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BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning Services & Solutions | Buildings and Structures | 3D Laser Design

3D Laser Scanning Services

What is 3D Laser Scanning in Construction?

Laser scanning is an innovative and non-destructive technology, widely accepted by the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Utilizing 3D Laser Scanning Services user digitally captures every corner of existing environment and physical objects of building projects. The device captures data in the form of Point cloudReality Captured 3D scanned data used to develop quality assured futuristic designs and digital BIM 3D modeling for projects on new construction, renovation, and retrofit construction facility management of residential or, commercial buildings, parking garagesindustrial plants, etc. 

Tejjy Inc. is a Women-owned Certified Disadvantage/Minority Business Enterprise. Our experienced and licensed Architects, Engineers, BIM Modelers and Drafters are well-versed in the industry standard and successfully transforming requirements of architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers into reality using 3D Laser Scanning techniques. From land surveying to renovation our experienced LiDAR, Laser Scanning team of professionals are delivering accurate point cloud to BIM services to the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry over the last 15 years.    

How does Laser 3D Scanning Work?

Laser scanning technology in construction industry adding value by saving overall cost consumption and time to execute project with accuracy.

Laser 3D scanning specialist scans buildings, industrial plants, physical objects in the form of digital point cloud scan data using 3D laser scanners. 3D Scanners project a line of laser light onto the 3D laser scanning technology surface of the object from every angle, that is to be scanned. At the same time, 2 sensor cameras measure the quantity of changing shape and space between the laser light in 3-dimensions as the light moves around the entire surface area structure of the element removing line of site issues.

The shape of the components is recorded as millions of digital points in the virtual environment. The process of High frequency data capture through Laser scanning device is very fast as the scanner has the capability to precisely collate up to 750,000 points per second. Sometimes instead of the best resolution from Laser scanners, we can rely on other technologies like Structured Light Scanning, CMM, CT scanning, etc. Each scanner device has a different spot size. This is the quality of digital points.

For fixed CMM device the laser spot is contact surface are positioning accuracy by x-y-z, for structured light scanner the spot size is considered as camera pixel size and for the CT scanner the spot size is x-ray created combination of digital detector and source. Using software such as Autodesk ReCap modelers convert scan data to point cloud files, popularly known as Reality Capture Scan (RCS). The project saves as a Reality Capture project (RCP) referencing the position of each Point cloud file scan. These files are used to further re-modeling and designing purposes to generate business intelligence, visualization (graphics) in common data environment (CDE) using Autodesk software such as Revit, AutoCAD Plant 3D, Navisworks etc. The process of laser scan to point cloud to BIM model is a robust and fast process

How do 3D Scanners Work

Technology and Application of 3D scanning

3D Laser Scanning Services - Buildings and Structures

Industrial Plant 3D Scan data

Looking for a fast turnaround for laser scanning of your industrial plant projects? We are capable of scanning entire plant in a matter of days and re-design projects as per specification. 

Engineering Design Process

Design Process

Utilizing one of the most advanced scanning technologies we cultivate more accurate design by working with complex shapes and parts, updates old CAD Drafted (CD) scan data from current Point Cloud data, replace older or, missing objects and delivers precisely designed model to our clients.

3D Laser Scanning for Facilities Management

Building & Facility 3D Scanning

Data captured from laser scanning 3D elaborates the present condition of building structure or, large and small object of a hospital building, educational building, parking garage, multi-story high-rise residential or, commercial buildingindustrila plant.  

As-built BIM Modelling

As-Built BIM Modeling

Our BIM professionals are experienced in creating precise As-built 3D CAD models from 3D laser scanned data points, which is an incredible engineering asset that is further used for building renovation using various software such as Revit, AutoCAD Plant 3D, Solid works, etc.   

scan to bim

Scan to BIM

Tejjy Inc. being cost-effective Laser scanning service provider in the USAconverts valuable insight of Laser scanned Point Cloud data into 3D BIM model, further which is used to execute entire construction process.    

Maintenance, Repair And Operations

Repair and Maintenace Operations

Laser scanning technology captures data from every corner of a building irrespective of its size and type. The real-time insight of building environment and its components helps in operation management.

