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Commercial and Residential Architectural Design Build Firm 

Tejjy architects, engineers integrate digital drawings with architectural engineering services in USA for innovative building designs. Being experienced commercial and residential architectural design build firm in USA, we adopt revit families to revolutionize AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) Industry . Our design build experts of architect, estimators, surveyors, BIM modelers, MEP engineers, permit expediter, collaboratively analyze  design drawings and 3d model for clash-free construction. Building Information Modeling  has made planning, designing and monitoring of construction beyond excellence with early clash detection and coordination. Latest building design techniques and BIM softwares are adopted for real-time tracking , cloud database handling for accurate execution. Integration of MEP, architect, designer has led to success of remodeling/renovation of projects even in complex environment.


Architectural Design Services

Outsource architectural design service to Tejjy contractors for architectural 3D modeling, 3D concept design, interior designing , 3D exterior design , floor plan and roof plan layout, visualization support. Tejjy BIM consultants give customized solution for architectural design for houseplan, landscape design and draft, modern interior designing, furniture product designing. We are experienced residential and commercial remodeler in DC. Consult our home improvement services for condo, basement , garage, kitchen, commercial architectural design service, residential architecture service, and bathroom remodeling.

Permit Expediting Services

Tejjy permit expediters are well versed with building and zoning codes of DCRA permit approval process for construction and renovation . So, no longer delayed routine for building permit of commercial and residential permit approvals in DC, maryland, . 

As-Built Drawings and Models:

As-built drawing is a set of revised drawings given by a contractor after the completion of construction projects. BIM as-built drawings reveal the sizes, geometry, and location of all project components. The 2D and the 3D floor plans typically include specifications like doors, walls, windows, and plumbing fixtures for residential, commercial, infrastructural, healthcare and educational projects.  

Architecture BIM Firms Implementing Latest Technologies for Collaboration

Being amongst the top architectural service providers in US , we adopt latest techniques of BIM, Augmented Reality, virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT) in architecture for improved collaboration, construction safety and project tracking in a cost controlled environment. 

The latest technologies of design build firms collaborate successfully with structural system, MEP, construction management for reduced greenhouse gases emission. 

Architectural and Structural Engineering : 

The building engineering in design build service collaborates with structural engineers to work on strength of the structure, enabling structural analysis, revit steel detailing, rebar. Being the best architectural engineering firm, our structural engineers predict the structural load. This enables measuring the tolerance of building design during rains, winds, storms helping in earthquake engineering. Tejjy Inc. provides an array of Residential Structural Engineering services from the beginning design phases of construction to forensic investigations of existing structures.

MEP Collaboration with Architecture Services:

Architectural engineering is the art and science of design build firms. Best architecture firms concentrate and collaborate with every facet of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Being one of the best MEP BIM services providers, Tejjy Inc facilitates HVAC, plumbing , fire protection, and power distribution.

Hire a BIM Engineer, Architect ,Project manager ,General Contractor


    Our Architectural BIM Modeling Services for Design Phases

    As an experienced design build service providers in US, Tejjy Inc. provides design, construction documents, and administration services to all residential and commercial construction projects. We deliver pre-design services such as master planning & historic research of an existing building. 

    The architectural BIM process adopted by Tejjy Inc. confirms that the building requirements are understood before the formation of construction documents. Our Architectural BIM Modeling services facilitate marketing BIM presentation as well as  bidding & negotiation management. Further, our architects & engineers facilitate construction & contract administration. Experienced permit expediters of  Tejjy Inc. well versed with DCRA zoning codes and are able to manage approvals for building permits, enabling smooth home addition, renovation & remodeling.


    Architectural Design Services Stages for Constructing Building Designs

    mechanical drawings | construction drawings | mep bim

    Schematic Design Stage:

    We provide 2D & 3D floor plans of all levels, MEP fixtures, building elevations, cross-sections, & typical wall sections, with exterior & interior Revit modeling. The stage of schematic design is associated with the interpretation of the architect’s sketch for various project activities. It is related to the LOD 200 Revit Model including masses replaced with generic components. Constructability Analysis and Quantity Extraction based on specific elements are conducted during this stage.

    Design Development Stage:

    Tejjy Inc. delivers 3D floor plans in Revit BIM with design opening & plumbing layout, dimensions, structural grids, exterior elevations with the design of openings & finishes, and other details. At this stage of design development, the schematic design decisions are executed in greater details and it corresponds to LOD 300. BIM quantity takeoffs, constructability analysis and shop drawing preparation are executed at this stage for energy analysis, clash detection & cost analysis. Design development facilitates in making accurate pre-purchase evaluation for the construction project at the design build stage. 

