BIM Virtual Reality 360 Construction

Embedding Life to Your Designs with Virtual Reality

BIM Virtual Reality 360 Construction

Benefits of BIM VR 360  Video Walkthrough

Reduced Rework– Get reduced rework by getting an updated view of the construction site

Enhanced Safety – Enhancing situational awareness through updates on potential hazards

Lower Labor Cost – BIM technology allows automatic area calculation, reducing labor in fields

Meeting Project Deadline – Maintains timeline, helping builders to stay on task & track work

Resolving Problems – See real-time conditions, detect issues faster and react quickly

Improved Quality – Reduced RFIs, order change, time, and safe project delivery

Facets of BIM Virtual Reality 360 Construction

  • AEC Project Stakeholders can view the project consequence across diverse software platforms like Android, IOS & Widows
  • Get the perfect 360-degree view of the construction site
  • Improved Project Visualization with Zoom In, Zoom Out Option Pause & Play 360 Content
  • No Costly Headset – Can be viewed through Basic Google Cardboard Headset
  • Play and pause the content as per requirement

Combining Revit BIM and A360 Rendering

  • Facilitate clients to ‘walk through’ a property on the web
  • Moving representation of a building, which can be an existing building, an under-construction building or a building in the planning stage
  • Cater real estate development projects for showcasing a building
  • High definition BIM virtual reality 360 construction and walkthrough software acts as a powerful tool to feed visitors’ imagination
  • High-quality computer-generated videos help clients get a realistic feel of the construction for the size and layout

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