improve collaboration in the primary design phase of a building project, which streamlines the building process. This facilitates in detecting conflict issues before they become expensive to amend.

      Building Information Modeling in Construction:

      What is BIM in construction and how is it executed? BIM makes a high-quality digital representation of the building for performance visualization, cost estimation, and construction planning. This also provides the ability to predict problems in a project before breaking the ground with a series of software applications like Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Fabrication, AutoCAD, Bentley, Tekla, SketchUp, Vector Works, Archi CAD, etc.

      • 3D BIM communicates design intent with parametric data for enhanced project visualization
      • 4D BIM influences construction schedule for site-planning activities
      • 5D BIM facilitates in tracking budget and making a cost analysis
      • 6D BIM optimizes energy consumption and building sustainability
      • 7D BIM manages asset life cycle and facilities
      • 8D BIM prevents accidents through design

      Benefits of Revit BIM Services in Construction:

      Construction projects implementing BIM will enjoy a competitive advantage. BIM is a significant tool in building project management for evaluating job costs better than traditional techniques as it lets us know the cost of the building materials. Further, it provides an improved estimate of project completion. This facilitates in comprehending risks around the construction site and eliminating them before the commencement of actual construction.

      Using BIM, architects & engineers can use actual models of implemented components to envisage how they fit, reducing project delays. The team members know beforehand what it gets to the job site and place orders accordingly. All these help to save money for the projects as they won’t have to get worried about the last-minute change orders & delays.

      Why include BIM techniques?

      Integrating BIM in the work process of the sub-contractors with access to the Building Information Model before construction provides them the power to visualize what they should undertake. The technique also provides them the opportunity to share concerns that could have been ignored by the management team. Subcontractors’ knowledge in the design & planning phase of a project helps in reducing errors and substantial costs. Integrating 3D BIM modeling to review the design & planning phase provides contractors, subcontractors, and owners the ability to address substantial risks and reduce them.

      Building Information Modeling -the New Frontline:

      BIM allows several industries to get involved in the building information management process. Building owners can visualize the performance of data and schedule maintenance and repair before things become expensive. New construction sites will have improved project timelines & costs. Contractors are able to provide necessary inputs in the design & planning phase for reducing risks & increasing financial rewards on projects. BIM also helps to advance construction, reduce errors, and enhance profits. The new technique revolutionizes construction, project management, and building management.

      BIM isn’t new:

      BIM is not a new concept. The technique appeared in 1962, with Douglas Engelbart’s “Augmenting Human Intellect” categorizing specifications & data of architects into a building design & watching how the structure is taking shape from the conceptual stage to modern parametric modeling.

      What Can You Do with BIM?

      BIM is 3D BIM modeling & modeling software with a twist.

      ·         International architectural design firms are working with BIM in their construction projects to meet the tight restrictions during the design process, demanding the ability to design & analyze quickly and efficiently. The firms are endorsing the usage of 3D BIM modeling amidst customers, emphasizing that BIM is significant for the whole construction environment.

      How the Industry Defines Revit BIM Services?

      The best way to understand BIM is to look at what the industry has to say about the technology.

      What does Autodesk have to say about Revit BIM?

      ·         According to Autodesk, the maker of BIM software such as Revit BIM services & AutoCAD , 3D BIM modeling, BIM is an intelligent model-based procedure that facilitates in making design, engineering, and operational information accurate, accessible & actionable for buildings & infrastructure. The data is crucial for a building information modeling project, where ‘I’ in BIM stands for high levels of data in a model keeping all project stakeholders on the same page, facilitating all stages of the project starting from conception to construction documentation & maintenance.

      What does Graphisoft (Maker of ArchiCAD) have to say about BIM?

      ·         BIM is the usage of virtual 3D BIM modeling of a building along with a procedure of managing and collecting building data. The model is crucial to the overall BIM process, setting the stage for the whole project, encompassing all virtual equivalents to the building’s parts & pieces, and invoking the real-world applications.

      What do Bentley Systems state about BIM?