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    REVIT BIM Modeling companies in US | bim content creation in usa| mep for HVAC

    Construction Document:

    Our construction-ready model includes design modifications as well as changes coming from clash resolution. We provide  annotated 3D floor plans, dimensions of all rooms, doors, walls and windows layout, sections, exterior elevations,  shop drawings, & as-built drawings. Construction documentation acts as a bridge between building design and physical building stage, encompassing shop drawing preparation and other specifications as per the building requirement. This corresponds to the LOD 400 Revit Model, including elements accurate in terms of shape, orientation, size, and location with assembly, fabrication & other detailed information.

    Frequently Asked Questions FAQ on Architectural Engineering

    Q. What is Architectural BIM ?

    A. Building Information Modeling is a digitized platform for planning, designing, execution of a commercial and residential construction project. The architectural engineers adopt BIM in building engineering for accurate architectural bim modeling. 

    For execution an information model is created through the Revit BIM model. A revit bim model is fabricated from sketches, design drawings, point cloud scan with appropriate BIM Level of Detail (LOD). Accurate client perspective is achieved through 3D rendering, visualization and custom revit content family creation. 

    Q. What does Architectural BIM Modeling services include?

    A. The best architectural bim modeling service provider in us facilitate:

      2D CAD Drafting: 

    Following the scope of work and adopting required BIM level of details 2D CAD files are delivered to clients. The CAD files are in .dwg format including dimensions, layering, annotations information.

    Revit BIM 3D Modeling:

    An accurate parametric 3D model is generated in coherence with scope of work. The Revit 3D Model has specifications about elevations, walls, roof, doors, sections.

    Revit family creation facilitates accurate files in .rvt, .rte, .ifc format with minimal file size. Required BIM Level of Detail (LOD) 100 to 500 is adopted for accurate parametric revit families and BIM content

    4D & 5D BIM Modeling:

    4D BIM is a time feature added 3D model. 4D Scheduling provides a clash free construction project environment with real time tracking. 5D BIM facilitates automated quantity take-offs and cost-estimation. BIM automatic updation maintains the consistency of information throughout the project. It even updates the cost estimation with the change in design intent.

    Scan to BIM services:

    Point cloud modeling facilitates parametric as-built 3D models and 2D drawings. Point cloud scan generates models that are used for renovation and remodeling purposes.

    Site Plan Layout: 

    From landscapes to driveway and walkway placement, garden layouts revit , parkings architectural BIM modeling includes all. Architectural firms concentrate on both interiors and exteriors of design build services in commercial and residential architectural projects.

    Our permit expediting services manage the approval process during construction, remodeling or addition of room and renovation.

    Q. What is the benefit of augmented reality for architectural design companies?

    A. Virtual BIM with augmented reality is adopted for design visualization and construction scheduling. Building Information Modeling adopted by the top architect firms also act as a catalyst for a fundamental transformation in the technique of managing, designing, and developing a construction project for architectural, structural, or MEP services. 

    Different levels of programming are empowered by the BIM Architecture Firm  Tejjy Inc. like 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D & 7D BIM techniques.

    Q. What is the Internet of things Iot architecture?

    A.The Internet of things is the ability of data over the network. It does not require human intervention. The computing devices, mechanical digital machines with unique identifiers.


    Tejjy Inc. caters BIM , Architectural & Structural Engineering services in MD, Washington DC, Baltimore, VA USA.

    Call us at 202-465-4830 or email at for affordable Architectural Engineering Solution in USA.

    We deliver comprehensive architectural services for design build firms in DC. Beginning from pre- design, schematic and conceptual designing, bidding and negotiation, construction documentation along with site plan, floor plan, building details, outline specifications.

    Our spectrum of services includes master planning, concept design, 3D Modeling, working drawings, specification of BOQs, Tender drawings and documentation, sustainable design, and many more. We offer all-inclusive, high-quality cost-effective Architectural Engineering Services in USA along with permit expedition.  Being top architectural firm in Washington DC, MD, VA and Baltimore , we deliver client-centric solution. Our architects, draftsmen support building design for commercial construction in retail, school, healthcare, government, residential construction projects across USA .

    Services Facilitated Architectural Design Build Firm 

     We effectively utilize space while designing a room, floor for commercial, residential building project . Our professionals while fulfilling all the requirements of our clients even manages permit expedition process.

    Expertise in design and a process-based approach by Tejjy Inc. team enhances the ROI of our clients significantly. We offer visualization support along with seamless design coordination and accurate estimation with our in-house BIM design services.

    Tejjy Inc. BIM experts work closely with project planners and building project managers throughout the construction lifecycle of the project. We concentrate from the conceptualization to analysis of requests for proposals, bids, designs, and construction, etc.