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As Built Drawing Modeling & Documentation Services

We Document Existing Conditions into 2D and 3D

As-built services are a comprehensive set of processes involved in documenting the actual conditions, dimensions, and specifications of a structure or space after construction or renovation. Tejjy as-built documentation, provides an accurate representation of architectural, structural, and MEP components in the completed project. We ensure precise accuracy in as built drawings and model documentation to serve as a crucial reference for future projects, renovations, and maintenance, as per client requirements.

The prime objective of Tejjy 3D laser scan to as-built services for clients is to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the documentation, enabling stakeholders such as architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, and regulatory authorities to make informed decisions. This mitigates risks, optimizes project outcomes, and a support structure for long-term asset management.

Our As Built Services

Tejjy has been successfully facilitating architects, contractors, real estate companies, design-build firms, MEP contractors,
and facility managers for 18 years. No matter what your project typology is, be it residential, commercial, or industrial,
Tejjy aims to deliver a smart approach to your maintenance needs with our as-built services!

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • MEP
  • RCP
  • Roof Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Revit Models
  • Scan To CAD
  • Scan TO BIM
  • BOMA Plan
  • Landscape Survey
  • Building Sections

As-Built Process

Tejjy’s initial consultation phase of the as-built process aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope, goals, and requirements. During this stage, we intend to engage key stakeholders, such as project managers, engineers, and architects, in open discussions. This collaborative effort also involves the identification of any unique considerations that may impact the data collection and modeling process. Through these activities, our project team establishes a shared vision, ensuring that the as-built documentation accurately reflects the desired outcomes and addresses the specific needs of the project.

During the field verification stage within the as-built process, we meticulously collect accurate and comprehensive data directly from the physical site. This critical phase involves on-site visits, during which the project team systematically documents existing conditions. Utilizing the best of Leica’s laser scanners, such as the RTC 360, our on-site laser scanning team ensures the precision of data capture. Verification of the location and dimensions of structures, components, and systems is paramount to the effective usage of point cloud generation from the laser scanning tech stack, and this involves a rigorous examination to guarantee accuracy.

scan to bim for facility management| Tejjy

The data processing phase in the as-built process is to process the field data collected during on-site verification for further use. This involves the conversion of raw measurements and observations into digital formats to facilitate efficient handling. Leveraging specialized BIM tools, the project team engages in data cleaning and validation processes to refine and enhance the accuracy of the collected information. The organized data is structured into a format that would be easily accessible for subsequent stages of the as-built documentation process. We prioritize consistency and accuracy throughout the processing stage, ensuring that the refined data serves as a reliable foundation for the creation of detailed and precise as-built drawings or models.

The objective of this phase is to translate the processed data into detailed and accurate representations of the physical environment. This involves the proficient use of computer-aided design (CAD) software and BIM (Building Information Modeling) to create both 2D and 3D representations. Our project team focuses on developing precise floor plans, elevations, and sections that reflect the actual conditions observed during the field verification stage. Software such as Revit and ArchiCAD and their suitable plugins are deployed for effective LOD and dimension modeling. In cases where a more immersive representation is required, digital models, in combination with our digital twinning services are being offered!

The objective of the last review phase in the as-built process is to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the documentation before its finalization and distribution. Internally, our drafting and modeling team conducts meticulous reviews, scrutinizing the created drawings or models for any discrepancies or errors. Simultaneously, feedback is actively sought from relevant stakeholders, including architects and engineers, who bring their expertise to ensure that the as-built documentation aligns seamlessly with project requirements. Identified discrepancies or errors are promptly addressed and rectified during this collaborative review process.

BIM LOD for As Built

LOD 100

Basic geometric representation, suitable for conceptual design or early-stage planning. Limited detail and accuracy.


LOD 200

Accurate geometric representation with details such as dimensions, materials, and connections. Suitable for design development and coordination.


LOD 300

Additional information, such as fabrication details and specific product data, Suitable for construction documentation and coordination.


LOD 400

Detailed representation with information such as exact dimensions, specifications, and construction sequencing. Suitable for fabrication and construction planning.


LOD 500

As-built documentation with precise measurements and information about installed components. Suitable for facility management and maintenance.

As-built Modeling Services

Tejjy, Inc. provides as-built BIM modeling services for architectural, construction, and engineering projects. This involves scanning the built space with high-precision 3D laser scanners like Leica RTC 360 to create Building Information Modeling (BIM) documentation. The as-built BIM model is then drafted using software like Revit and ArchiCAD. Tejjy Inc. provides comprehensive as-built drawings for effective renovation and retrofitting of structures, aiding facility managers and engineers in conducting facility management and renovation.

As-Built Services

Benefit of As Built Drawing and Modeling Services

As built survey and documentation is a key tool in the construction industry. Changes and revisions made in the course of construction are incorporated into this document. The causes for these discrepancies are diverse, but they must nonetheless be documented. Capturing these changes allows you to: 

Ensuring that the renovation process is efficient and well-coordinated. 

Capturing deviations from construction documents of the existing designs. 

Upholding modifications in vendor design data during the construction phase. 

Supporting property insurance needs. 

Why Choose Our As-Built
Architectural Drawing Services?


Cost Efficiency

We dedicated to providing a quick turnaround for as-built requirements while respecting your budget constraints. Our commitment ensures that clients receive high-quality services without compromising on cost-effectiveness. The focus on cost efficiency suggests that Tejjy aims to streamline processes, leverage technology, and optimize resources to deliver results within a specified financial framework.


Complete Ownership

We boast an experienced and skilled workforce comprising designers, engineers, and architects. Our team is well-equipped to handle various tasks within the AEC industry. The workforce’s expertise ensures compliance with building codes and green certifications, indicating a commitment to sustainability and adherence to industry standards.


Skilled Workforce

Our workforce is dedicated to providing a quick turnaround for as-built requirements while respecting your budget constraints. Our commitment ensures that clients receive high-quality services without compromising on cost-effectiveness. The focus on cost efficiency suggests that Tejjy aims to streamline processes, leverage technology, and optimize resources to deliver results within a specified financial framework.

Case Studies

With over 17+ years in Architectural design, Tejjy has conducted architectural and construction scanning for dense point cloud data. We have specifically worked on heritage restoration, industrial digital twinning, renovation, and reverse engineering requirements by deploying the benefits of Leica’s laser scanners, such as RTC 360. Get a detailed look at our commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional laser scanning projects.


A set of drawings a manufacturer or contractor marks up to demonstrate how an item or facility was constructed differently from how it was originally intended. When a project is finished, the as-built drawings show what was really constructed.

As-built drawings, sometimes called red-line drawings or as-builts, are updated sets of drawings that a contractor submits after the project is finished. They give a precise representation of the final product and take into account all the modifications made throughout the building process.

The cost of as-built services is dependent on various factors, such as the technology stack deployed, the workforce utilized, the complexity and area of the project, and also the application.

Simple: Tejjy is a leading BIM-VDC organization in mainland America with 17 years of experience in providing as-built services for renovation and maintenance needs. Now, we have reached a level where our workforce is making the best use of automation tools to have the fastest turnaround for your as-built needs.

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