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government facilities

Tejjy Inc. provides architectural & engineering services for government facilities including schools, healthcare, colleges, electricity, sanitation, public transport, warehouses, etc. Being one of the top architectural and engineering service firms in Washington DC, USA, Tejjy Inc. provides collaborative support with architectural 3D visualization, 3d modeling, as-built modeling, design development and coordination amongst various other services.

Top architectural and engineering services provided by Tejjy Inc. for Government Facilities

  • Building design and development for new construction & renovations
  • Facility building analysis and evaluation of existing conditions
  • Preparation of building drawings for building measurement
  • Code estimation as per zoning ordinance and land use plans
  • Energy efficiency assessment and feasibility study with cost estimation
  • Space planning with 3d floor plans and site planning with sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, etc.
  • Construction administration assistance with general contractors and construction managers
  • Public agency coordination and management

Competent architectural engineers develop the conceptual/schematic, detailed and construction documentation stages of the government buildings, considering multi-hazard resilience strategy.  Reinforcing architectural engineering with Building Information Modeling, Tejjy Inc. BIM modelers create government buildings that can withstand high winds, earthquakes and other natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. To withstand collapse, architectural engineers work with shear walls, diaphragms, cross braces and moment resisting frames, central to reinforcing a building.

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    why choose us

    3d visualization is a graphical 3d computer simulation of an architectural design. Many of the government facilities including university buildings, federal construction, airports, post-offices are planning their construction workflows with 3d visualization for identifying design loopholes and errors at the initial design development stages.

    Using 3D modeling, the architects and designers of government facilities speed up design development process, playing around with different design options, detecting potential problems before they become actual issues. BIM 3d modeling allows enhanced cost efficacy and accurate machine control, streamlining the manufacturing process, shortening design cycles.

    As-built drawing are the revised set of drawings created and submitted by government contractors after the completion of construction. The construction drawings contain changes from initial drawings during the construction process, providing an exact rendering of the property as it appears after completion. As-Built Drawings provide critical information like location and sizes of building components, concealed elements, duct and pipe routing, terminal unit and control system sensor locations amongst others.

    Effective coordination during the design development stage reduces errors and elimination of wastage during the construction stage. Government facilities seek BIM integrated architectural and engineering workflows for schematic or conceptual design development, detailed design development and construction documentation. BIM Level of Development – LOD 100 – LOD 500 is used for complete modeling of government systems.

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    Commercial Buildings
    Commercial Buildings
    Educational Institute
    Educational Institute
    Historic Monuments
    Historic Monuments
    Hotels & Resorts
    Hotels & Resorts
    Residential Buildings
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    Train Stations & Airport
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    Why Outsource BIM for Government Facilities?

    • Collaborative 3d modeling of building structure, identifying potential conflicts.
    • Efficient project coordination through accurate laser scan to BIM modeling.
    • A seamless platform for sharing work, tracking multiple changes through 3d BIM.
    • 360-degree visualization of building structure with 3d walkthrough & rendering.
    • Safe data & construction planning through 4d scheduling for schools, hospitals, infrastructure facilities, healthcare, public transport, etc.
    • Accurate project cost estimation through 5d BIM, facilitating real-time extraction.

    Connect with our Allied Services


    BIM Modeling

    Tejjy Inc offers BIM Modeling services for Architectural, Structural, MEP, Facade engineering. Our services include 3d visualization, 4D BIM, Quantity TakeOff, Clash Coordination models, Green Building Environment, Fabrication/Modularization with detailed design drawings .


    Architectural & Engineering

    We here innovatively create and remodel structures. Facilitating latest interior, landscaping, floor design Tejjy designs residential, commercial building designs. Adopting BIM we execute shop drawings, as built drawings and models.


    Construction Management

    We facilitate from estimation, bidding, construction documentation to entire construction life cycle management. Adopting 3d visualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality , Drone Risk management along with cost time effectiveness takes the primal focus.


    Facilities Operation Management

    As a Design Build Firm from Design, operate and execute we maintain the structure too. Our services include engineering diagnostics, MEP support, asset management with 7D BIM. Improving the ROI with efficency is the target of our team.

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