3D Laser Scanning for As-Built Construction

Remote/Virtual Monitoring

3D laser Scanners capture data of one or, more specific place or, physical objects from real-world environment and softwares such as Revit, AutoCAD PLant 3D allows us to convert data into 3D model. Scan to BIM models were later explored in Virtual Reality (VR) interface to experience virtual tour/walkthrough of unexplored locations or, objects.

3D Laser Scanning Services - Buildings and Structures

Reverse Engineering

Process of reverse engineering is utilized from 3D laser scan data or, point cloud data. The methodology involves in reproducing point cloud digital representations of a model, polygon mesh, NURBS surface or, solid mechanical component.

Why utilize 3d Laser Scanning Techniques?

Adopting and outsourcing 3D Laser Scanning technology enables smoother, more efficient and faster project execution compared to traditional construction processes. Utilizing laser-scanned point cloud data our BIM modelers develop field-accurate data-rich virtual 3D representation that provides overview of entire building project during early design stage. 3D model created in common data environment (CDE) improves communication among project stakeholders and team members. That results in better-informed scheduling, uniform planning, smarter scoping furthermore competent decision-making. Moreover, the investment would be less for outsourcing 3D laser scanning requirements to us as we own high configuration laser scanners. Hence the utilization of 3D Laser scanning is vast. 

  • Mapping Existing Site Conditions – Renovation Projects  
  • Validation of Proper Design Execution 
  • Offers Immediate Information in Common Data Environment (CDE) 
  • Measurement and Evaluation of Project Progress 
  • Generates error free data-rich 3D Building Information Models 
  • Improves Health and Safety Management 
  • Eliminates the Necessity of Manual Labor 
  • Enables Better Onsite Team Collaboration and Coordination
3D Laser Scanning Services - Buildings and Structures

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning in Construction

3D Laser Scanning for As-Built Construction

There exists a large number of benefits to adopt Laser scanning services in your upcoming project. The reasons are explained below: 

Reduce risk & enhances financial reliability: 3D laser scanned data converted to BIM models provides 360° access to the present condition of building and components. This virtual representation helps project stakeholders and AEC professionals to enhance informed decision making with confidence and achieve better collaboration, efficient productivity and quality assurance throughout project life cycle.    

Constructability review: Smaller budgets and narrow timelines are the plagues of construction industry. Using 3D Laser scanned BIM 3D modeling solution project team members can identify problems such as Clashes, misplacement of components, etc. and resolve them during designing stage helps in easy functioning design, scheduling and fabrication.     

Remove the guesswork from renovations: Incomplete or, out of date as-builts don’t provide all required information to execute a project. 3D scanned data provides structural information required to design and execute renovation project on time and within budget. 

Why Choose us for 3D Laser Scanning Services & Solutions?

When there is a requirement of capturing the existing real condition of a building and plant projects nothing can beat 3D Laser scanning technology. We are highly expertise in the field of laser scanning technology. Thinking why should you Outsource 3D laser scanning requirements to us? Here are the reasons below. 

  • Presence across AEC industry in the entire USA for more than 15 years since 2006
  • Competent BIM managers, professional engineers (PE) and architects serving over 2400 happy clients.  
  • Over 2500 projects completed with international standards of design for 3D modeling and rendering 
  • Comprehensive understanding of the significance of Laser scanning techniques in the designing and construction industry. 
  • The team of tejjy Inc. utilizes the cutting-edge technology of Leica P20 ScanStations, Leica C10 ScanStations, Faro Focus 3D scanners, Faro Edge ScanArm and Faro Vantage laser trackers to deliver the accurate measurement of objects, buildings and facilities. 

Our 3D Laser Scanning Projects

3D Scanning Services Cost

Project stakeholders and owners are always concerned about the pricing while adopting new technologies to be implemented in projects. Laser scanning 3D methodology is 10-15% costlier than the traditional surveying method due to large amount of data generation and processing involved in. But our clients have reported up to 15% saving on project costs by outsourcing 3D scanning requirements to us. Being one of the most cost-effective 3D scanning companies in the USA We provide 3D Laser scanning services using LiDAR(Light Detection and Ranging), Faro and Leica Laser Scanner. 

So, don’t miss the opportunity to get our highly optimized 3D laser scanning and Scan to BIM services for your upcoming project requirements 


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