      ·         Bentley Systems – the maker of modeling & project delivery software like AECO sim Building Designer & Project says that using BIM enhances collaboration, ensuring a new level of control over projects of all sizes. Improved project outcomes are accomplished through a comprehensive flow of information among applications and across project team members for accuracy throughout the supply chain. Even if Bentley talked about the facets of information & modeling, the focus of the company is on the BIM procedure, along with technical aspects of BIM, staying behind scenes, and enabling all team members to work smoothly amongst project team members.

      Common BIM Misconceptions:

      Each question consists of several answers, providing the option for a wide range of misconceptions, creating an obstacle for those adopting BIM.

      Let’s clear the air on the misconceptions about BIM:


      Misconception 1: BIM is only for the Architects

        This is a common misconception associated with BIM. The delusion that BIM is for the architects stems from the fact that the construction & architecture industries were the first to implement the process.

      BIM Reality:

        However, one could argue that structural engineers were using it for a long time as well. Even before architects were 3D BIM modeling buildings, structural engineers were creating 3D buildings for performing analysis. So, Revit BIM services is for the sake of everyone and can be used for anything in the built environment, including:

      ·         Architecture & Building Design

      ·         Civil & Structural Engineering

      ·         Energy & Utilities

      ·         Highway & Road Engineering

      ·         Landscape & Land Surveying

      ·         Offshore & Marine Architecture

      ·         Rail & Metro Transportation engineering

      ·         Tunnel & Subway Architecture

      ·         Urban Master Plan & Smart City Design

      Misconception 2: BIM is only a tool for Designing

        Many people consider BIM primarily to be a new method of project delivery, and so they see it as a replacement for CAD products with some added improvements for designing.

      BIM Reality:

        Nevertheless, while looking at Revit BIM services, one should look at it not just as the way of delivering projects but as the way of interaction and collaboration, using the availability of myriads tools. The significant part of BIM is the ‘I’ or the aspect of information. BIM not only creates a visually attractive 3D model of a building. It also creates various strata of metadata and renders them in a collaborative workflow. It is possible to create an accurate 3D BIM Modeling Services by excluding the metadata and collaboration practices, though the engineers cannot create an apt BIM model without 3D software. To create an accurate BIM model, the engineers should combine all layers of information for numerous building systems into a single “master” model realized by the software standardization for consolidating all relevant information.

      Misconception 3: BIM is available in a box.

        Perhaps people think that you could stroll into a reseller & choose a copy of BIM.

      BIM Reality:

        The concern with this notion is that though Revit BIM services is technical software, it isn’t just a design tool. AEC professionals can purchase AEC BIM services software and use it for making drawings, but that alone does not constitute to be BIM. Reorganizing workflows is a vital aspect of BIM. Proper BIM implementation entails that one should commit to transform the way of work for the entire team. Transforming to the new system won’t be easy at first, but will be worth the investment in the long run.


      The Bottom Line: What is BIM?

      ·         BIM is a best-practice process & 3D BIM modeling software application. Designers create a collaborated BIM Model with integrated information of the structure and the complete project timeline from the inception to demolition.

      ·         Building Information Modeling facilitates architects & engineers to work on a single project from anywhere in the world. The BIM technique clubs a plethora of information about all details into a feasible format, enabling analysis during the designing phase for obtaining the best resolution to a problem.

      ·         BIM helps in design coordination among team members and easier structural maintenance throughout the entire built environment. To know more about Revit BIM services and BIM objects, consult the BIM Modeling Engineers of Tejjy Inc. at or 202-465-4830.


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      Harness Latest Technology for Construction Management

      Harness Latest Technology to Manage Construction Project On-time & Budget

      Do you want to implement BIM services in construction project? What is your formula to success? Do you think that the most significant promise lies in new technologies? Find the answers to all these questions from this blog. However, before delving deep into the latest technologies adopted by BIM modeling company and the key trends, let’s take a look at the Global Construction Statistics and the challenges faced by construction firm for being slow at technology implementation.

