BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

3D Laser Scanning |Point Cloud Data | Scan To BIM

Scan to BIM Services | Reverse Engineering | Plant 3D

Delivering Accurate Scan to BIM services from Point Cloud Data

Building scan or surface scan in construction is a non-destructive reality capture technique. The modern laser scanning services use photodetectors, Global Positioning System( GPS) , advanced sensors, Inertial measurement units, receiver electronics to calculate accurate coordinates of structure surfaces and floor plan. LiDAR scanner for construction are also high-quality scanning service for surveying. LiDAR building scan uses laser scan and shadowing technique for creating maps called LiDAR mapping. This remote sensing technique is used to examine earth, assess ground surface information, create digital twin of object with detailed geospatial information.

What is 3D Laser Scanning ?

Present day 3D scanning digitally captures the exact shape and size of the building structure surface, floorplan using laser beam. 3D laser scanning companies record reflected 3D coordinates called point cloud data. The scanned coordinates are transformed into 3D model using point cloud modeling softwares.

The Scan to BIM Companies are delivering accurate and high quality laser scanning services with precision.

Point Cloud Modeling | Scan to BIM process Tejjy Inc

Our Scan to BIM Services Includes:

  • BIM clash detection for renovation, refurbishment  and home addition.
  • Facility Management
  • Building Maintenance and surveillance
  • Architectural modeling of walls with exterior & interior, windows, doors and cabinets.
  • Structural modeling  with columns, beams, framing, foundation, annotations and truss families
  • MEP-FP Modeling with panels, junction boxes, ducts, pipes, air terminals and fire sprinklers.
  • Point cloud to Revit MEP design coordination for clash detection in Navisworks software.
  • 3D Model with required LOD 100 to LOD 500
  • Point Cloud to Mesh, As-built, 3D Model with latest construction softwares.

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    Get Accurate Scan to BIM Modeling Services with 3D Laser Scanning!

    Tejjy , has profound experience in facilitating Scan Building Services to Laser Scanning companies , Design Build Firms, Architectural and Engineering Companies, Construction Companies, General Contractors , Surveyors.

    2D Scanning VS  3D Scanning Services:

    2D scanning creates a raster image. Basically its 2D document scanning where the image of floor plan or blue print is scanned. Incase of 3D Scanning and modeling it is a digital transformation. The building is scanned and scanned point cloud data facilitates 3D model. Point cloud modeling through BIM facilitates Laser Scan As-built drawings for renovation or demolition process.

    Tejjy | Revit Family Creation Services in USA

    3D Scanning Service Process For Scan to BIM Modeling

    Light from a scanning system is bounced off onto the surface and reflected back to the sensors. Now, the sensors calculate the time taken by light  to complete its journey. This time measurement known as “time of flight” helps us to calculate how far the surface is located. The measured distance hit by laser beam is  used to calculate coordinate for a small section of the surface. With seconds of single scan, millions of 3D coordinates are collected by laser scanner.  3D coordinates are in form of point cloud data. Then point cloud processing software transforms the detailed point cloud data into 3D model.



    Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning


    Improved accuracy and Quality with Reduced Errors.

    Streamline productivity with reduced rework.

    Improved Planning between new design elements and existing designs with the cloud database.

    Remote sensing ability ensures risk management.

    Scan data with BIM to compare stages of construction.

    Reduced Cost reduction increases project profitability.

    Scan To BIM

    Our Expertise In

    Commercial Buildings
    Commercial Buildings
    Educational Institute
    Educational Institute
    Historic Monuments
    Historic Monuments
    Hotels & Resorts
    Hotels & Resorts
    Residential Buildings
    Residential Buildings
    Train Stations & Airport
    Train Stations & Airport

    Benefit Of Point Cloud Scan to BIM Services :

    • As-built model creation for refurbishment & renovation with laser scan to BIM services
    • Enhancing intelligent BIM modeling in Revit through accurate point cloud data to clients
    • Converting laser scan raw data to 3D BIM model to run simulation & drawing creation
    • Accurate 3D BIM model creation in Revit for building, electrical & plumbing systems
    • High quality, affordable laser scan to BIM modeling for architectural, structural & MEP services
    • Extracting information from 3d scan to BIM Model for cost analysis, matching design standards

    Connect with our Allied Services


    BIM Modeling

    Tejjy Inc offers BIM Modeling services for Architectural, Structural, MEP, Facade engineering. Our services include 3d visualization, 4D BIM, Quantity TakeOff, Clash Coordination models, Green Building Environment, Fabrication/Modularization with detailed design drawings .


    Architectural & Engineering

    We here innovatively create and remodel structures. Facilitating latest interior, landscaping, floor design Tejjy designs residential, commercial building designs. Adopting BIM we execute shop drawings, as built drawings and models.


    Construction Management

    We facilitate from estimation, bidding, construction documentation to entire construction life cycle management. Adopting 3d visualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality , Drone Risk management along with cost time effectiveness takes the primal focus.


    Facilities Operation Management

    As a Design Build Firm from Design, operate and execute we maintain the structure too. Our services include engineering diagnostics, MEP support, asset management with 7D BIM. Improving the ROI with efficiency is the target of our team.

    Our Projects

    Benefit of Revit for BIM Model in Scan to BIM Process

    •  Scan to BIM Revit Services facilitates 2D plans, sections, elevations.
      Multiple level creation of project modeling ensuring uniformity with all LOD( Level of Detailing) specifications .

      Revit point cloud tools can be exported to CAD or BIM for As- Built drawing model easily .

      LiDAR building scan helps in capturing detailed measurements of an entire existing building.

      Informative As-built models, 2D and 3D model can be created by Scan to BIM companies with Point cloud to Revit BIM modeling .

      BIM engineers enable facilities management through comprehensive data capture for 3D model creation, asset management and inspection.