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Are you searching for point cloud 3D laser scanning technology? Want to implement accurate 3D laser scanning process in construction?  Get the best point cloud to BIM modeling services from Tejjy Inc. 

Competent BIM modelers of Tejjy Inc. deliver accurate laser scan to BIM 3D models at LOD 100 to 500 for construction clients. Our point cloud to BIM services encompass architectural, structural and MEPFP services. Our Revit modelers work with BIM clash detection for renovation, refurbishment  and home addition. We use lidar building scan for capturing detailed measurements of an entire building. Our BIM engineers enable facilities management through comprehensive data capture for 3D model creation, asset management and inspection.

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    How do we use 3D laser scanning?

    Tejjy BIM engineering team understands the expectations of our customers.  To implement 3D laser scan to BIM services, our input requirements encompass point cloud scan/laser surveyed data and drafting guidelines from customers.  We provides BIM 3D model in Revit and 2D as-built drawings with annotations, dimensions and layering. We also provide construction documentation as per 3D floor plans, exterior elevation, roof plans, sections and site layout plans.

    Adept point cloud to Revit BIM modeling professionals create informative as-built 3D BIM models and 2D drawings. 3D Revit model facilitates MEP design validation, construction planning, interference checks, and construction demolition of an existing building with quantity take-off and budget estimation.

    We deliver point cloud to BIM services to various AEC professionals, laser scanning companies, surveyors, architectural design firms, property owners, MEP engineering firms, general contractors and construction management companies. Our parametric BIM 3D modeling capture architectural, structural, and MEP elements for commercial, residential and educational projects.

    Process of Executing 3D Laser Scanning to BIM Modeling:

    Our scan to BIM modeling process for the creation of 3d Revit Model:

    • Transferring point cloud scan data ( .rcp & .rcs) into Revit
    • Creating multiple levels of the building project
    • Placing walls on levels for ensuring model uniformity
    • Adding building elements from bottom of scan

    Our Deliverables from Scan to BIM Services:

    • Architectural modeling of walls with exterior & interior, windows, doors and cabinets.
    • Structural modeling  with columns, beams, framing, foundation, annotations and truss families
    • MEPF Modeling with panels, junction boxes, ducts, pipes, air terminals and fire sprinklers.
    • Point cloud to Revit MEP design coordination for clash detection in Navisworks software.

    Outsource laser scan point cloud BIM services from Tejjy Inc.

    Have any questions on ‘What is laser scanning?’ or ‘How does 3d laser scanning of a building operate?’ Consult BIM modelers of Tejjy Inc. for scan to BIM process, scan to BIM software support, scan to BIM workflow and scan to BIM services. Call today at 202-465-4830 or to discuss your construction projects.