      Global Construction Statistics – Longer Time with Budget Overrun

      As per Oxford Economics’ Global 2030 forecast, the construction market is expected to grow over 4% annually, with a projection of 6% per year in the US, reaching US$1.5 trillion by 2020. BIM services in construction project take a longer time to complete, which exceeds their original budgets. According to the McKinsey Global Institute report, capital projects take about 20% longer to finish than the scheduled and run about 80% more over budget.

      Challenge of Construction Firm – Slow to Implement Technology

      What’s the reason for taking extended time than the planned construction program? Why is there a budget overrun? The problem is that the construction firms are often slow to implement technologies like BIM services that would help to redeem their growth. They fail to improve project portfolios and update delivery techniques. Consequently, the global firms leave over US$1 trillion on the table per year as per McKinsey.

      Challenges for BIM services adoption include:

      • Dearth of Expertise:

       The biggest challenge met by construction sector for BIM services adoption is the dearth of extensive expertise. Many construction companies don’t have competent employees who could integrate BIM services and construction projects impeccably and so they find the technology hard to adopt.

      • Less attractive for small projects:

       BIM service providers have shown its grit in big projects by reducing operating and inventory costs. However, this can’t be said for smaller projects. The small projects are spontaneous and involve experience-driven decision making. Making mistakes is also smaller. This makes less attractive to hire BIM modeling company with operating costs and other efforts. Appointing experts and training the existing workforce entail substantial investments. So, the small and medium size construction companies envisage this as an expense instead of an investment as they are not likely to see the long-term benefits of implementing BIM services.


      • Opposition to change:

       Construction professionals have hired BIM modeling company for construction projects. However, implementing BIM services demand a change in the operation of construction company. Improved planning entails greater accountability for perfect execution. There is reduced chances of error and hence there is more pressure to perform. All these factors oppose to adopt BIM service providers. Companies prefer to operate conventionally, instead of investing in training existing workforce for BIM adoption.


      • Lack of collaboration amongst project stakeholders

       A significant advantage of working with BIM modeling company is obtaining an integrated workflow of all involved stakeholders. This entails a high level of collaboration from stakeholders. The challenge becomes larger with projects having multiple teams associated with specific responsibilities. Often, involved parties lack the will power to cooperate. As a result of which, conflicts crop up due to non-cooperation amongst stakeholders, making it difficult to execute the work.

      Promise Lies in Technologies – Adopt the latest to Anticipate problem

      Several construction firms and BIM service providers are adopting the most recent technologies, but at different speeds and level of sophistication. You need to understand and evaluate the technological maturity of your organization for taking the first step towards digital transformation.

      Latest Technologies

      • Cloud – Project management in the cloud provides you instant access to project information from any device, helping you take action faster.
      Harness Latest Technology to Manage Construction Project On-time & Budget
      • 3D Building Information Modeling – 3D BIM modeling company helps to construct a building as a computerized 3D model, where you can make changes and correct mistakes without any wastage of labor and materials.
      Harness Latest Technology to Manage Construction Project On-time & Budget
      • Big Data Analytics – You can anticipate potential problems and make improved decisions through Big Data Analytics.
      Harness Latest Technology to Manage Construction Project On-time & Budget

      You may align the new technology tools with your existing process for budget management, cost reduction, and contract handling. However, technology should be flexible enough to work with your internal process.

      Use of BIM in Construction Project

      Successful BIM implementation by top BIM service providers demands a level of proficiency within the organization, demanding a change in the way of working of the organization.  The construction industry across the globe is adopting the change to get BIM power.

      • Improved Collaboration with BIM Modeling– Digital 3D BIM modeling company allows sharing and collaboration that is not possible by the paper drawing set. Using cloud based tools like BIM 360, collaboration takes place across all disciplines within the project. Stakeholders share 3d model and coordinate planning, ensuring design insight of all. Drawings and models are reviewed on-site and on mobile devices , enabling access to updated project information.
      • Clash Coordination – Competent BIM service providers facilitate the contractors, sub-contractors and traders to detect architectural, structural and MEP clashes at the pre-construction stage. Whether it’s electrical conduit clashes with steel beam or inadequate clearance in the doorways, you can get automated clash detection through Autodesk BIM 360 Glue. Avoiding clashes eliminate the chances of rework and plan it right before  building on-site.
      • 3d Visualization– Using 3D BIM visualization, BIM modeling company helps the entire project to be planned and visualized at the pre-construction stage. The clients are able to experience what the space will look like and could make changes before the onset of the construction process. A greater overview from the beginning reduces expensive and time-consuming modifications towards the later stage.
      • 4D Scheduling – BIM 4d scheduling or construction simulation by one of the best BIM service providers helps to save money and time by reducing the time of project cycles and removing construction schedule setbacks. Construction schedules are planned accurately, helping projects to be completed on-time or early.
      • 5d Cost Estimation/BOQ/Quantity Takeoff – Several AEC firms, including estimators in the planning stage opt for BIM service providers to get effective construction cost estimation, resulting in the growth of model-based cost estimation, called 5D BIM. Autodesk’s Revit and BIM 360 Docs software applications, automate the time-consuming task of quantification and cost application. This helps to focus on higher value factors, like detecting construction assemblies and risks.
      • 6d facilities management– BIM service providers use the information provided in the BIM model to facilitate building operation after construction is over. Using BIM software, an accurate digital record of building information helps facilities management and renovators for facility lifecycle. Using Autodesk’s BIM 360 Ops, contractors are able to transform the handover process of the building by connecting BIM data during design & construction to building operations.

       Prefabrication & Modularization – BIM data are used by BIM service providers to instantly produce drawings or databases for manufacturing purposes, allowing increased use of prefabrication and modular. Through designing, detailing and building off-site in a controlled environment, waste gets reduced, enhancing efficacy, and decreasing labor and material costs.

      Key Trends – Cost Reduction, Increasing Efficiency through Improved Collaboration

      You should be aware of the changes in the technological landscape for your future success and should be ready to adopt a digitized, mobile data-driven future. Check out the key trends that will revolutionize the construction industry over the next few years.

      • Digitally Connected World– Today, almost everybody carries a smartphone with an internet connection. As per 2013 Dodge Data & Analytics Study of information mobility, the contractors benefited most from mobile devices in terms of improved communication, collaboration and the accessibility of essential project documents stored in the cloud from their job site.
      • 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) – BIM modeling company boosts project success by deploying 3D models to your project design and plans, which acts as a central repository of information. As per the 2015 Dodge Data & Analytics of over 300 BIM users, 70% stated fewer RFIs, 54% specified reduced material wastage, 51% mentioned quick project delivery, 48% identified decreasing costs, and 25% reported less on-site injuries from BIM adoption. You will lag if you ignore BIM. Compulsory BIM use of BIM service providers is growing in the US. Federal agencies like the General Services Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and others now require BIM services. Worldwide, BIM usage is likely to grow at an annual rate of 21% through 2022, reaching almost US$12 billion by 2022.
      • Big Data Analytics – You must standardize data collection for evaluating project performance, predicting outcomes, and increasing output. Several organizations are gaining from large data sets. Standardizing portfolios of projects drives operational excellence, decreasing process cycle, and mail response time through visibility and insights. A single platform can enable the contractor to keep projects moving. Added advantages include workforce mobility, faster subcontractor and supply chain, quick performance study, and a substantially reduced risk profile. Implement big data, which has the potential to reveal your cost, productivity, and safety gains.

      Construction Management Solution by Tejjy Inc. BIM Modeling Company

      Tejjy Inc.’s construction management solution and BIM services provide owners and contractors project visibility and control. The BIM modeling company drives user adoption, increasing return on investment, reducing risk, and promoting project success. Tejjy Inc. BIM services believe in the power of technology to transform business. Virtual Design & Construction like BIM, VR, Drones, Robotics and Big Data are adopted by the BIM engineers to support various stages of project lifecycle, including pre-construction, construction, quality management, program management, bidding and negotiation management, commissioning, and risk management, and project management. Get in touch with this BIM service providers in USA for your complete BIM and construction management needs at 202-465-4830 or

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